why do u not want me

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just a poem about when my babys mum left me for someone else

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



what i was hearing as she told me what she thought
was something i expected yet left me so distraught
she told me she was leaving me as she didn't love me anymore
my eyes started welling up as i listened to her words pour
she swore it was the only reason for her decision it was lies for sure
i knew for a fact there was something else she needed to report
getting myself together i stood up and said whilst looking at the floor
at least have the guts to tell me the truth the truth about it all
telling blatant lies we have heard it all before if i recall
i cant believe anything that i hear rolling from ya jaw
spiteful hurtful words that last time ya decided to withdraw
cos he didn't want you so ya stay till there was another open door
i know the score and to be honest from now i will ignore
rise above the evil and sort my life out for my daughter
if i carry on with my life i should stay afloat above the water
nearly a quarter of my life i have took shit like a slaughter

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