R is for sadness

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Not really a poem, not even really a decent write in my opinion, just feelings... Horrible, horrible feelings.

Submitted: October 29, 2009

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Submitted: October 29, 2009



I am bound by you,

my soul usurped by endless treason.

A crystals facet I've seen,

maddening, with the image of a thousand more.

Your very soul is power,

chains that cinch tightly the energy which escapes me.

I cannot break free....

I cannot break free....

The embodiment of woe that shall engulf me,

fully in misery's mire, my delapidated heart struggles to beat.

Lessons of pain and agony,

these are my life....

To live is to die, unlife a certainty,

but to ward off the feelings life brings, is a death within itself.

I am cold, in need of your warmth,

but scared of the bitter chill of your aftermath.

But when you hold me....

It's like a million fires burning within me.

And when you let go....

It's like a million snowflakes reside in my chest.

And when you love me....

It's like all of the trials and tribulations of life are worth it.

And when you don't....

I feel like it's time to just.....

Let go.

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