An Unreachable Hell

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Description of my dream place

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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Submitted: April 15, 2012



My own hill

Would be atop

The most gorgeous scenery


No one

Could get there

Forit would take them years to climb


The treacherous path, I would see

Unspoiled beauty for miles around

No worrying about anyone spying down

On me - I would've worked with perseverance

To get to my mountainmightier thanmeasly

Mounds -- Niches, enclosed enclaves


My own house

Would be small

But well kept; well loved


No one

Could sully my house, things, mind, dream, freedom

For itwould see peace; protection


Without a sea -of

People muddying my floors

No fearing

Couldsomeone control me

I would'vefought relentlessly until my house -

Walls were built -

I would'vefelt jovial, feet sore up

Above the long leg, the journey


But I lost

I would've lost others along the way

My house, my hill

Would be alone


The pleasure- brilliance

Ofluminous sunlight over the valleys below

Would fade into guilt and sorrow


My house, my hill

Would! -- will remain a tantalizing dream as

I! -- willremain in a busy, addictive hell

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