Free Me

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Submitted: February 26, 2017

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Submitted: February 26, 2017



You see the fear in my eyes

But that just makes you want it more

You want to hear me cry

You want to see me beg on the floor


Beaten and bruised

Sprawled out and in pain

Beyond broken and used

You reel back and swing again


The tears slip down my cheek

But I can’t make a sound

Not even the slightest squeak

Or else I’m in for another round


Does it make you feel tough?

Do you feel like a man?

Now that I’m down and have had enough

Did it all go according to plan?


So you push me down on the bed

And you call me a whore

Not another one of my tears will be shed

I won’t take it anymore


Even through the fear and the pain

I knew I needed to fight

I knew I needed to get away

I wouldn’t have survived another night


And so I fought

I cut myself free

But, am I really?

I still see you in my dreams


I say dreams but really nightmares they are

Keeping me awake every night

The dark is heavy with my mental scars

Sometimes so afraid I won’t make it to see the light


I see you in every man that passes me by

In every voice that’s slightly raised

Please could you just tell me why

How even miles away I still feel enslaved


I fight so hard to smile everyday

To try and forget the pain

By you I won’t be defined

You’ve taken my body

But I won’t let you take my mind


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