The pressure of life. For Taylor Shaeee's challenge

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Andalyn is a normal wood spirte so when she mets Luke the school hottie she thinks she's in love. What Luke dosen't know is Andalyn is a wood spirt. And what Andalyn dosen't know is Luke is a drug dealer. What will happen when Luke offers Andalyn drugs? Will she melt under the pressure?

Submitted: August 05, 2009

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Submitted: August 05, 2009



"He's gorgeus isn't he?" Andalyn sighed. If only he was mine. Andalyn thought.

"Yea he is, why don't you go talk to him?" Mindy asked.

"I...I can't he's popular and were not and-" Andalyn didn't bother to finish her sentence.

"C'mon Andalyn he would so like you if you only got up a little more courage and talk to him. What are you so afaird of anyway?" Mindy pressed.

"Mindy please not today." Andalyn begged. Mindy had been asking that same question for over a week now. By now Andalyn had thought that question annoying, but wouldn't voice her opinon because she was afaird she would hurt Mindy's feelings.

"Okay Andalyn. You know he isgraduating in a year, and I'm pretty sure your not going to be able to follow him to college." Mindy joked. Andalyn felt a wave of rage over her. That was the problem with some wood spirtes they got angry to easily.

Andalyn pushed the anger away, staring at Luke. A boy humming under his breath some romantic song. Carrying a big heart box of chocolates with a red bow tied around it, and flowers in the other hand. The boy walked up 12th grader handing her the box of chocolates and flowers.

"Billy if your trying to make-up for last night it's not going to work. I can't believe you still have your Spider Man blanket rom when you were six, and you still use it! Not to mention the ten hour long Star Trek un-cut DVD's you made me watch in your room.That was not romantic Billy! You don't even know what romance is!" The 12th grader girl shouted. She threw the flowers and chocolates on the ground and jumped on the flowers over and over again.

"Melia I thought it was nice. You didn't have to go and squish the flowers and chocolates." Billy said,

"Not to mention your jars of fungus!" Melia schreeched, "And let's not forgot the best part when you tried to kiss me, and you were really taking samples of my perfectly condishtioned hair!"

"For science I...I only wanted to test your hair to see if you had dandrift or lice." Billy muttered.

"Uggh there is no way this is going to work Billy. Your too much of a freak and I'm not. It's not me it's you Billy." Melia stomped off leaving Billy gapping.

"Poor Billy." Mindy shook her head.

"Yea I'm to go talk to him I'll be right back." Andalyn walked over to Billy. "Hey Billy."

"Hi Andalyn." Billy melconlyness tone peaked through his voice.

"Listen Billy girls like romantic guys, at least Melia seems to. All you have to do to win her back is be romantic. You know cook her a special dinner consisting of her favorite foods maybe with candlelight, watch a romantic lovely googy movie, snuggle up on the couch together, walk her home and wrap your coat around her when she gets cold." Andalyn suggested.

"Really that's all I have to do?" Billy questioned.

"Try it I'm pretty sure it will work." Andalyn smiled.

"Okay thanks I will well bye Andalyn." Billy ran keep up with Melia. Andalyn walked back over to Mindy.

"That's really nice Andalyn." Mindy complimented.

"Thanks I've kinda always been a hopeless romantic." Andalyn repiled.

"Good then go talk to Luke." Mindy pushed Andalyn. Andalyn bumped into Luke who was having a conversation with one of his friends.

"Whoa you okay?" Luke held Andalyn's arms and steaided her.

"Sorry I'm so sorry. Normally I don't trip I guess today I'm a klutz. I hope I didn't hurt you." Andalyn uttered.

"No no not at all it's okay. No need to aplogize I'm Luke." Luke stuck his hand out owards Andalyn. Andalyn shook Luke's hand.

"Uh I'm um..." Andalyn paused forgetting her name.

"Adalyn." Mindy mouthed.

"I'm Andalyn. Well it was nice meetingyou. I better get getting back to my friend now. I wouldn't want to keep her waiting." Andalyn was ready to run off back to Mindy when Luke tookher hand in his.

"Wait don't go. I have something I want to ask you." Andalyn flushed a bright red she haten't gotten within two feet of the guy and now he was holding her hand in his.

"Do you want to have some weed with us? The first sample is free." Luke asked. There was a long slience between the two. The pressure was getting closer now. Almost boiling over to where the point Andalyn wanted to scream.No one in Andaln's family took drugs. Not that any of them knew what would happen to their bodies if they did take drugs like that. The only drugs her family had even taken was from the doctor.

"NO." Andalyn finally manged to say. Andalyn walked up to Andalyn grabbing her by her arm.

"We're better off without you." Mindy started to stare directly at Luke. Mindy and Andalyn walked away.


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