Mary's Baby Shower

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



Mary and Joseph: The Real Story
Narrator: once upon a time in a land not that far away...
Scene Title: Sydney gets invitation
Location: in coffee shop
Sydney and Amanda sitting and talking at a table.
SYDNEY: “So then I was like no way. And then she was like yes way! So then was like that’s not possible. then she was like-”
MEGAN: “Holy Methusala! Did you guys get the invitations for Mary’s baby shower?!”
SYDNEY: “Why would you want to give a baby a shower?”
AMANDA: “No. it’s a party...”
MEGAN: “Yeah, Mary’s pregnant!”
SYDNEY: “Oh no...”
AMANDA: “yeah!”
SYDNEY: “I missed their wedding!!”
MEGAN: “Um... there was no wedding...”
SYDNEY: “Then how is she pregnant?”
-- Megan and Amanda bring hand to forehead and let out a sigh
MEGAN: “Word on the street is that Joe’s leaving her.”
SYDNEY: “Where’s he going?”
AMANDA: “Yeah, I talked to his sister and she doesn’t even think it’s his!”
SYDNEY: “Is he going on a trip?”
MEGAN: “Yeah, if I was Joe I would totally dump her!”
SYDNEY: “Maybe he’s going to Egypt! I heard it’s great this time of year.”
--- Megan and Amanda look at Sydney and roll their eyes

Scene Title: Parents
Characters: Mary
Joseph’s parents
Mary’s parents
Joseph’s sister

Joseph: (towards Mary’s and his parents) So... we have something to tell you guys.
Joseph Dad: What is it son?
Mary: I’m with child...
Mary’s mom: Who’s child honey?
Mary: mine.
Mary’s Dad toward Joseph: What?! You got her pregnant?!
Mary: It’s not his fault!
Mary’s dad: Of course it’s his fault!! How could be do this to my daughter!!?
Mary: Dad! It’s not even his kid!!
Mary’s dad: So you really are pregnant?
Mary: Yes, I am.
Mary’s Dad: How could you do this to our family? We are pillars of the church!
Joseph Mom toward Mary: (to Mary) And how could you do this to Joseph?
Joseph’s mom toward Joe: Well you’re not going to marry her are you?
Joseph: Yes, I am still marrying her.
Joseph’s Mom: You are still marrying this girl?
Rachel (Sister): REALLY?! You are crazy!! I always knew she was no good for you. And it isn’t even yours?
Joseph: Well... it’s kinda complicated. It’s not mine... but it’s no one else’s either.
Rachel: Then who’s is it?
Joseph: It’s God’s.
Akward pause
Joeph’s mom: Sweetie, I know we’re all God’s children, but you’ve taken this a bit too far.
Rachel: And you really believe her?!
Joseph: Yeah... ( Mary looks uncomfortable) This was a good talk. Why don’t we talk more later? Let everyone think this over?

Scene Title: Baby Shower

Scene Title:

Scene Title: Postcard (Greetings from Bethlehem)

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