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this is the poem based on youth and where the youth is going and what should youth do to make the nation better and the best.

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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Submitted: March 17, 2012



Youth is an age full of energy,

With minds full of synergy,

This is the age of developing ideas and learning,

And let our ideas work and do the earning,

But today where is the youth going?

Most of them even don’t know what they are doing

Today youth are an addict of many evils,

Which instead of making them humans make them devils,

Smoking at an early age followed by drinking,

These are the evils restricting one’s individual thinking,

In the name of education everyone goes to college,

This in turn proves out for them as a spoil-age,

Discipline in youth seems to have lost,

Like a melted ice after a defrost,

Peer pressure forces the youth to think like others,

Which even leads to neglecting the advice of fathers,

Have we forgotten Jayprakash Narayan?

Who even at the age of 70 was a youth symbolizing icon,

Have we forgotten Sardar Bhagat Singh?

Who was not less than a youth king,

Come on friends let us shun the evil activities,

And start working for the betterment of societies,

This way the dream of Bhagat Singh and Gandhi will come true,

Because one who can make or break the nation is youth i.e. you and only you.

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