truth of life

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based on true life story

Submitted: September 10, 2014

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Submitted: September 10, 2014





Somehow we see many people in our life which is looking so good for us and then suddenly become so strangers to us in our life .This story I am telling you about some damaged fact of life and life become so critical and worse than ever.

I belong to a middle class family and this story is belong to my personal life. My life is full of suspense and new things this story is telling to all my friends that no one in life is so pure and sincere with you except your parent

This story is all about me and my family well sabra is the main character b/w us story is, that we give work to our mate that clean all house and wash our cloth too she was too old and could able to do all work then one day she came with her granddaughter sabra and tells us that sabra is a helper and do all the work which belong to me accept I could washed the clothes .sabra is a naughty girl and well settled in our family .after few days sabra become best friend of namra (namra is my youngest sister).after few week I see many different changing in my family my grandma who was ill in paralyze disease got died in ramzan . ALL the family members got sad in that situation which is normal during this whole situation our mate is also got sad and my little sister was in fever too .Also I have seen that sabra is getting close to me day by day and in many condition she is with me and want to be with me I don’t know why? Then I said to all my family member that I want to establish sabra as an educated and responsible person and my whole family agreed on that decision because she is an orphan child but after few month I have seen many changes in the sabra one day I take sabra with me in shadi ceremony and she make so noise and shouted  that she does not want to attend this shadi ceremony  at any how we got so surprised but after that we see huge changing in sabra life we see sabra got interested in other mate son and become so dangerous to our reputation .After one month  she came to me with an old lady and told me that she want to made relation of family with us after few minutes she  goes and then after  time of 3 days  we had a huge upset in our lives we face our home the  Thieves came to our house and stolen all the things gold, our mobiles phones etc. Normally we see this type of crimes is so natural but all we see that this mate was working in our house since long time but we almost surprised to see all the conditions which occur with us suddenly.

These things tells us that we don’t  have to  believe all the people who belong to us because we don’t know all the persons minds .After this conditions occurred one day sabra came to my house again and  apologize to me  that she wound do that  but  I know that by heart that she is very clever in her nature that’s why I don’t believe on her she gave me so trouble in my whole life sabra is gave us a most important message that don’t believe to any other stranger which gave you Dutch .it may possible that you get more ditches from her/his  nature so  you cannot identify them by your simple nature



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truth of life

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