2face Protest poem

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Our leaders have left their sits.

Submitted: February 03, 2017

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Submitted: February 03, 2017



A land with an ocean of milk, A land flooded with mountainous honey

We live in green, Married green, and birth Gold from God only

Leaders are tattooed as first men god, but now faggy

Slides from little lies to valleys of fibs and then robbery

Uncoupled Nigerians and the bees, Milk ran via seas of nobody

African leaders (fools in suit) lost universe bags of treasury

God has given us sun for Midnight’s day

2face to protest that is “IF NA ONLY HIM” Leaders have eliminated middle class, they have demoted all to lower class

Politicians are the majority who sat in high class

To protest is our rights, Masses Bleeds

Nigerians should make it a date February 6, 2017.

Written by Adekoya Adetunji

© Copyright 2019 Adekoya Adetunji. All rights reserved.

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