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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
the story follows a young foreign man stripped of his belongings and identity in a snowy winter day

Submitted: March 11, 2016

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Submitted: March 11, 2016



“Sorry, Lucifer. It was all a lie. None of it was real. It meant nothing”, shouted Eloise from a distance, walking back and forth, waving the gun around unwittingly. Her eyes were full of tears. She disappeared in the morning fog.

“Oh come on. This is a terrible prank guys”, yelled Lucifer, looking around nervously. “Is this Eli’s idea of a joke. Well, Ha Ha…enough now”. He kept looking around in all directions, listening carefully, waiting for an answer. Maybe it was just the gang messing with him. Perhaps any time now they would all come out and scream “surprise”.  “yeah, it’s all part of the birthday party they were planning for me”. He overheard them talking about it the other day.

He waited around some more in the alley. “I’m gonna give her a piece of my mind when I get to the house. She’ll learn not to leave me out here with no money and papers. She took’em all”.

No. There was no sign of Eloise, Eli or the gang. He sat on a bucket, hugged himself, cursing the gang furiously. He was chewing on the zipper of his jacket when he felt a sudden spot of cold on his cheeks. He looked up, the snowflakes were swirling about lazily.

“I’m gonna freeze out here, better catch the next train.”

As he was walking down the subway stairs, he remembered, he had no money. “She took’em all”. But he didn’t care. Earney the homeless guy was always down in the subway playing Bach with his rusty out-of-tune violin. He sometimes hated the homeless, but he always pitied them. As soon as Earney saw Lucifer coming down the stairs, he looked the other way, hitting all the wrong notes unintentionally.

“You gotta get a new violin Earney, you’re scaring people away”. He heard no answer, just loud screeches. “hey, I’m talking to you, look at me”. He kept playing. “What the hell is wrong with everybody today?”, Lucifer asked himself rhetorically. He grabbed his violin, pushed him violently against the wall, looked him right in his pathetic eyes. They breathed heavily in silence.

“I’m not supposed to talk to you”, murmured Earney.

“What?” exclaimed Lucifer, letting go of Earney’s neck. He slowly stepped back in loss of words. Oddly enough, he believed him.

“The gang will give me a beating. Let me go. It’s all Eliot’s fault”. Earney timidly took the violin from his hands, quickly packed it in the case, collected the couple of pennies and ran away. He didn’t even look back. He was afraid of Lucifer’s eyes.

Frustrated and confused, Lucifer walked back up and started walking. The streets had gotten quite gloomy with the dark clouds and the snow. His jacket wasn’t warm enough. Nobody was out. You couldn’t even find a footprint on the snow. What is it about the snow that makes people hide themselves away in their little houses? Lucifer’s house was 10 blocks away.

He lived with the gang ever since he came to the country. They were a cool bunch. Eliot brought him into the house. Lucifer lived in the attic. The house was crowded but it was nice. They were all like brothers and sisters. He trusted them. Nonetheless, they had no right to leave him penniless in the snow. It was downright cruel. He was going to give them a piece of his mind.

He had a long walk ahead. On the way to the house, he thought about home. He missed his mom. In a weather like this, she would make his favorite stew. Lucifer and his brothers would go out and fool around in the snow.

The snow got heavier. He could barely see two feet ahead, but there it was, number 101. The lights were on. His feet were frozen. He couldn’t feel his nose. He shook the snow from his hair and eyebrows. Then he knocked on the door with his numb fingers and waited there, looking around restlessly. A nice old lady opened the door.

“who are you? Where is Eloise? Let me in”. the old lady heard almost nothing but the sound of shattering teeth.

“Sorry, Sir. I think you got the wrong house”.

“What are you talking about?”, Lucifer raised his voice and glancing over the old lady’s shoulder yelled: “Eloise..., Eloise…”

“Oh, you’re looking for the young girl and his friends”, said the old lady with an awkward smile, “they moved out of here this morning, dear”.

Suddenly, he wasn’t cold anymore. He turned around indifferently and walked away.

“Come back, dear. Have a cup of tea. You’ll find…”. He couldn’t hear the old lady anymore as if he had gone deaf. He couldn’t even hear his own thoughts.

Lucifer reached the park. He noticed the crows. It sounded like they were looking for something. He sat on the first bench he found. The bench was so warm. He closed his eyes in comfort and died. 

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