Life to Come

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to give a description would be to spoil the surprise, i hope you enjoy please like and comment thank you

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012




Life to Come


Through and throughout my life

I've slipped up once or twice

I've been lost in a reputation

Built by my own imagination.


I could tell between right and wrong

It's as simple as a well written song

An unsteady path to follow

When my heart was empty and hollow.


The people who loved and cared for me

Became like withered leaves to be blown off a tree

One to take flight into the wind

Another to go far across the sea.


It hurt to feel so alone

A sad mutt without a bone

But my time will come to shine

The world and more can be mine.


Till then ill set myself right

A new better reputation is in sight

it's at the end of the tunnel, a bright light

Can god help, with all of that might?


A poem on paper won't last forever

A feeling a memory, is different however

Remember how you felt thinking "ohh how clever"

Of that silly twat to have put this together.

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