That Love

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i wrote this poem about a girl with whom it only took me a day to fall for, had she stayed in the same country my life could have been very different

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012




That Love


One sunny Thursday afternoon

my heart had travelled as far as the moon

it expanded as though it was a balloon

when filled with lust and joy, tension could even be cut with a spoon


At first sight and introductories

as stunned as i was, i could not hesitate

to show i was a man with strong philosophies

as she could have been a soul mate


As the night was coming to an end

emotions began to consume me

all to do was rectify and make amend

as a cheeky boy ideas of making love ran through me


The night was sadly over

with thoughts of her which i held dearly

for once in my life i was finally sober

for once in my life i could see clearly


As the days went by and the loss of precious time

sad to think i was committing, such a terrible crime

just to let her go, without as much a goodbye

to say it was fine, would render me a liar for such a lie

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