Every Single Day

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My friend suffers from self-confidence issues and an eating disorder. She recently had a relapse, but this time it is seriously threatening. She is scared to tell anyone. I wrote this poem for her.


Submitted: April 14, 2007

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Submitted: April 14, 2007



If you need me,

I am right here.

If you feel despaired,

Let me catch your tears.

I want to help,

With all of my heart.

But you push me away.

How am I supposed to start?

You are so beautiful,

If only you could see.

How perfect you are,

To me.

I am your friend,

And always will be.

I am here to help,

But what will happen if you won't trust me?

If you need me,

I am right here.

I will hold you in my arms,

And chase away your fear.

You don't see yourself clearly,

You only see what's wrong.

I'll be right here for you,

Even as you pull away from me, I sing this song.

You don't realize,

That what's important is within.

I will protect you,

Until you are ready to stand in your skin.

I will stay up all night with you,

All you need to do is ask.

I am here for you,

And I will help you battle your past.

I am here,

And always will be.

When you are blind to your own beauty,

I will help you see.

If you need a shoulder,

Mine is always open to you.

I lend you my heart,

Because I know you would do it for me too.

When you are insecure,

I will hold your hand.

When you need a friend,

I will try my best to understand.

If you need me,

I will stay with you all night.

When you only see faults in this world,

I will show you the right.

If only you could see,

I really want you to heal,

Yet you push me away,

There is so much hunger you conceal.

If you need me,

I will show you the way.

And even though you may hate me for it,

I am your friend and I will care for you every single day.

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