The Diary of Mr. Smith - Memories of a Dead Past.

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A fictional history story about WWII, i'm a fan of WWII history, and love writing about stuff like this, look forward to my next story :D
I want to see peoples reactions to this one, before I finish it :)

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013




"Make it stop!", he cried out, screaming out as if he was being stabbed repeatedly.\\
"Get out of my head!", he kept yelling out, dropping to the ground, holding his head in his hands.
"Mr. Smith? are you feeling well?", I looked up and saw the nurse.
"Are you alright Mr. Smith?", she repeated.
"I'm fine dear, just fine.", I replied, with no hesitation.
I realized I was in my room, room 305, at "Copper Field Home for the Elderly".
What just happened? Was it a dream? It has to be, I hadn't seen Joshua since WWII.
"I must have been.", I mumbled to myself.
"Excuse me?", said the nurse, "Did you say something?"
"Oh... no just mumbling to myself, don't trouble yourself with an old man's worries.", I replied, she smiled and left the room.
God... seeing Joshua again, it must have been a dream.
I saw him on D-day, that horrible day, ruined his life, probably.
Entry #0499:
Our squad was a four man squad, me, Joshua, Simon and James.
Whilst Joshua was a good fighter, I was the squad medic, Simon and James, well they were civilians, weapon technicians, no one had any idea to why they were added to the mission, but none of the other squads would take them so we took them under our wing.
We approached the shore, and could hear the heavy fighting that was taking place.
"Move to the cliffs!", Joshua called out, his voice muffled by the sound of heavy artillery and gunfire.
We moved from cover to cover.
The scene was catastrophic, bodies and wounded, everywhere.
I kept moving, finally reaching the cliffs.
"Get up!", Joshua called out, and upon understanding that we can't hear anything due to the heavy artillery, he signaled with his hands to move up the cliff.
I went up first, and upon reaching the top of the cliff, I immediately ran for cover.
I poked my head out and saw bodies, dead, not wounder, dead, some missing limbs.
I remember thinking to myself, how can one do a thing like this to fellow human beings.
I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Joshua's.
Now the artillery subsided, and I could hear Joshua.
"You should help the wounded!", Joshua said in a high scream.
I nodded and started to tend to the wounded.
Not 2 minutes past and a voice called out about 10 feet from me.
"Harvard!", the voice called out, "Harvard! move to the exit to the road!", the voice proclaimed.
I finished tending the soldier and went to the road exits, moving from cover to cover, when I found James.
"What's going on?!", I asked hoping 'Nothing' would be his answer.
"It's Sgt. Grayheart! He's down in the bunker! Something's really wrong!", Simon answered.
My heart sank, how can this be? my squad leader? impossible.
"You need to get down there!", Simon yelled over the growing sound of artillery.
"Fine!", I yelled back, immediately rushing to the bunker, following Simon.
Thoughts  raced through my mind, how can this be? what happened? and most importantly, is he still alive?
After a few minutes, that seemed like forever to me, we reached the bunker, horrible screams were coming from it.
We descended to what seemed like 5 stories, the screams getting ever so loud.
"Joshua!", I ran towards him as soon as I saw him.
"Joshua! It's me! Can you hear me!?", I said.
His eyes were a bright red color, he was tense and his pupils were dilated.
"Joshua! How many fingers am I holding up?", I said, raising my right hand and showing him two fingers.
He did not respond.
"What happened?!", I shouted at the top of my lungs.
"It was inevitable...", I first didn't notice who was talking, but then I saw James, sitting in the corner of the room, his head in his hands.
"He jumped in front of me...", he said in voice so low that I could barely hear him.
"What happened?! He doesn't have any bullet holes!", I proclaimed to the entire bunker.
"It... It was something much more deadly than bullets...", he spoke once more.
"What was it?", I lowered my tone and looked at Simon.
"James you must rest now.", Simon said, "Can I have a word in private with you?", He asked me.
"Fine, but make it quick.", I answered still staring at Joshua, who was lying motionless on the ground.
"He... It... It was a new system the axis have...", he stated, "It's highly experimental technology, a sonic wave, set to extremely high decibel, which attacks the nervous system, and in turn the brain itself.", he said.
Awestruck, I looked at Joshua one more time.
"It's called 'hedgehog system' or 'Igel-System' in German.", he continued.
"Would he ever recover from it?", I asked as hope filled my heart.
"It's hard to know, as I said, it's experimental tech...", he replied.
Misery and hatred filled my heart as I looked at Joshua once more.
Suddenly I heard Joshua's voice, but it wasn't his normal voice, he was screaming, yelling, at the top of his lungs.
"Make it stop!!!! Please!!!", he shouted moving toward the pistol lying on the ground next to him.
"Restrain him!", I yelled, but there was no one in there except me, Simon and James.
I quickly pulled out my gun, and before I could shot, someone threw a stun grenade into the bunker.
After I woke up, Joshua was gone, and so was James.
Simon was still on the ground, and he didn't move, I came close to him, and placed my hand on his neck, the chilling cold skin of his... I never forgot that touch, there was... no pulse, he was dead.
I took his dog-tag, and climbed out of the bunker, to my surprise, my platoon had already reached this bunker, and I was greeted by 1st division's finest soldier, Lois Brown.
"Bloody hell mate! You look like you just been to hell and back, where's your squad?", he said in a comforting voice, as if he knew that they were dead, or missing.
Before I could answer I fell to the ground.
The last thing I heard was the muffled voice of Lois calling for backup.
I woke up in the hospital wing, disoriented I tried to get off my bed.
"No! Don't! You still need rest", a feminine voice said, her voice calmed me down as I lied back down.
"Doctor he...", and I fell asleep.
I woke up a few hours later, this time much less disoriented and much more focused, I knew that I must find Sgt. Grayheart and James.
I walked out of my room, it was pitch black, and the lights were turned out.
"Hello?", I called out, but no one replied.
I walked down the hall and into the reception, suddenly I heard a voice.
"Wir müssen fangen oder zu töten alle Leute hier, das sind die Befehle von oben", I understood that they were German, but what were they doing here?
I didn't have time to ponder in these questions, I immediately got back to my room, and look for my combat gear, but didn't find anything.
I heard footsteps down the hall, I looked around and luckily found a kitchen knife, I grabbed it and made my way to the door, and not a second too soon, a German soldier stepped into the room, as quickly as he entered, I responded, my hand flew through the air like a whip, and the knife logged itself inside the soldiers head, entering from the front of the skull, and lodging itself in the brain.
I pulled him into the room, and took his pistol, I walked outside, and killed the other one.
I then ran as fast as I can and took the car that was parked there and drove off.
I drove for an hour or two, until I reached an allied camp.
I rested there for the night.
The following morning I was sent back to home base, and spent the rest of the war at a psychologist's office.
I was informed that Joshua and James were killed in Birkenau.
I then spent another 10 years of my life helping the army, and then retired, married a wonderful women, made a family and grew old.
But the question remains, why am I getting these flashbacks? What happened that is causing this.
I am going to sleep now, I have a funeral tomorrow, a dear friend of mine has died, but I guess in my age, it's understandable.
Entry #0500:
I feel faint, weak, numb all over, the horrors i have heard today extend any thing I have ever experienced.
At the funeral today, I... I met him!
Joshua isn't dead! He's alive!
We got to catch up and... well it seems he had a few rough years after WWII.
"Joshua!", I screamed as he approached me.
"Hello old friend.", he said with a big smile on his face, "It's been too long."
I was speechless, my mouth, though, was opened, like a fool.
"We should catch up", he said.
Still awe-struck, all I could do is nod.
We walked out of the cemetery, and entered an old cafe shop, on 4th and Wilson st.
"I owe you many explanations.", he proclaimed, as we sat down, near the window.
"I don't remember much, but the first thing I remember was me sitting in, what I later found out to be Birkenau, being questioned by the Nazi's."
He kept on talking, and explained everything.
I sat there, in a chair, made of metal, my hands strapped to the arm-rests.
"Wie ist Ihr Name?", a SS officer yelled at me, I didn't know what to answer, so I just sticked to protocol.
"Sgt. Joshua Jermeya Grayheart, British 1st Division, I do not know anything about the British army, except for me serving in it.
"Wie ist Ihr Name Schwein?!", he yelled once more, and yet I repeated the same sentence.
He finally left me to sit in the chair, and went to speak with the other officer.
I could hear bombs falling outside, and gunfire.
He finally returned, looking worried and holding a key in his hand.
Were they letting me go? no it would be too sympathetic of them.
"aufzustehen Schwein!", he yelled, releasing my restraints.
"Bloody hell what now?", I though to myself, suddenly I fainted.
When I woke up I had marks all over my body and couldn't remember anything.
"Bloody hell mate, what happened after that?", I asked, feeling a great discomfort.
"Well nothing, I lied in a ally for 5 hours, and then found by someone for the 2nd Armor Division.", he replied with a smile.
"What about James?", I asked, hoping that James made it too.
"I don't know... I'm sorry old chap.", he replied.
"Oh... I understand.", I said back to him.
"Well it's good to see you're doing well.", I said, when a thought came to my head.
"Why was I told you died? In Birkenau?", I asked, starting to see as his story falls apart.
I could see as Joshua's face began to turn red.
"I... I....", he mumbled, as I began to realize that he did not tell me the truth.
"I  didn't tell you everything.", he said, in a clam almost faint voice.
"What didn't you tell me?", I asked, wondering whether or no I would like the answer.
"About what happened after I return to base-camp.", he began to speak again


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