The Sun's story

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man's wickedness.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



A very long time ago, The sun was living among men here on earth. He was hard working and a very kind fellow too. He would go from one house to the other, helping them with whatever they needed to dry. These were very tiring but he loved it that way. Sun was never complaining and never had he ceased for one time to help people dry their things. When he doesn’t help people, then, he must have withdrawn to where no man will see him, allowing others like rain, clouds, dew and snows to perform their duty among the humans. There lived a palm oil seller during the time of Sun on earth. He was a wicked man, he had many slaves whom he forced to work very hard on his palm tree farmland. He made them work from morning till nightfall, he only gives them little food compared to their working hard for him. Among his slaves is a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman’s work is to extract palm oil from the cooked and grounded palm fruits. After her long day bending to extract oil, she felt so weak and unable to stand straight on her back. Still the wicked palm oil seller would not consider and take pity on these heavily pregnant woman. She would endure and hope to be pitied one day by her wicked master, maybe when she had given birth to her baby. So she worked harder. One beautiful day, The Sun had woke up very early in the morning, Hoping he would today help as many as possible people who would need his help, The young and the old, men and women, beautiful and ugly, wicked and kind, all of them. I will begin by going to every man’s house, I will shine my very best and bright light on their face, Seems that very light gives them some kind of courage and strength to begin their every day work, Sun grinned loudly to himself, hoping to hear someone praise him for that, but there was none to do just that, so away he goes. Hey! Hey! Here comes the Sun. Everyone in every home ran to bring him whatever work they had kept for him as soon as they see his light radiates from afar. Couples bring out their best clothes, washed, and they would spread it on the line in front of their house to let the sun help them dry it. The sun would admire such beautiful clothes but will never get jealous doing exactly what they wanted him to do. Many farmers bring newly harvested crops like tomatoes, grain crops, yams cassava waste, cocoa beans for the Sun to help them dry it so those crops could be preserve for the next planting season. Yams and cassava waste been dried by the sun are processed into powder to make another form of food for the house. He never got tired, never refusing, He neither charge for his service nor get jealous of all those beautiful many resources men had acquired for themselves. Later that beautiful working day, The sun was retiring happily to his abode. And the rain decided to help the people wet their land, give some cool water to their drums and make way for Mr. Fresh Air through the night long. As Sun was about entering into the cloud, he turned to admire his day’s work only to see two men who were running after him, shouting, Sun, Sun, please do not go in yet, and wait, please. He recognized those two men as the wicked palm oil seller’s slaves, What will that wicked man want from me now, these time of the day, sun thought to himself. Sun, we are sorry to disturb you from going home, said one of the slaves. No problem, replied Sun, and what is it you want from me, the sun asked with curiosity. Sun, our master, the palm oil seller, want you to come back and help him with his spilled oil from the ground, explained the other slave. Spilled oil on the ground, what happened and why did the oil spilled, Sun asked in a more tiring way. Oh, it was the pregnant woman, she was tired from bending to extract the oil, so she slipped and fell while she was carrying a big bowl of extracted oil to the farm store house. Sun, you would please follow us to get the pregnant woman from the wicked man’s wrath, else, he would punish us for not bringing you and will kill the pregnant woman, the slaves pleaded with him as looked so worried about going back. Did you just say he might kill the pregnant woman, asked the Sun? Yes, that is exactly what he will do. So the Sun brightened his light as he turned hurrying back to earth. The two slaves ran after him happily but were unable to run at his pace The pregnant woman wept and prayed that the Sun will return, she knows too well that she would die if the Sun refuses to come. She felt cooled by the rain but was grieved within of what will soon befall her. It is not certain that the rain will come back, she sobbed, oh rain, why can’t you just go and let sun come, I need the sun now not rain. I never disturbed Sun during his job, why should I leave now that it is my time and not even Sun had asked for that chance, replied the rain. Just go for now and make way for the sun, begged the oil extractor. The tired extractor felt bad and start to weep aloud, oh Sun Sun, Sun, come and help me out of this, please. Rain turned to see what was brightening up and making him to dry and pour so little water. He got embarrassed but scared too, you should not have come these time, Rain asked Sun. Yes, am sorry, but I need to help one oil extractor, replied the sun. But you are depriving me of my loyalty to men, Rain asked brooding at the Sun. I only beg you to let me help these pregnant woman, else she would be killed and you will have to blame yourself for not being loyal to these pregnant woman.. You may go on to doing your job Rain, I promise to leave as soon as I finish helping her. But I cant……… But what, I have not asked you to leave or do you want me to dry you up, Sun yelled at the Rain. Rain went on job quickly when he saw the annoyance in Sun’s face. On the wicked palm oil seller farm, Sun asked to be taken to the place where the oil had been spilled and so he was led there. God help that stupid oil extractor that I should regain all my oil from the ground, if not, I will behead her. And what will become of her unborn baby, Sun asked the wicked oil seller with a great rage. The mother is of no value to me except in extracting my oil, so why will the unborn thing be, he said, spreading his hands sideways. Sun saw the height of man’s wickedness to their fellows, why should there be wickedness among men, he thought to himself. He got worried and came up with a plan within him. The Sun brightens and the Rain pours lightly, so Sun begin to drain the spilled oil from the ground. His bright white color gradually turns to a beautiful flame yellow.

The fresh air came with a good sweet cent, the leaves glowed dimly, men begin to flood out to admire the sun’s beauty, I have never seen the sun like this before, an old man exclaimed, me too, me too, everyone gave their comment of how beautiful the sun has made everywhere looked. Sun, you are not refilling that bowl with the spilled oil, asked the wicked man. Do not worry yourself palm oil seller, I will refill your bowl of oil after draining all the oil from the ground. Said Sun, pondering over how to go about his plans. I hope you do just that, said the wicked man secretly admiring the Sun’s beauty. Sun moved away from the wicked man to drain the oil in a place where a slave was standing. He whispered something to the slave and asked him to move on without being noticed. Sun deliberately delayed the draining and refill of the bowl so as to let the slave go far away with the pregnant woman into the bush. He had told him to help the pregnant woman escape from the cave she was thrown into. They should have run a good distance by now, Sun thought to himself. So, will you refill my bowl now, asked the wicked man with a full rage against Sun? No, said the Sun. What, what do you mean, the wicked man retorted angrily. Yes, I will not refill that bowl, Sun said in a more victorious way, you see how everywhere is, the color I give from draining the oil makes everything look beautiful, it’s a memory you won’t forget either, Sun grinned mockingly at the wicked man. The man became angry and asked that the oil extractor be brought so he would behead her. Slaves ran helter skelter to bring the pregnant woman but could not find her where she had been kept earlier. We cannot find her where she you kept her, echoed the slaves all at once. What! Yelled the wicked man. Yes, sun beamed gloriously, I have saved the pregnant woman and I will not refill your bowl of oil. The wicked man made to get hold of the Sun but Sun glowed brightly into the man’s eyes and blinded him. The crowd growled, admiring the Sun’s brevity and his kindness to man. You have gained from your wicked act, foolish man; Sun said and turned to go his way. The crowd hailed and applauded him as he moved away. He felt great and honored by their ovations so he returned to address them. At once, they all fell silence to listen to what Sun have to say. Hmnn! Sun cleared his throat as he begin. I thank you all for your admiration, I have only done these because I made a decision within me, it is a conclusion, I do not ask for your view about it but I wish to just let you know. I have decided henceforth never to no longer come to meet you in various houses, I will go to place and from there I can always serve you. Oh Sun, we do not want that, we love you, you are beautiful, Sun please do not leave us, we always want you around, the crowd said all sort of things to persuade the Sun from going away from the earth but he had concluded and there is no going back about it. Sun smiled and felt how the people were embittered with his decision. Okay, okay, I do not mean I will no longer help you, I have found a place for myself above high, from there, I will serve you as always, I will dry your clothes foods but drain your spilled oil for my beauty, did you accept that. The crowd shouted their consent and bid him goodbye. So, away to to the sky above so high goes the Sun.

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