Don't Say You're Sorry

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I wrote this about a kid who used to bully me at school. Every time he picked on me, he would say sorry afterwards so I wrote this poem as a way of saying "don't bother apologizing anymore, I know you don't mean it."

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013




You’re the reason that I hurt

You’re the reason that I hope

You tell me that you’re sorry

But it seems you love to watch me choke


It’s the same everyday

A never-ending story

When will it finally be the day

You mean it when you say “I’m sorry”


If you really cared about me

You could put things right

But now I see

That you don’t really give a damn about me


So don’t say you’re sorry

I know it isn’t true

I’ve had enough of these mind games

And I’m sick to death of you

Stop me from going crazy

Don’t say you’re sorry

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