This poem is very personal to me and my family. It is about my sister who we lost contact with and I haven't seen her for a year. She was more than just a sister to me, she was my best friend, the person I could always turn to...This poem is about what I went through when I lost her and trying to accept that things are the way they are


It’s been quite some time since we last talked

I won’t forget all those times we fought

Or when you made me cry myself to sleep at night

Wishing you were there to tell me everything was alright

You were my hero for so very long

Until you changed and proved me wrong

When you were around I was always strong

But now you’re gone, and I am breaking apart

You walked away and broke my heart

Goodbyes are always hard

But even worse when you don’t know why

I want to heal, tell me

Where do I start?


I found a photo from when I was born

In the hospital room, I am fast asleep in your arms

My proud sister, who would protect me from harm

Yet now you are the cause of my pain

I destroyed the photo, now I’m going insane

You have made me think that I am the one to blame

Tell me how you can be so selfish

Tell me how you can so evil

When did you turn into the devil?


I used to wonder if you ever think about me

Now I realize that I don’t even care

All my thoughts of you have vanished into thin air

Yet I know that one day you will realize what you have done

And wish that you could turn back the clocks

And right all of your wrongs

But as they say, what’s done is done

And I have finally moved on

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Love yoyr rhymes and once again, your emotion! :)

Sat, November 16th, 2013 5:57pm

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