Let's All Be Peter Pan

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A poem about growing up and realizing that the world we live in is not all that we thought it was.

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



When we were little kids, our hardest decision was choosing which colour crayon to use

Or which toy to play with at break-time

We didn’t care if our hair was out of place because we were having too much fun rolling down a hill in the summer time

And we never worried that the cheeseburger and chips we just ate would make us gain weight.

We ran carelessly across the road because we didn’t know the meaning of danger

And back then, strangers were our friends.

We weren’t afraid of approaching anyone because we believed that nobody would ever harm us.


But as we grew older, we started to realize why our parents warned us to stay away from strangers

Why they locked the doors at night

Because the world we live in is a cruel, harsh place;

Now we don’t leave the house unless our hair is perfect

And we lose ourselves in all the magazines full of stick-thin models

We look both ways when crossing the road

And walk on the other side when we see someone with their hood up.


It’s a known fact that we change as we get older

And we need to do this in order to mature

But we start to lose the innocence we had when we were young

And we forget what it feels like to have fun because we are constantly worrying about something.

Some people say that when you get really old, you return to your childhood,

Well, I think we should never leave.

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