This is the first love poem that i ever wrote, and also one of my favourites!


You stole my heart

Like a thief in the night

And since you did

My world shines bright


You are my ray of hope

And my shooting star

You steer me away from the slippery slope

Without you I wouldn’t get very far


You are my light at the end of the tunnel

And the reason why I have changed

Because of you I am stable

You are the reason why I am no longer deranged


You take my pain

And make it go away

You prevent me from going insane

Because of you

I am ok


Your sweet disposition makes me asinine

You are so saccharin

I know that everything will be alright

For you and I

There is no end in sight


I see no problem with my infatuation

Because you are pure perfection

I have been struck by your love

Were you sent from up above?

So kiss me quick

Let me make sure this isn’t a dream

Keep on tugging at my heartstrings

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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