Since You Came Along

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I wrote this when I first started going out with my fiance and I was recovering from self harm, and I was still very insecure and convinced that nobody loved me... But in time he helped me overcome this

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013




Since you came along

Your love for me has always been strong

Yet I still sometimes think

That no one cares about me

I don’t know why I push myself to the brink

Because you are the best thing in my life

You make everything alright


I used to be as lonely as a cloud

My shadow was my only friend

But since you came along I have found

You are there for me until the end

When my mind begins to roam

You will show me that I am not alone

You will hold me close and tell me everything is ok

It will be another perfect day


I am learning and I am growing

With the help of you by my side

All of my dark thoughts get pushed aside

And even when the lights got dim

A blade hasn’t once touched my skin

Since you came along

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