Time Shall Set You Free

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For all those people who are stuck in limbo. Your life isn't going to be this way forever. All you need is patience and faith

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013




So you’ve been stuck in hell for quite a while

And you can’t even summon the strength to smile

Every day you feel so low

When will you escape your woe?


Everyone else is living their life

While yours is just passing you by

You are stuck on auto pilot

Just going through the motions

Trying to ignore the fact that you are broken


You have no idea where you want your life to go

But carry on living and you will eventually know

Nobody has it figured out right from the beginning

But you will someday give life a meaning


You may think it is too late to change your life

But time is always on your side

You walk through it all in a daze

But trust me when I say that this is just a phase

You believe that this is what your life is destined to be

But I know that time shall set you free

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