You Have So Much To Live For

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A poem for all the people who feel like life is not worth living

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



So you want to kill yourself?

You feel like your life is hanging in the balance

And that there is nothing left on earth for you anymore

But life has a funny way of coming together

And in time, things will get better


So wait until years from now

When you find your one true love

And he will kiss the scars on your skin

And make you feel so beautiful

That you will want to reach back in time,

Grab that blade off of your former self

And say “I am better than this”


Wait until you get that career you’ve always wanted

The one that will make all the other jobs worth it in the end

And the one that will make you think back to the past

And say “I made it”


Wait until you give birth to your first child

And watch their eyes light up when they see the world for the first time

Feel their love as they cling onto your little finger with their whole hand

And say to them

“I am glad I waited for you”

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