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This is a review for all the Twilight books.

Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Submitted: February 11, 2009



Twilight book reviews:


In this book, Bella Swan meets and falls in love with none other than the Vampire Edward Cullen. Her life is thretened when James, a vampire from a coven with the intent on killing her. The Cullen family protects her when Alice and Jasper drive her to Arizona to get away from James. James meets Bella at the old Ballet Studio where she used to take lessons. She ends up in grave danger and wakes up the next day in the Hospital with a broken leg and a she lost a lot of blood. Edward then takes her to prom where Jacob meets her there telling her that his dad said that she should break up with Edward Cullen.

New Moon:

This book takes place when its Bella's 18th Birthday Party at the Cullens House. When Bella cuts herself and Jasper looses control, Edward realises that he is not right for Bella. They then move from Forks to ..... California?!?! Bella is constionally depressed. Jacob Black, an old family friend, starts hanging out with Bella. After a strange visit from Jacob, Bella then realises that Jacobs not all she thinks he is. It turnes out he is a warewolf. Bella, after finding out, she still feels a connection with Jacob. Jacob then promices Bella that he will take her cliff diving. When Jacob dosen't show, she takes the matter into her own hands. After silently talking to Edward in her mind, she jumps. When Alice comes home, making sure Bella is OK, "Carlise" calls. He asked where Charlie is. When Jacob tells him that he is at the FURNEAL, he hangs up. Alice then runs down the stairs telling Bella that Edward has gone to Italy to get the Voltorri to kill hem. Bella and Alice then go to Italy to stop this. They are able to stop Edward, and they come back to Forks. Three days after they come back, they pull into the drive and Bella motercycle is there. Jacob feels upset because Bella is hardly spending time with him. Bella then gets grounded for dissapering for 3 days, cliff diving and having a motercycle.

*** This is all I am writing for now, so in a couple of days I will post the other 2 book summerys. Thanks for reading!***

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