Turning Back

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What will you do when suddenly, someone turns their back to you?

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016



You saw her turning her back to you

After the conversation that you had a while ago

And suddenly remembered all of the things that happened between you two

The two of you met many years ago

You were both children then, still unripe, and a virgin to the realities of the world

And you began to like her, a so-called childish love

Is it really love back then?

Or is it just an unfamiliar warm affection that you felt?

You do not know. But you were happy

Until you drifted apart, and you do not know the reason why so

You were left alone. But it is fine

Since you really do not know what this warm feeling is called yet

You crossed paths once again, after many years

The two of you talked, like there was something else that is needed to be continued

But she was different now, she is broken, unstable

And as you gaze into her eyes, you confirmed your feelings that you felt back then

That warm and affectionate feeling that you felt towards her when you were still children

It was called love

How did you know? Because you once loved.

Not to her. But with others during her absence

It still feel like it was just yesterday since you began to like her

And eventually, falling in love with her

You saved her from the dark path that she is travelling

And introduced her to the path filled with light and joy

You are happy

You do not know if she feels the same way

But still, you waited

You waited for her to fall for you

You did everything you could because you love her

But at the back of your mind. 

You always knew that she cannot love you

She cannot share to you that affection that you are giving to her

And yet, you continue to love her

"I am not expecting anything in return, just let me prove myself worthy to you" You said sincerely

But you keep on screwing up

And yet she is still there

Suddenly, you felt that warm feeling coming from her

But it keeps on fading away

You chose to ignore it, since again, you love her

Until one day, she said thank you, for all that you have done

She cannot love you. Just as you suspected

You expected it, and yet it still hurts like hell

Why is that?

Since you are ignoring that, burying it at the back of your mind

You keep talking to yourself

That you are feeling a warm and sincere affection that is coming from her

You really felt it

Until one day, it is not just fading, but it disappeared

She cannot love me, the way that I love her

"God knows I tried" she said

You stared at her with a smile.

But your eyes says otherwise

She cried while saying something

But your mind is already drifting away

And then your mind said "I told you so"

"Sorry and Thank you, for everything"

It was the last words that she muttered

Then she stands up, and turns her back away from you

You stared at her back, the back that you once embraced

That small back of hers. You noticed that she was carrying something

It is guilt, and pain.

You wanted to ease her burden

But you cannot, since you are the very reason of why she is carrying that.

You will miss everything that you have shared together

You're alone, again

You will face the world alone, again

And then the visage of her back disappeared

Knowing that it will be that last time that you will see it

And your destinies might not meet in the same crossroads again




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