Hitler and Eva Make Love

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Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in 1936

October, 1936


Eva stood on the back patio of her boss's Schnorrstrasse home. There was a fall chill in the air as she wrapped her arms around herself, trying to generate some body warmth. The Föhn was kicking up and she almost longed for a down comforter to sink herself into.  How could it be this cold in October, she wondered vaguely. She was expecting him to arrive at any moment and her entire body ached, as it always did when she was awaiting him. She felt restless and needy, but also exhilarated. There was only one person who would extinguish that need and he was due any minute.
It had been almost three weeks since they had made love and she was hungry for him. In fact she was positively ravenous.
When he was away from her bed this long, the pain became physical. Eva spent her time with feverish memories of the last time they had made love. Always addicted to self pleasure, she did little else in the last days before one of their reunions. She found her release just thinking of his eyes upon her, remembering his deep, masculine voice and feeling his hands roaming over the surface of her body.
Eva had tossed and turned the last several nights, yearning to reach out and muss his hair, kiss his earlobe or softly caress his chest, burying her head into its white expanse. But reaching orgasm on her own was a pale shadow of what it felt like to explode with him deeply lodged inside her. That feeling he gave her was incredibly addictive, and when he was away, it was as if she was only half alive.
She lived for the orgasms he gave her. It amazed her that with every passing year, her climaxes became stronger, somehow more intense and longer lasting. Lately she'd been experiencing full body orgasms, where she felt as if a stick of dynamite had exploded deep within her body. As if she had been dismantled into 1,000 shattered pieces. The pleasure he gave her when they fucked sometimes bordered on insanity. Nothing else in life matched lying naked in his arms and staring at him with glassy eyes. Wordlessly begging him to give her another. And then another. Then one more.
So it was no wonder that when Eva knew he was coming back to her, every synapse in her body was tense. It was always that same sensation in the hours before one of their reunions: her face and palms felt feverish and it became difficult to swallow. And most of all, she would become wet with desire. Sometimes she could feel her wetness rolling down her upper thighs. She winced, wishing Adi was there so slowly lick away her juices. To see the look in his eyes when he'd whisper to her, "I love how you taste, Evchen. So sweet, so sweet on my tongue, Tschapperl..."
And then, miraculously, right in the middle of this erotic reverie, he was there. 
This never happened. 
She always waited for him, sometimes for hours. He was eternally late or sometimes never showed up at all. But today he was early? It couldn't be. 
Yet she heard his unmistakable voice, joking with Hoffmann about the painting of a monk hanging in his entryway. His sudden appearance both stunned and enraptured her. Why hadn't she heard the roar of the Mercedes or the slamming of the car door?
Not surprisingly, these thoughts vanished the moment she saw her lover approach. Hoffmann trailed behind, pretending to notice a bird picking at its nest in the alder tree. Eva watched as the photographer stopped suddenly and disappeared into the house. 
Her darling now stood directly in front of her, wearing his blue serge suit with a canary colored tie. He carried in his left hand his big felt hat, the one she loved to tease him about. They were now alone and both seemed a little shy with one another. Hitler was even blushing slightly, his cheeks showing a hint of pink. The luminous blue eyes smoldered in their intensity as he rocked back and forth on his heels. Locking her eyes with his, they both smiled self consciously.
Hitler smiled at her roguishly and bent to kiss her hand, squeezing her fingers as he did so. His thumb faintly caressed the pulse in her wrist, as if to test if her desire for him matched his need for her. 

"Good afternoon Fräulein Braun," he said, formally bowing from the waist, his eyes devouring her as he straightened up.
Since anyone could approach them at any time, they both remained a bit formal. The game of pretending to be strangers was irritating, but today it added a faintly erotic element to the unfolding scene.
Hitler was thinking that three weeks away from this girl was simply too long. His reaction to seeing her again had jolted him. He had a throbbing erection from the moment he saw her, but was also enveloped with a feeling of intense devotion. A sort of tender need to hear her giggle or reach out to stroke her hair, softly kissing her forehead. She was his girl. She was his woman, and she knew it. He knew it too.
"Your dress is beautiful," he said in his hoarse baritone. "It's new!"
Eva regarded him with scarcely concealed exasperation.
"Oh come on," she said in her saucy way. "You've seen this ten times before, it's not new. I've had it on often enough."
He surveyed her body from head to toe in his uniquely shy, sensuous way. Then he slowly responded, "well, in any case, it's very lovely." 
He continued to stare into her eyes and then whispered,"you are very lovely. All of you is quite beautiful to me, Evchen."
He noticed her nipples stiffening the moment he said this. They suddenly appeared hard and erect, showing through the thin fabric of her blue dress. He had the urge to bite them and listen to her inevitable moans echo in his ears.
Hitler adored her rampant sexuality, which on this day was vividly on display. He reached out once more to touch her elbow and it was as if an electrical current shot through her body. His eyes continued to rake over her breasts while his hard shaft strained the seams of his trousers. Her nipples protruding from the confines of her dress aroused him intensely. He couldn't stop staring at her chest as he found it widly erotic. He loved how her body unconsciously betrayed her need for him. 
"I want you," he whispered faintly, his breathing becoming ragged as he imagined what position he would have her in for their first round. His cock throbbed even more when Eva ignored his question entirely and instead said in a low, seductive voice, "I listened to your speech on the radio Tuesday night."
Hitler's eyebrows raised a bit, wondering why that was unusual enough for her to mention this. Soon enough he understood its significance as Eva leaned towards him.
In the faintest of voices, she said seductively, "I had an orgasm. Just hearing your voice made me cum. Just your voice, Adi. I didn't even need to touch myself. I couldn't believe it, but you know how aroused your voice makes me."
She smiled with a mock pout as she deliberately batted her eyelashes.
"You touched yourself?" he asked, looking at her with a burning stare. "You slipped your fingers into your panties and.."

Eva interrupted her lover, softly shushing him as she brought her index finger to his mouth.
"Adi, I swear to you, your voice made me orgasm. I was laying in bed listening to you and I got more and more excited, imagining you whispering in my ear when you make love to me. I got so aroused, I climaxed, just spontaneously. I just shut my eyes and imagined your face and your cock and that was enough. You know what you do to me."
Eva reached out to slowly trace the outlines of his lips with her index finger. He wanted to take her fingers and suck them deeply into his mouth. He yearned to bite them and watch her squirm with a mixture of anticipation and pleasure.
Hitler inhaled deeply and tried to steady himself. His fingers began to tingle, wanting to rip her blouse and skirt from her body. He looked down to make sure his pre cum hadn't stained the front of his pants. Eva observed him doing this and continued her tortuous verbal teasing. 

"Let me take you down my mouth, Adi. Let me taste you...."

She has really just said this, he mused in the midst of her sexual assault. This wasn't a dream. He wasn't jerking off, this wasn't a reverie. It was deeply real and happening at that very moment.

His blood pressure rose 20 points hearing her sexually-charged words. God, he couldn't believe she was his, it sometimes seemed like an hallucination. But she loved doing these things to him, and when she did it when they were both observable by others, it was incredibly erotic. He was slightly furious that she was talking to him this way when Hoffmann was still in the house. But he wouldn't have silenced her for anything in the world.
He always wondered why she was so intoxicating to him. It was something he had considered for years, but he never quite could put his finger on it. It was a combination of so many things. Was it her laughter, her body, her adoring glance, her explosive sexual temperament? Was it all of these things?
Maybe it was because she loved pretending to be an innocent, where she was the hottest blooded woman he'd ever bedded. Though she feigned a virginal naivete, her skills as a lover were dizzying. How could this have happened when he was the teacher and she his pupil? Though he had to admit it sometimes felt the other way around. He didn't know if he liked that or not, but their best sex was positively explosive, and he wasn't going to let go of it.
He had first taken her when she was a 19 year old virgin, though after their first couplings, she never behaved as one. Very quickly, Eva had blossomed into a passionate and remarkably generous lover. She had a powerful sex drive which he seemed never able to tame, despite his best efforts.
Most of all, everything she did to him in bed was insanely sexy. She was giving and she was opulently generous. Her body and rampant nudity made his head continually revolve in circles. It seemed that she was custom built for him to fuck, and Providence had delivered her to him expressly for that purpose. He certainly wasn't going to deny Providence!
He had experienced passionate sex before her, and had been deeply in love with two other women. But he had never had the type of pulsing sex he experienced with Eva. Nothing even close to this. For one thing, he had never had a girlfriend with this type of incessant need. Nor had he ever been with a woman with absolutely no inhibitions. Eva simply sizzled with sex. 
He loved her legs, her back, her tummy, her calves, her thighs and especially her breasts. They weren't especially large but they were beautifully shaped and exquisitely sensitive. He loved sucking her nipples deeply into his mouth and caressing every inch of her body. The body that belonged completely to him. He always got a silent thrill knowing he was the only man permitted access to all this beauty.
And in the same vein, she adored and worshipped all of him. His eyes especially, but everything else too: his voice, his gait, his scent and his entire persona made her so sensitive to his touch that sometimes foreplay was superfluous. She was constantly hungry for him and she let him know that in every conceivable way.
Any thought of him could get her off, and her desire for him came out of nowhere. Sometimes walking down a street she could see his photo on the cover of a magazine. The thrill of seeing her Fuehrer unexpectedly was enough to make her vagina throb and the muscles in her thighs clench together. Instinctively, she would often bring the photo of him to her lips. In broad daylight, in pubic, she would do this. And in private she did oh so much more to this man. If the German people only knew!
Thinking of all this made Eva crazy with the need to be alone with her lover. She continually kept an eye on the patio door to make sure that Hoffmann or Kempka wouldn't intrude. It was agony for both to carry on this silent foreplay, not knowing when they could be alone to mutually satiate their need. 
Hitler saw her arousal flaring and he decided to tease her a bit, to stoke her fires even higher.

"Tell me what you're thinking about, Evchen," he said in a low voice. "What are you thinking about this very minute?"

He enunciated every word slowly and carefully, so his meaning was unmistakable. She looked up to see his blue eyes raking over her body. Hitler continued to stare wide-eyed at her breasts and her blatant nipples, looking as if they were begging to be kissed and sucked.

Hesitating ever-so-slightly, Eva whispered back to him, "I'm thinking how wonderful it would be if we went into the library and you fucked me. I want to feel you inside of me, I want to make it so tight for you, so tight you can barely withdraw from me. Take me there, Adi. Please take me. Let me show you how much I love you."
She said the word "love" with such fierce passion that he laughed out loud. She was simply too much. And her insane need for him kept taking his own arousal level higher and higher. This beautiful young blonde girl standing in front of him, wordlessly begging with her eyes. God, he wanted to fuck her. He wanted her in every conceivable position, fucking her from the front and the back and feeling her hot mouth envelop the head of his pulsing cock.
Then Eva spontneously kissed him, grinding herself against his crotch, forgetting (or not caring) that Hoffmann could walk onto his patio at any moment. But Eva knew her man. She knew how to make him positively desperate for her and that was her intent. She knew how to make him so fiercely aroused that there no possible way he could deny her.
"Make love to me," she whispered provocatively into his ear as she broke their passionate kiss. Her inflections were needy, her body slightly trembling.
"Now, Adi, please. Please?"
Hearing these erotically-infused words made Hitler grow even harder. He felt like he was 18 years old again, walking about the Linz promenade with a perpetual erection. This girl made him hotter than any woman ever had in his life. He felt dizzy and grasped the back of a lawn chair to keep himself upright. The clouds above seemed to be circling in some mystical dance.
She had turned him to the point where he actually was considering her proposal. Of actually possessing her right here and right now in Hoffmann's house. It was certainly risky, but she was teaching him that living on the edge could be tremendously exciting. This girl had a way of verbally seducing him that left him completely at her mercy. 
He turned to catch her eyes and their gaze once again locked upon one another. She was slightly panting, as if she'd just run up a flight of stairs. He always did this to her, and at such times her body's instinctual needs simply took over, just as her nipples had hardened the moment she heard his voice. Nor could she control her hips undulating instinctively whenver he made eye contact. His presence and aura hynotized her, sending her into a state of sexual hypersensivity.
He wanted to reprimand her for kissing him when they were not alone, but he was so aroused he couldn't find the words. Every time he saw her after a separation, a powerful feeling of possession overwhelmed him, as was occuring now. He always had the same emotions well up whenever they met up again.
He wanted to dominate her and own her. He wanted to pin her shoulders down to the sofa with his hands. He wanted her to claw at his back and mark his body with her teeth as she so often did in the heat of passion. He wanted her dripping wet, on her knees, sobbing for him to ravish her until she couldn't breathe. He wanted her panting into his chest and wildly convulsing because of the intensity of her pleasure. He wanted to fuck her so hard and for so long that the next day she could barely get out of bed.
Sore, chafed and faintly bruised: that's how he wanted her, and that is how she usually was after one of their reunions.
His favorite thing of all was looking at her nipples after a night of sex. Usually they would be swollen and a deep crimson color. It made him throb hard when he saw evidence of his passion on her body. Some nights he would get so carried away that afterwards, he could see his teeth marks and purple bruises around her areola. Usually the morning after, Eva would gently (and seemingly innocently) ask him to kiss her nipples to "make them better."
Naturally he'd comply, but his chaste kisses soon turned into sucking her nipples deeply into his mouth, spurred on by hearing Eva's moans. Inevitably he ended up servicing her before breakfast, if only to try and tame her libido.
God, she was exhausting and she could also be persistent if he denied her too often. If lengthy conferences made him decline her invitations, Eva would take matters into her own hands. She never had problems being the sexual instigator in their relationship. He found it thrilling as well, and welcomed when her primal needs made her beg him to satisfy her.
Sometimes in the middle of a Berghof afternon, she would appear in his study, clad only in the briefiest lingerie and innocently snuggle him, settling herself upon his lap.
"Take the edge off me, Adi," she'd whisper poutingly. "I ache for you, I want you inside me so badly."
She would take his hand and place it on her breast, then press his mouth to hers, sensuously and slowly. He'd reach down, pushing aside her lace underwear and fingering her as she groaned aloud. Sometimes she could unbutton his pants and sink herself down on his straining cock, riding him, undulating on top of him until they both quickly exploded. 
It seems she was always wet for him, she was always ready, she was endlessly whimpering for more. And more.
With this girl, it was always more. More of his teeth grazing her nipples. More of his mouth hungrily going down on her. More of his cock. More of him
While in his Mercedes, while driving or in airplanes, he often heard her voice as she'd softly sob aloud,"I love when you take me. I love how you make me feel, Adi."
Without any doubt he had fallen under her spell, and he wasn't leaving Hoffmann's house until he had brought her off as hard as he ever had in his life. He wondered if he should use his fingers or his mouth to give her her first orgasm? The question so aroused him that instinctively, he reached down to grab himself, trying to soothe the fire she had ignited. Hopefully Hoffmann wouldn't stumble outside to catch him doing this. He had to be elsewhere or too drunk to care. 
"Adolf," she said softly yet with an unmistakable edge to her voice... "I've already begged you to make love to me. I need you... please, darling. Stop ignoring me."
He was growing more excited with each passing second. She called what she was doing "talk fucking." Eva could and did turn him on insanely just through her spoken words. At that moment she was doing it to perfection.
He had to resist the overwhelming temptation to simply lift her into his arms and push her to the ground, fucking her hard, right then and then on Hoffmann's garden lawn. He wanted to just throw her onto the nearby chaise lounge, spread her gorgeous legs and go down on her until she was screaming for him to stop.
It had been months since they had spent the whole afternoon making love and he knew he couldn't stop this raging freight train from bearing down upon them both.
"Now," he whispered silently to himself, "Goddammit... NOW"!
And damn Hoffmann especially for having the nerve to be in his house when he wanted an hour alone with his Eva. 
Suddenly Hitler remembered an expression that his chauffeur had made the previous week while driving outside of Hiltpoltstein. Kempka had been talking to Linge about his newest conquest and had murmured, "I fucked the hell of of that girl. She was cuming and cuming until she literally fainted." 
Hitler had pretended not to hear the remark, but it had jolted him nonetheless. Instantly he had thought about his Eva and was motivated by the question, "could I make her orgasm until she lost consciousness?" He continued thinking about this delicious possibility and began to consider it again as he caught site of her pouting breasts again, inches from his own chest.
His mind was momentarily jolted back to reality when Hoffmann reappeared at the door leading to the backyard. He was holding a glass of wine which was poured to the brim and sloshing over as he tipsily swayed back and forth.
"Herr Hitler," his photographer said hurriedly, "pardon me for interrupting, but I must take Heinie down to the train station and check in his luggage. We'll be back in 90 minutes. Would that be alright? I can show you the Darmstadt photos when I return."
After a slight pause, Hoffmann smiled and added, "the boys are all outside in the car, I told them you would be inside until I return. You do need to peruse the portfolio before tomorrow, and I told them it was a Führerbefehl not to be disturbed until 3:30."
Hoffmann glanced drunkenly at his wristwatch and added, "that's a little more than 90 minutes from now."
Hitler merely nodded as he waved Hoffmann off without even saying goodbye.
He had never in his life been so glad to have anyone leave and thanked God for this lucky change in Hoffmann's plans. He wondered if his photographer wasn't deliberately allowing them privacy, knowing they'd been separated for most of the past month. 
Eva and Hitler still waited impatiently on the porch, standing a bit too close together, waiting to hear the front door slam. Her lips were moist  as her gaze hung on her lover with fervor. She was so afraid that Adi would simply drive off with Kempka and his entourage, leaving her alone. He'd done that before and it had broken her heart every single time.
But today was different and she sensed it. Her Fuehrer was in his most passionate mood. She knew this translated into long, forceful sex which sometimes lasted much of the night. When he was in this mood, he would require three rounds with her, each more intense than the one before. She almost screamed aloud thinking of the pleasure that was soon to envelop them.
But when they heard Hoffmann's car drive off, Hitler still was hesitant. This was the formal, cautious side of his personality which eternally drove Eva up the wall. 
"Let me make sure no one else is in the house," he said quietly, as he removed his hand from his lover's grasp and swiftly combed through the home, walking down the hall corridor to make completely sure no one else was in the place.
He had to be certain.
But before he could escape, Eva pulled him to her closely, kissing him hungrily, running her tongue over his front teeth and moaning with her need. He tried to draw away, but surrendered as their tongues explored each other's mouths. Finally, shushing her tenderly, he withdrew from her grasp.
"Wait just a moment, Schnacksi," he said, gently biting her earlobe and then her neck, deeply inhaling her scent and hating to break their embrace.
Hitler checked the kitchen to see if Elsa, the cook, might be preparing something. He looked for Frau Edelstein, the housekeeper who always prepared his favorite Linzertorte. Then he peeked out the from window to be certain that Schaub, Dietrich and Kempka were busily occupied. To his relief, he saw they were all sitting in the car, passing around a magazine and oblivious to what was about to transpire practically right under their noses.
He noticed a small window slightly open and he hurriedly bolted it. He was going to have Eva howling in ecstasy shortly and he didn't want the neighbors hearing any of this. Not a single sound.
Then he checked to make certain Hoffmann had locked the front door. With these formalities completed, Hitler took a deep sigh and said aloud, "they're all gone!"
Finally he returned to his young lover, beckoning her to him with his index finger in a half commanding, half teasing way. 
"Come here, you beautiful girl," he said, crushing her to him. "We're alone, let's make the most of this  time alone together. I want two rounds with you, so let's get to it."
Hitler took her by the hand and led her to the library, their secret trysting place since 1931.  The hallway was turning circles as he led his lover to their special spot. As he touched her arm she felt feverish to the touch, her skin already pulsingly hot. He loved how her body always gave off so many signs that she wanted him: her body becoming warm, her pupils dialting, her nipples hardening.
Hofmann's library.... so many erotic memories had been borne in this panelled, dark room. Early in their relationship, she often had brought him to climax orally or manually in this secluded place. His first orgasms with her were on this sofa and these moments were seared forever into his brain. He often revisted these scenes when they were separated and mastubation was his only outlet.
One of his favorite memories was when they had a night completely secluded here in late 1933. He had sent away the bodyguards and coerced Schreck to take the service car home. But it had been the right choice, because being alone with Eva made his sex drive skyrocket. It was so rare that they could spend the night completely alone and their chemistry had been positively explosive. He spent much of that long evening going down on her as she sprawled on Hoffmann's sofa. He loved the feeling of her gorgeous, firm legs wrapping themselves around his neck.
He often thought of her screaming his name when she had her first orgasm that evening. He had orally given her two more in quick succession. He remembered her body afterwards, limp as a rag doll, face fluhed, nostrils flaring, her stomach faintly trembling. They had fucked off and on all night, their last orgasm coming simultaneously at dawn. He always got a jolt thinking of that sex-drenched night. He remembered seeing his sperm spread like a thick glaze over her upper thighs as she lay there, a post-orgasmic rash rising over her chest and neck.
Just being in this room added an erotic undercurrent to the moment. Adi led her to the large, wide sofa and immediately was on top of her, forcing her down with his strong hands, pinning her on her back. She loved when he demonstrated his dominance and completely orchestrated their lovemaking. 
They kissed frantically for several minutes, murmuring endearments and exploring each others bodies with desperate hands. As always, his touch upon her body made Eva weak with need. Her knees buckled as his mouth moved over her lips and neck, whispering her name in a kind of litany.
"Evchen," he whispered against her left cheek, his mustache causing her skin to burn and tingle.
"My little one," he whispered so softly she could barely hear him. He kissed her neck for a long time, gently sinking his teeth into the tender spot beneath her left ear. He ran his tongue repeatedly from ther throat to her earlobes, his groans becoming more heated the longer he did it. Then he sucked her left earlobe, causing her to gasp.
"I want you," he murmured as his mouth did everything in its power to bring her ardor to a level of physical pain.
"You're going to cum and cum and cum," he said between clenched teeth. "Show me how much you missed me. Show me."
He said it in a way that was unmistakable: it was not a request, it was positively an order. Eva wordlessly nodded, her eyes glued to him hovering over her.
Adi bent to unfasten her garter belt, drawing her stockings down her lithe, toned legs. He paused to kiss and bite Eva's thighs, nibbling her shins and then her ankles. Whining softly, her trembling body began to prepare itself for his gradual onslaught.
"Are you ready for me?" he murmured against her left thigh, softly nipping at her skin with his tongue and teeth.
"Are you ready for this?" he said, his tone now bordering on severity. Then he reached down to take her hand and wrap it around his enormous erection. He felt like steel and she wanted him inside her so badly she felt like screaming it aloud.
But Eva couldn't speak because her body was being drowned in sensation, as if every nerve ending was being slowly engulfed in flames. She became even more needy when he was in a commanding mood, like he was today. When he had this edge to him, his power completely paralyzed her.  He was driving her to the point of incoherence with his dominant, forceful foreplay. His mouth continued his onslaught over the skin of her breasts and stomach, softly kissing the places on her body which were especially sensitive. He knew every spot and every trigger point for her, that he had mastered long ago. Her moans became more frantic, more piercing. 
In the back of Hitler's mind, he almost wanted the men outside to hear the sounds of their lovemaking.
He wanted them to hear the frantic moans and the screams from Eva's throat when she climaxed. He wanted Kempka and his bodyguards to know that his woman was his possession, his chattel. He'd placed his brand on her when she was just a teenager and everything she knew sexually, he had taught her. He had been the only man inside her insanely tight vagina. She was his possession and at such moments he wanted to roar that fact from the rooftops.
He wanted them to know that Eva was not merely satisfied, she was sated. And that he was the man provoking this reaction within her body. He might have been 25 years older than his young bodyguards, but none of them had a woman as beautiful as Eva in their beds. None of them had a girl this deperately needy or this insatiable. And few of them could possibly have the type of intense sex life he and Eva enjoyed. 
Yes, Hitler would have denied it, but his arousal was definitely heightened at imagining his adjutants overhearing their rapturous screams as they fucked. "Let them hear it," he mused to himself at such moments. "Let them hear what I do to my Eva."
These were the noises that his cock and his tongue incited in Eva's taut little body. These were the noises that she incited in him when her nakedness enveloped him. When her mouth sucked his cum hungrily down her throat, when her vagina helplessly spasmed around his cock. Until tears trickled down her cheeks and spilled over on his shoulder. Nothing in life made him feel as virile or as powerful as this girl. 
His mastery over her was absolute, and he exercised his dominance most especially when they made love. Her body was his, and he was intent on never letting her forget it.
And now Eva busied herself with undressing him as quickly as she could manage. She loosened his tie and threw it on Hoffmann's beige carpet. When she frantically unbuttoned his jacket, a button flew off because of her maniacal intensity. She wrapped her arms around his torso, hitching up the rear of his shirt so she could caress his bare back. Once she felt his skin, she moaned and used her nails to spur him on.
"Adi, please," she said desperately as he exposed her naked breasts and bent to bury his head there. She cradled his cheeks in her hands, pressing the back of his neck, frantic to feel him tease and caress her in a way that was literally indescribable. At such moments, time moved as if in slow motion as she focused on the incredible feeling of his teeth gently biting her left nipple, and then her right one. 
Then he returned to her lips, kissing her feverishly and running his tongue around her left earlobe. He was always sensitive during foreplay, and yet so powerfully sexy. Eva trembled to be taken as she completely removed his suit jacket, drawing his suspenders down with both hands. With feverish hands, she unbuttoned his trousers, reaching in to grab his throbbing member and drawing it upwards.
As she did this, Hitler stopped caressing her to focus on his own building pleasure. She had to shush him as his groans grew louder as she fell to her knees. He threw his head back in anticipation as she grasped him with her right hand and proceeded to engulf him in her mouth. She loved doing this and had been a quick learner on how to suck his cock. His sheer size and girth made it sometimes difficult to take him all down, but she had trained herself to do so because he loved it so much when she did. Hitler's hands buried themselves in her hair as he moved her head to where he wanted it most.
"We don't have much time," he whispered urgently as he lowered her mouth down the length of his shaft. The sight of this beauty on her knees pleasuring him made his desire explosively intense. Her warm mouth all over him made the adreneline hurdle through his veins, exulting and intoxicating him simultaneously. Involuntarily he began to shunt his hips back and forth slowly, and then quicker and with more intensity. Nobody gives head like Eva, he thought, no woman on earth.

 "Take me down, Tschapperl," he groaned. "Take all of me."

The sound of his deep growls of pleasure spurred Eva onwards. She loved giving head and reveled in for once having power over him when they made love. Turning the tables on him and making him beg her, instead of the other way around. She used her left hand to gently hold his balls while she rhythmically went down on his shaft. When his thighs began to tremble, she slowly moved her mouth from where he so desperately wanted it. 
"Shhh," Eva said softly as she ran her tongue and mouth upwards, kissing the light brown trail of hair that ran up to his navel.  "Shh, darling," she murmured again, moving up his body with her mouth, softly kissing and sucking his skin while emitting a soft purr.
She was teasing him, just bringing him back from the brink. When her face finally reached his, she looked into his paralzying blue stare. His pre cum glistened on her lower lip. He watched as she seductively licked it up with her tongue, moaning as she did so. It was so incredibly erotic for him to see her do this that his ardor now demanded. 
"Get on your back," he said suddenly, picking up a comforter from Hoffmann's chair and spreading it on the carpeted floor. "We haven't made love on the floor in awhile."
He glanced at her naked body, flushed with her desire and then said more commandingly, "get on your back!"
Eva's heart leapt as she settled onto the luxurious blanket, instinctively obeying him, as she always did. There was an edge to his voice that she didn't often hear, and it was turning her on wildly to experience him in this demanding mood.
"Spread you legs wide and then put them on my shoulder," he said, almost as if it was a military order. He was always extremely aroused by her naked body, and loved feasting his eyes on her as she slowly spread her legs. Her labia glistened with her wetness, her thighs tense with the need to orgasm. 
There was a quiver in his voice as he brought his lips down to suck her left nipple, greedily sucking her flesh into his mouth, biting her hard until her squirming seemed to shake the entire room. He was being a little rough and she was powerfully responding to it. 
Then with a soft whimper, she was on her back, and he was master of the moment. Without any preliminaries, Hitler threw her legs over both shoulders. Eva was staring wide eyed at her lover, her entire body tense and supple.
"Adi, please," Eva said, now whining more urgently.
He loved when she was like this, he adored that he could induce this type of sexual fervor in his woman. Her upper chest was a hot pink, her pupils glazed, her body wanting to feel his hardness more than anything in this world. For Hitler, watching her aching for him was an exhilarating as sex itself. Watching her arousal for him was an integral part of own pleasure. He loved to get her to the point where she would explode as soon as he entered her. But he could see she was not quite on that edge, and he decided to remedy that. Today he was going to be patient even if it killed him.
"Wait, Patscherl," he whispered seductively, pinning her down powerfully with his hands.
Then again more forcefully: "you will wait."
He sat up and regarded her with an unusual expression. Eva detected an increasing dose of sternness in his attitude and inflections. It was as if  he had transformed himself into the Fuehrer, as if he was speaking to the masses, commanding them to obey his will. His face assumed a mask of pure power which was unmistakable and unbelievably arousing. She was almost paralyzed with the knowledge that this man was her lover. She was his only lover, the only woman in the world permitted to share his bed, to suck his cock, to get him off and make him claw the bedsheets with his need.
"I want you to beg for it. Beg me for it," he said between clenched teeth.
"Beg me for this," he said, as he took her right hand and wrapped it around his throbbing erection. In a fierce, hoarse voice, he said evenly, "beg me for your release. BEG ME, EVA."
How she any woman resist this?
She wasted no time to obey as she reached for his shaft, wrapping her hand around it to jerk him off. But Hitler was having none of that, and moved her body lower on the comforter, positioning her in a way that exposed her nudity perfectly to his hungry eyes.
But as he looked at her body, he felt she was still not quite ready for him. She wasn't yet at the point of openly begging and he simply had to get her there. He had to. Her squrims and whimpers weren't enough for him or his ego. He wanted her so under his control that her begging would be instinctual, that it would take over her mind and her body entirely. He wanted her to the point where the need to have his cock inside of her would completely overwhelm her consciousness.
He knew exactly what to do since he had played this game with her before numerous times.
He bent his head and moved his tongue softly over her body, and passionately sucked her nipples once again into his mouth, biting down until her body coiled. He bit her right nipple harder, groaning deeply as he did so. Slowly he moved lower, to her rib cage, to her lower abdomen and then lower.
"Beg me," he whispered again. It wasn't an entreaty it was once again delivered as an order.
"Beg me for it!" he said as his tongue and lips continue to move lower on her body.
Finally he reached his destination and gently became to tease her clitoris, already out of its sheath and hard to the touch. She was so ready for him. His knuckles brushed over her clit, causing her to softly groan. She could feel his mustache rubbing against her as he thrust two, and then three fingers deeply into her vagina. 

"How badly do you want it, Evi?" he asked. "Show me how much you want it. Show me. Beg. Beg me," he ordered again in an increasingly demanding tone. His voice rising in pitch and intensity. 
Eva was now very, very close to climaxing and she didn't have to announce it. 
He knew.
He knew every inch of her body, and was familiar with every gasp, groan and shudder he elicited from that incredibly tight, sensuous body. This body that belonged solely to him. Lock, stock and barrel.
He bent his head to hungrily lick up her wetness, groaning as he tasted her. His fingering of her was now deep and frantically paced, his fingers curled to stimulate her G-spot. He always liked having her cum several times before fucking her. He loved hearing her voice rise in intensity until she was literally shrieking during her orgasms. Getting her off before they made love took a bit of her edge off, and made him feel tremendously powerful. When he felt this rush of domination, it was an enormous aphrodisiac for him. When he was in this state, he could fuck her all night and still want another round in the morning. 
Eva now blocked out everything around her except the unbelievable sensations he was evoking in her body.  The combination of his fingers steadily pistoning within her and his tongue flicking her clitoris made her tremble furiously. Her breath became ragged as she clutched the hair on the back of his neck, coaxing and urging him on.
"Adi," she groaned as her hips rose and fell in tandem with his mouth and fingers.
Eva's vagina felt like a fiery cauldron ready to explode, her wetness engulfing his mouth and his lower face. Her thighs were bathed in her juices, her body writhing completely out of control.
He calculated exactly how long to prolong her rise, and then, with exquisite timing, he sucked her clitoris into his mouth, groaning deeply as he did so. With this motion, Eva exploded with a powerful orgasm, her body wracked with unending spasms. His fingers continued to move in rhythm inside of her, and she came again and then a third time, her eyes shut tightly and concentrating on the enormity of her pleasure. Her screams of ecstasy pierced the silence of the room. For a long while he could  feel her vagina involuntarily spasming until the pulsations slowed and then finally ceased.
The sight of her in such a state was wildly stimulating to him. He adored it when she was openly desperate for him, and her moans were tinged with a sort of agony. Her wanton lewdness was incredible, he never stopped being surprised that her ardor for him was unquenchable. He kept three fingers deeply lodged in her, and he deliberately slowed his movements to a sensual in and out motion. In the back of his mind, he kept thinking of what his chauffeur had said, "I made her cum until she passed out."
He wanted to drive Eva into this type of sexual intoxication, where she had lost track of her orgasms and was gripping onto him so hard that her fingernails bruised and bloodied his back and shoulders. 
He looked down at his girl and felt a growing sense of triumph.
Eva's entire neck and upper breasts were patterned with a red, post-orgasmic rash, her hips still rising up and down with the slow movement of his fingers. She wanted his cock desperately now and whined for it increasingly, she was reaching for it, wanting her hands around his hardness. This is what he demanded of her and it was what her body was doing on its own accord anyway. His power over her was complete and he had just proven it again. His fingers, his tongue and his voice had made her orgasm so powerfully she seemed half drugged.
"Adi," she said softly, "please...." She was gasping and still not recovered from the searing pleasure he had just given her.
But he continued to deny her, using all of his self control to gently pull back and keep her from nuzzling him.
"I just made you cum three times," he murmered into her right thigh."You need to rest, my angel." 
"Please, Adi," she said beseechingly, ignoring his ridiculous suggestion. "I don't want to rest!" Her inflections were almost white hot with her need.
She reached for his hard shaft, standing firm and straining, and he allowed her to jerk him off. Her multiple orgasms had reduced her into an almost dream like state. But her ministrations to him were secondary to her own primal need. She wanted to cum again and she wanted him inside of her when that happened. His fingers and his tongue were marvels, but nothing on earth could replace his cock.
His fingers remained buried in her and after a few minutes of recovery, he could feel her rising in need again.
It was as if he could never douse her insatiable need for him. Eva was whimpering now, half moaning and half begging, wanting to cum once more. Her whispered entreaties were making his refusals increasingly difficult. 
"Your cock, please," she whispered against his cheek, his whiskers burning her lips and face. She kept sucking his neck and his earlobes, desperate to taste him, wanting to merge her body with his.
"Adi, fuck me. Please, oh God, please fuck me, please." Her voice rose into a sort of soft scream which made him throb intensely. It was if the only thing in the world that he could feel was the pulse in his erection, he could almost count the beats.
This girl was amazing. Her unending need for him completely blew him away. Her whimpers grew louder, her body behaved as if she hadn't already exploded with several orgasms. He knew that it was because it was he who was fucking her. His power and his dominance was what she craved so desperately and he could never douse it. 
His fingers began now to tap at her G-spot, just a slow, soft prodding which was soon causing her body to writhe again in a sensual dance.
His index finger caressed her there, over and over, until the sensations were beginning to make her black out. She was now completely under his sexual spell, the world existing only within the four walls of this room. This is what he wanted and what he had commanded her to do before they had even laid down on the floor:  he had ordered her to beg for his cock and she wasn't going to get it until she complied with his demands.
And Eva was obeying, it was impossible to do anything else. She was so dripping wet that her juices was all over her thighs, the blanket and his fingers.  Her scent filled his nostrils and the entire room, making him dizzy. 
Looking down on his sensual young lover was one of the most insanely arousing sights he had ever experienced. And it became even more so when Eva brought his mouth to hers, kissing him hungrily, running her tongue from his mouth to his neck and back. She kept whispering his name against the skin of his neck and upper chest. He loved hearing her say his name with such mindless passion.
Her teeth sunk softly into his Adam's apple as her writhing underneath him became more insistent. 
"Fuck me," she whispered seductively, rubbing her nipples instinctively between her fingers, needing to feel friction. Needing to feel heat.
"Give me your cock," she breathed raggedly against his neck. "Give it to me, Adi....Let me feelhow big and hard you are. Please, please..."
She started teasing him, taking his cock in her hand and running it over her clit. She'd barely putting him inside of her and then move his shaft back to her clitoris. This move only happened when she was in the grips of sexual euphoria. Over and over she would put his cock inside the top inch of her vagina, and then lazily move the head over her clit. He allowed her to do this for several minutes, his eyes like saucers watching her pleasure herself with his erection.
And after a few moments of this erotic dance, tears began to fall freely from her eyes. Tears prompted by an urgent need for him. It was only then that he knew the moment had come. Soft sobs wracked her chest, her mouth was open and slightly panting.
Finally he had reached his goal: he had completely enslaved her to his sexual will. 
She was openly weeping for him to fuck her. To take her over the edge again, but this time with him buried deep inside her. 
Mission accomplished.
His heart was exploding in his chest as he roughly turned her over on her stomach. His hands gripped her thighs tightly, and then he moved his fingers tenderly over her glistening labia. 
"You're dripping wet for me," he said softly. "So wet, Patscherl. Show me how badly you want me inside you, how much you need it. Show me..."
She knew what to do, raising up and allowing him to penetrate her doggy style, one of his favorite positions and one which afforded him the tightest possible sensation. He loved holding her by her lush thighs as he drove himself into her, fucking her like a racehorse. 
Making love to Eva was like taking a virgin on her knees every single time: she was tight as a teenager and knowing that he got off on her insane tightness, she had trained herself to make her vagina even more constricted. Knowing that a vice like grip on his cock guaranteed he would be back for more of her. And more. And more.
"Are you ready for me, Eva?" he groaned into the shell of her ear, but she couldn't answer with words. It was as if he had poured gasoline all over her body and tossing a match upon her skin to ignite her. It was a full body conflagration. And when she felt him finally entering her from behind, she screamed in earnest and so did he. 
Throwing his head back, Adi thrust himself into her, kissing her exposed neck, driving himself deep into her willing body. God, she was tight, he thought to himself, she is so damn tight!
He could already feel the walls of her vagina constricting on him. He loved feeling her orgasm build and build within her body, which was pulsing with a frantic need. Their foreplay had been so protracted and so intense that Eva's orgasm wasn't far off.
He couldn't last long either as he instinctively began to move like a jack hammer  in an effort to drive himself deeper and deeper inside her. He said between panting breaths, "cum with me. Cum together, Eva. Let me feel it, let me feel you..."
Eva's orgasm was raising her to a level of such painful intensity that answering him was impossible. She kept trying to hold back, desperate to make her explosion mount higher and higher. His shaft pistoned in and out of her at a furious rate, and his cock felt as if it had spread throughout her entire body. The build up to her climax continued to rise, and rise higher until she could no longer delay or stop it.
The sight of looking into his eyes and knowing he was about to cum violently threw her over the edge.Watching him fuck her was the ultimate thrill.
Her orgasm exploded throughout her entire body just as his cock spasmed inside of her, releasing himself into her aching core. He let out a roar which seemed to rip out of his chest and envelop the entire room. It was an agonized scream which only intensified Eva's extreme pleasure.
The intensity of their orgasms caused both to tremble and shake in unending ecstasy. The pulsations in his cock seem to go on for minutes as little aftershocks of pleasure continued to seize him and engulf his entire body. Adi continued to hold her from behind, kissing her hair, her neck and her shoulder blades. He wrapped his arms completely around her body, squeezing her with the desire to eliminate any space between them.
"You're so lovely," he said softly, running his hands through her hair and nuzzling her.
Finally he drew himself from her and gathered her in his arms, stroking her still trembling body. 
"You are incredible, Evchen," he breathed into her neck, caressing her lazily with his hands. 
"I love you, did you know that, little one?"
Eva didn't answer her lover. She could scarcely open her eyes. The intensity of her climax had literally robbed her of breath and everything was still tingling within her. She couldn't think, let alone speak. It felt as if the inside of her body had been burned with a scalding liquid which was slowly spreading through her legs, her arms and her entire body. It was if she could still feel him inside of her, as if he was still buried balls deep within her hot confines. God, she loved this man. His power and his presence had completely engulfed her, as it always had. She wanted to lay in his arms forever, never letting him go.
Finally she looked at Adi and gently brushed his forelock out of his eyes. His dishelved hair made him appear boyishly adorable and she tenderly kissed his eyelids and cheeks. His whiskers burned her lips and he tasted slightly salty. This wasn't about sex anymore, it was about love and her joy at possessing him. He could see the adoration glowing in her eyes, her pure and utter devotion to him so evident in how she tended to him.
"You are an amazing lover, mein Fuehrer," she said half jokingly, stroking his cheek and hair, then softly caressing his temples with her hands. She nestled into his bare chest and shut her eyes as he continued to slowly stroke her bare back with the tips of his fingers. 
"I can feel your heart beat," Eva murmured into his chest, feeling the rapid thumps, still elevated from his orgasm. She silently counted the beats as she gently kissed his sternum and lower neck, pressing her breasts against his upper stomach. She loved afterglow almost as much as she loved sex, the operative word being "almost."
For a long while they lay naked in each others arms, basking in a protracted post-sex slumber. Hitler arranged the comforter so that it draped over their lower bodies, but still afforded him a spectacular view of her breasts. With satisfaction he noted that her nipples were heavily swollen, the result of his passionate assault upon her body. Instinctively he laid his head between her breasts, nuzzling and deeply inhaling her scent. His fingers roamed over her nipples, pinching them until he felt them slowly harden. She whined softly as his fingers manipulated her body with mounting purpose.
Inevitably, her body began to come alive for him again. It always did when they made love. She couldn't help it, her attraction to him was paralyzing. Sometimes her flagrant desire embarrassed her, she felt it wasn't ladylike to want sex this insanely. It didn't matter that she had cum four times already. When she looked into his blue eyes staring so deeply into her own eyes, she started to powerfully want him again. Her vagina began to faintly throb, wanting his enormous cock lodged within her again.He deliberately kept his eyes locked to her gaze and delighted in watching her arousal flare. He refused to look away, knowing that his gaze alone was enough to start her on the road to another release.
"Adi," she said in a trembling voice, "I need you again. Please, darling?"
He heard her, but didn't answer. He ws engrossed in rubbing his palms over her breasts and tweaking her nipples. They were hard as stones and he delighted in seeing his teeth marks all over them. Distended, sore and aching. Just as he liked them.
And Adi continued to deliberately stare into her eyes, not breaking eye contact. Eva looked away time and again until he took her chin in his hands and held her face it front of him, so close she felt his breath on her lips.
"Look at me, Evchen, he said deliberately and tenderly. Gone was the earlier dominance posture. He was sated with his orgasm and was more tender now. But her need, as always, had started to ignite his own needs. He began to leer at her naked body, drinking in her beauty, her youth and sensing they were not through this afternoon. He also was becoming aroused again and he could feel his cock begin to harden. She noticed it too and brought her mouth down to gently suck the head of his penis into her willing mouth. 
"Watch me make love to you," she whispered as she went down deeper and deeper on his shaft, feeling him grow harder with each passing second. She could feel the blood rushing into his member and used her right hand in tandem with her mouth. 



Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Soooo sensual I want to also "explode with him deeply lodged inside" me. That's a very hot line and thought. Every line is great and worth reading over and over again.

Mon, January 29th, 2018 12:13pm


Wow! I really am so happy you liked it. I get a lot of comments from women and I really had no idea other women found him as hot as me. Sometimes I thought I was the only one. And someone else sent me some pictures of him with these huge bulges in his pants. He really did have a huge penis! Who knew?

Mon, January 29th, 2018 10:36am


This is so hot!!!! I love it when he just can’t control himself!! I also love it when Eva is teasing him and he wants her so bad but he can’t do anything, and so he has to stay with a raging erection!!

Fri, February 23rd, 2018 9:41pm

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