hatered and love

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Which is better?hatered or love?.you will find out very astonishing answer about this.

Submitted: April 17, 2016

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Submitted: April 17, 2016



Hatered? What is it really?..it's very similar Like love. don't you agree. Like love ,hatred also makes us think more and more about it. Like love hatred also makes us do things we never wanna do. Like love it's a weapon But wait. it's not just a weapon. It's a powerful weapon. hatered is that can turn itself as a very powerful and dangerous weapon. But dangerous things you know,are always hard to control and so with the powerful things. but if you can control your hatered. If you really have a deep hatered. you can use it as your weapon. there is a major problem with it though. it's like the much your hatered is powerful, the harder it is to control. this is the only reason why most of the majority prefer love over hatered.. There's always a but ,if you know what and how much you hate,it's easier to control it. So what does this hatered weapon do?.the answer is it can do anything. from killing to saving. from winning to loosing. and a lot more like this. basically in simple words hatred is a weapon that helps you concentrate,to create a good will power. so if you are very desperate to achieve something,to have something that is very hard. you can take two different methods to achieve it. by either loving or by hating. sure you can hate yourself for not capable of achieving it. or you can hate the effort you have been applying to get it,and eventually you will increase your effort.

It's like a supernatural dark power. and love is like a bright power..and as you know dark power is more powerful than bright ones, but still bright always wins. why?...it's because you can't control such high power,the dark one The solution for this is to love what you want. But use the way of hatered,like taking the midway..so that if you feel like dark one is getting out of control. You can increase the application of brighter one. this is how it works.

there still is a high possibility to achieve what you want only by hatered. but a slight difference ruins the taste. so ask yourself why did you really wanted the thing in the first place?.because you would love to have it. and now you have left loving it and you are following only hatered to achieve it. for sure you will get it eventually. but here comes the difference, you won't be able to enjoy what you got. because you actually don't love what you got. you will not hate it either but it would be like still neutral. Like achieving nothing. you will end up confused that why really did you made this much effort.

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