the toughest thing i did

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it wasn't so easy to leave you

Submitted: April 20, 2016

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Submitted: April 20, 2016



Sorry that I lie too all of you every time, Sorry that I lie to myself. But sometimes it feels out of rein, And I fail to control the melt.

That moment is when I let it come out, That moment is a feel of relish. And things don't stop at that route, Soon I miss her more and more I perish.

I try to find her ,I try to see her, Hiding from all of those,I stalk her. I miss her,I recall all our happy time lushes, I remember the smile,her face blushes.

The soft touch of her sweet voice. Smiles were so much more adorable, than those melancholic tears.

If you would ask me was it vice, to see those eyes in tears? I'll smile to you and happily I'll recite. but inside my aching heart, I will try my feelings to hide. With those tears fallen on my shirt, I'll walk away from light.

And if you would see it by chance, you'll realise how hard it was. And sorry that none of you know how I feel, but it was the reason I managed to heal.

Today I am missing her and hearing a song, It reminds me time has passed by long. how I had to set her apart of my life, Leaving everything behind a pike.

I see her face,her beautiful smile, and her laughter was full of sugars in cup. I could feel the sweetness of spice. Wish I could hear it one more time, Indeed it's not a time to play with luck.

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