From Hollywood to Bollywood

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It is a story of a girl getting friend zoned in an amusing manner. With showing a beautiful date, planned by god. Includes various hints and making it an interesting new age writing which at the
end will end up giving you a sad face and as well as a never ending smile.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



From Hollywood to Bollywood…!!

A great Chatterbox I was, kind of a tom boy, cracking jokes on everyone, but then I got stuck, stuck at looking on a soft toy, a special edition of God, childish eyes with a glossy nose and velvety chicks with squishy lips curving them to emerge as an astonishing smile and then coming to the chubby belly (correct, not the six abs, but a chubby belly). He can just be a special piece of art from Heaven.

At the very moment, in background a scenario of a wonderland started to appear where I am the Juliet and he is my Romeo. But the things were kind of different here, in this world. He is not like a Superman but yeah he is my SHAKTIMAAN. We are not sitting under a tree holding each other’s hand but instead we are running and disturbing the other couples there. And then we are there playing 8 BALLPOOL, and not those cute couple games. Romantic movies are not our cup of tea but yes THE THOR RAVANAROCK is. Candle Light dinner cannot meet our needs of hunger, how much a lunch at a Dhaba can. FIFA and Counter Strike works more for us than anything else.

Thoughts of Wonderland shattered….

As the softest and the purest hand got entangled with mine.

Now the time comes for thoughts and thoughts with a bunch of confusions…

Should I tell him everything what I feel for him? I can only save my wonderland from getting shattered, being a Wonder Woman.

So, I hold on to the entangled hand tightly, raced from there and brought him to somewhere where a Date is fully planned by God.

The atmosphere at there was coincidently something, what a girl dreams of….the zephyr was blowing, touching our souls and interchanging them, a thin ray of sunlight was going through our face as to make both of us visible to each other’s hearts.

I took the moment and was in the way to make it all mine, so there I went, on my knees (which one I didn’t know) without a rose or a ring just with an empty hand carrying the fragrance of the purest hand, and there I was, to speak up the most difficult, most meaningful and prestigious words of my life, don’t had any idea of how to roll the tongues to spell them, and at the very moment my teeth’s just gotten in love with each other so the only sound I could hear was the sound of my teeth’s rubbing on to each other.

Finally, being a sophisticated lover, I took my left hand back and stretched my right one taking his hands in mine and just spoke up, that…..

Yrrrr…bauht pyaar krtii hun terese, samhajta nae hai kya, dikhta nae hai tereko? Ab kya I LOVE YOU bina bole smjhega nae?

Chal sun hi le tb

“I LOVE YOU… soft toy…” I just somehow made it happen.


The scariest moment of my life, conjuring also failed to make such a moment but he did.

Suddenly he removed his hands and said…..

‘NO’….Sorry….*Just this much*

I just smiled, smiled on seeing my wonderland getting shattered.

And then he came to me, took my hands and kissed them…and said you are a nice creature, we could make a brilliant jungle book together, don’t you think so?

It felt something very different, what if wonderland is getting shattered, the bricks are ready for the jungle book to build up.

And so with a wonderful ending of the day, a wonderland got shattered with sowing seeds for a jungle book and then the history changes with being a GIRL getting FREINDZONED...!!

After a few steps, he turned back and screamed out my name and said….Don’t loose hope….it could also be a Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge….!!

~Aditi Malhotra

Basically, the thing is….hai to Bollywood fan hi na


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