The Demon Lover (Sequel)

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In English class, our assignment was to take a story that we've read in class and write a sequel to it. I chose "The Demon Lover" by Elizabeth Bowen. I suggest you read it if you have never heard of it. And for the lazies, here's the summary:

Submitted: May 20, 2014

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Submitted: May 20, 2014



Kathleen Drover’s old lover that she had presumed dead stared back at her, looking away from the road as the old taxi’s speed increased with each passing second. She heard herself let out a bloodcurdling scream. She beat on the doors, the windows, the glass separating her from her ghostly driver, anything she could get her hands on. The soldier, her soldier, turned again without saying a word.

Mrs. Drover forced her hand to her mouth, for it was all she could do to keep herself from screaming once again. Eyes wide with fear, she studied him through the thick window. He was wearing his uniform, except now it was tattered. She could see his grey, ghostly looking flesh through the tears in the dirty fabric. Everything about him was dull, almost as if he had no color. Just as before, she couldn’t even remember his face, even though she had stared at it a minute earlier.

“I came back, just like I promised.” She heard his deep voice say. It sounded gruff, and very cold. “And now you’ll be with me, just like you promised.”

She whimpered slightly, her hand still over her mouth. Out the window, all Kathleen saw was a huge blur. The scenery that she had become so familiar with was not recognizable due to the speed of the taxi. Even though she couldn’t recognize her surroundings, she did notice one thing: the blurs of color that she saw were now dulling. Instead of being vibrant, like she was used to, they matched the same ghostly grey as her soldier.

Kathleen remembered how foolish she had been, promising something to a man she never expected to see again. But she had never, not in a million years, thought it would cause her to be where she is now. She was in the back seat of a taxi, fearing for her very life!

The taxi had never stopped accelerating. In fact, it felt as though it was still speeding along London, if such a thing were possible. The speed was so great, her back was pressed to the seat. The middle-aged woman was afraid to even move.

A sudden sharp turn caused her to slam into the door, her face pressed into the glass. Her eyes widened at the sight, refusing to believe what she was seeing. She scrambled back to where she was previously sitting, to look into the glass to separating the two of them. Through that glass, she looked through the windshield, where her lover’s gaze was directed.

Mrs. Drover’s worst fears were confirmed. The only image that was not blurred, because they were heading straight on rather than past it, was the very edge of a cliff. It was coming rapidly towards them, and the soldier showed no signs of stopping. In fact, he slowly turned around to meet her horrified stare and smiled.

Never would she have thought that she would miss his ghostly skin until it started cracking, and then slowly peeling off. She was unable to hold her screams back any longer as his skin transformed from a grey to a sickening blood red. His face which was once unrecognizable seemed to be changing form as it turned into an ugly mask; something one would only see in their nightmares.

Kathleen stared in horror, feeling as if she would die from fear, and wishing she would. That was her last thought as the taxi sped off the edge of the cliff, and fell in what seemed to be a never-ending pit of darkness. Her screams seemed to slowly fade in her ears, even though she knew she was unable to stop.

The last thing she heard was her old lover’s harsh words. “The descent into hell is easy.”

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