The Beautiful Flower

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One beautiful little flower lay in its deep earth looking up at the sun with wonder.

Submitted: April 30, 2008

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Submitted: April 30, 2008



One beautiful little flower lay in its deep earth looking up at the sun with wonder.  Every morning it would open its perfect figure in anticipation of the great ball in the sky that gave it light .  The flower’s petals would spread in greeting, moisture collecting from the morning air on the tips of each petal.  Forming a small spherical droplet.  Glistening in the mild morning sunshine, before slowly disappearing and rising up to meet the sun as the heat of the day came.  If the flower could conceive it, the flower would say that the sun was a god.  But something so complex was far beyond the grasp of this little flower.  Instead the flower just new that it loved the sun.

Oh how jealous the little flower was of the droplets that collected on it every morning.  It would give everything just to once, rise up and be with its precious sun.  The sun that it adored so much.  But this flower, though not particularly clever was in no way stupid.  It knew that it could never rise so high, to be with its love, not even for a moment.  But dwelling on such thoughts would do the flower no good, so instead the flower opened every morning and tried its best.  Its beauty almost shining like the sun, just not quite so bright.  And at night the flower would close its delicate petals and save itself for the next day.

In the night, the droplets of water would once again collect on its petals and the flower, inquisitive by nature, would question the droplets on the Sun.  Asking what its like to be up there so close to the sun as to almost touch it.  But not once, not ever, did the droplets ever answer the beautiful flower.  Not once was there even an acknowledgement of the flowers questions.  But this cold  reception did not dissuade the flower at all, not one bit.  Every day the flower would open its petals and shine, nearly just as bright as the Sun, but not quite.  Everyday the flower would crane its long delicate stalk and follow the Sun’s elegant path through the blue sky.

Over the years the flower noticed something strange, it was gradually getting warmer.  This confused the beautiful flower but also gave it huge amounts of joy.  Confusion as from what it had heard from the grapevine and the other flowers was that humans, long thought to be extinct, were causing ‘global warming’.  Now our flower, accepting that humans were real and not just stories you would tell to scare all the younger flowers, thought that the idea of global warming was actually rather good.  Every day would be like a summers day where it was always warm and not the least bit cold.  Nothing like the dreaded winters when the Sun seemed to be further away than it should be and it never quite got warm.  And of course the only explanation for this ‘global warming’ was that the Sun was coming to visit the beautiful flower! The Sun was getting closer and making the Earth a bit warmer.  This made the flower so happy it felt it could burst.  But apart from the fact that bursting might be quite messy, albeit a once in a lifetime experience, the beautiful little flower held itself together and waited for the day the Sun would finally arrive.  And every day the beautiful little flower would open and shine like a tiny tiny sun.

After some time had passed the flower felt that it was still getting warmer, and now not even a bit warmer.  In fact it could be described quite justly as getting hotter.  Well this did not worry the beautiful little flower too much, because of course this meant that the Sun was nearly there.  Soon the beautiful little flower would no longer have to sit and admire the Sun from afar.  The sun would be right beside the flower and everything would be perfect.
But sadly this was not to be.  The flower kept getting hotter and then hotter still, and soon it struggled to stretch its delicate stalk and then to even open its delicate flowers.  The poor company of the water droplets became shorter lived as they would rise off earlier day after day, and even poor company was better than no company at all. Soon the flower could not lift its stalk at all, and it would open its petals to the floor.  It was just so tired all the time.

But being tired was not all the wilted beautiful little flower felt.  The flower still felt it, still felt that it loved the Sun.  The Sun that was coming to see the beautiful little flower.  If only the flower could it would stand up tall again and be beautiful for its love.  The flower would give everything it had to just stand tall again for its Sun.  But unfortunately the flower was giving everything it had and it wasn’t enough. 

Though the flower never gave in.  Every morning the flower would open as much as it could, and a little bit of  beauty would shine out, decreasing every day.  Eventually it became too much for the beautiful little flower and after trying its uttermost hardest the flower could not open anymore.  The flower was sorry it could not be beautiful for its love.

Just one more day and its love would have arrived.  Just one more day and the beautiful little flower could have been with its Sun.  One more day and the beautiful little flower’s love  would have shined with the Sun just as bright lighting up the dark places.

Just one more day.

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