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There is no God, no Allah and no Brahman. There is no Satan, Devil or Leviathan. There is only Death.

i dont like this piece...but might as well go on here.

Submitted: April 24, 2008

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Submitted: April 24, 2008



There is no God, no Allah and no Brahman.  There is no Satan, Devil or Leviathan.  There is only Death.

The scarred Earth bleeds from wounds miles across.  Large sheets of blackened cracked glass cover the floor of craters from intense heat and pressure.  Where once grass and meadows prospered and wildebeest migrated across vast tundra the ground has crumbled.  The tall lush grasses shrivelled  and died if given the chance.  If not it was thrown from its bed and burnt in demented fires.  The long dead corpse of an antelope is nothing but a skeleton.  The glaring white bones the only colour in the vast desert of rubble; the screaming winds blasting them with sand and debris.  Not even the carrion eaters are left to feast on the billions of dead.

Where a great Oak tree once stood tall and proud, defying even storms and floods, there is now nothing but a large crack in the ground.  A large earth quake tore the earths surface apart like paper, and at either end of the rent earth are huge craters lined with the black glass.

The metropolis from New York down to Washington D.C no longer stands.  Where huge skyscrapers had once poked fun at the sky is now concrete dust and rusted twisted metal.  Nothing remains standing as everything has been pushed over and destroyed, as if by a giant child with clumsy hands.  Colonies of giant rats living in the sewers of the huge cities lie sleeping in their burrows never to wake up.  The rats that lived in the centre of the city do not even get the dignity of sleeping.  Their homes have been obliterated, all that is left is the crater and glass.

All the places that humans once colonised and inhabited are gone.  London was destroyed swiftly.  The Thames Barrier demolished as flooding swept away all the attractions that made the city so renowned. The water poured into Oxford street and covering Hyde Park.  Even the fish are gone.  The intense heat boiling them alive or mutations killing each one slowly.


Over the world, it doesn’t matter where, buttons were pressed by fools.  The missiles were put into orbit nearly in unison waiting to drop like stones to the earth.  One thing was left unchanged.  One thing has patience spanning millennia.

There is only Death.

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