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The short story that started it all, you'll frown at how this inspired Adonis Chronicles but it did.

Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009



Stony Creek village
 Adonis lay on a long stone slab, he wasn’t 12 in his dream but at the age of 20, he was in a small circular chamber, lit torches around the room kept the room illuminated, a man in dark armor stood over him, his face covered by a black helm. He said “ your destiny awaits” lifted a gold ceremonial dagger and went down to stab him.


Ice cold water splashed all over his body, cold climbing up his body like barbwire “Wake up! Dad wants you!” Adonis woke in a jolt, first thing he seen was his brother standing over him with an empty bucket of water, he asked in a irritated mood “ what do you want Loki?”

Loki answered “ its not what I want, its what dad wants. Get your but out of bed and go see him, he’s at the farm” Leaving him in a confused state he went there in his pajamas. He finally got to the barn and said, “ Hey dad, what did you want?”

His father was sharpening his axe so he stopped and turned to him smiling and said, “ good, why on Zeus’s name are you so soaked and wet, no matter. I have something to show you.” He led Adonis up the stairs of the farm to the gold chest. He said without turning “ The object in this chest has been passed down from generation to generation, passed on to the eldest of the family” he turned to Adonis with a golden key in his hand and said “ but I’ve decided not to give it to Loki, I have deemed him not worthy of it. You shall have it, now go and open it”

Adonis gave the key back and said, “ won’t Loki be angry, he is after all the eldest of your children”His father gave the key back and replied, “ he is the eldest, but I have had a vision. In my dream the world was pitch black, violence everywhere and Loki was responsible for all this.

But then a golden light appeared from the midst of the darkness and you emerged from it, and slowly but steadily the light spread throughout the world, and in the darkness’s final moments there was a great duel between you and your brother.

You were losing at first, and then you were slain, as your brother laughed in triumph he took what was in the chest as a victory trophy. As soon as he picked it up, light started to completely surround him like a bubble. Then your brother tried to get out and no matter what he did he could not get out, so he used his full power. This caused a great explosion, and that’s where my vision ended”

He looked at the chest and said “ now open it son” Adonis smiled and put the key in the keyhole and opened it. Inside was a golden long sword with smoothened diamond making the sword hilt. Adonis lifted the sword, and then behind him there was a cough. They both turned around and there stood Loki with his arms crossed leaning against the wall, he smiled and said “ wow, aint that a pretty little knife. And by the way, what a touching story, I’m sure it pleases all the children when you say it, which explains why this child Adonis liked it. He probably can’t even lift that piece of crap, anyway long swords just cramp my style, scimitars rules”

His father looked at him annoyingly and said, “ it is not merely a story, even at this moment you are following the path of evil with your attitude”

Loki laughed and walked face to face with his father and said “ your right father, for once in your whole life you are right” He opened the curtains, revealing bandits surrounding the house weapons drawn “ I hadn’t been planning this, but then I heard your plan and called them over with the obsidian communicator the dark mage you executed made me before I chopped his head off. At my command they will attack home, burn the house and all in it”

He then turned to Adonis and said “ come here little one, I must tell you something” Adonis looked at his father and then hid behind him, Loki laughed and said “ you think father can protect you, then I got a surprise for you, close your eyes”

Adonis didn’t do it at first but his father nodded, he heard a grunt of pain and a thump, he opened his eyes and his father lay on the ground bleeding. He looked at Loki, his curved ceremonial dagger covered with blood in his hand, he wiped it clean and turned to Adonis with a gentle look and put his hand out in a friendly way “ come here Adonis, I know your special and I’ll take care of you”

Adonis heard screaming and burning, he looked outside then looked at his brother and spit on him, yelling “ your evil! You betrayed your family!” Loki erupted in laughter and grabbed Adonis by the neck and said “ listen you little punk! I aint giving you a choice” Suddenly they were both blown against the wall, startled by the sudden change of events Loki lost hold of Adonis and Adonis just stood there.

Loki quickly got up with his short scimitar drawn, and there stood a mage in a white robe. Loki sneered and yelled “ you! I killed you!” the screaming had stopped and the burning was done, Loki looked down the window and turned to strike the old mage but there was a flash and he was gone, so was Adonis. He was angry then one of his bandits limped up the stairs and said “ we have failed my lord” Loki sneered at him and said “ wow, it really shows you went to school, such knowledge”

The bandit stood back in fear and said “ I am sorry my lord, the mage was too powerful for us”
Loki put his hand on his shoulder and said “ I understand, and I forgive you” He turned around then took a dagger from his belt and stabbed him in the gut and kicked him down the stairs and continued “ and therefore release you of your misery”. As the servant bled to death he said “ I give my undead soul to you, and shall serve you even when I am dead.”

Loki walked down and put his hand on his shoulder and said “ I am honored to be your master” then yanked the dagger out and walked away.

Adonis woke up lying in a large bed, he looked around and he was in the most expensive looking room he had ever seen. Thick red curtains with gold laces hanging down covered the window; a Persian carpet covered the whole floor of the room and on the opposite wall was the biggest fireplace he had ever seen. It had golden streams of leaves then covered it, the inside made of an unknown metal.

Suddenly the fireplace went down into the floor, revealing a secret passageway. The old mage that had save him emerged, he smiled and said, “ I see you are awake. I know this ordeal has been hard on you but your mother was saved and your brother shall never find us here. You are in the palace of haven, no one can penetrate our security”Adonis who was still tired asked “ why did you save me?”

The mage smiled kindly at his question and replied, “ Because you were in danger. I had been watching you for quite some time; we know your destiny and are here to help you fulfill it. As your brother mentioned, we had a little encounter on the road. I was on the road and he gave me a ride, I at the time only sensed a bad aura about him but thought none of it, the world is full of bad men.

He inquired on my business, and I told him about you and my quest. He stopped the carriage and murdered me on the spot, before I died I made an incantation to bring me back to life after he threw me in the ditch, he told me before he left that I would never get you. But I survived and will make sure you survive.”

Adonis was awestruck by this story and said “ but I am merely a boy, I have no special abilities or perfect swordsmanship and marksmanship like my brother, I am but a little boy.”
The mage nodded and said “ it is no matter, you have power within you that overpowers any sword or arrow, at our training facility you will receive the best training and learn how to best use your abilities, now you must rest”

8 years later

The swords hit together, making a large metallic sound resound throughout the room. Adonis then did a jumped in the air and landed behind his opponent, his opponent pushed himself away from him and raised his cutlass and blocked a potentially fatal move but in doing so exposed another weak spot, before he could recuperate Adonis hit his knee, forcing him to the ground. Then he put the tip of his golden long sword to his throat and said “ very good Markus, very good indeed”

Markus laughed and said “ yes well, you just wait until I beat you one of these days, then I’ll be the one with the smug tone your using”

Adonis gasped in humor and said “ smug, wow you hurt me. I would never”Before he could reply the old mage entered the room, they both bowed and said “ sensei Brutus”

He bowed as well and said, “ I see you are improving, someday you might even stand a chance against Loki”
Adonis grew silence at the mention of his brother, Markus left sensing the tense atmosphere and Adonis said, “ why do you mention him? He is no trouble to me no more”
Brutus sighed as Adonis left and said, “ For all our sake, I hope your right”
The citadel of Hades was a dark place, the largest fortress that had ever been created. Instead of being built of stone like the other castles it was built out of black steel, the large gates made of even thicker black steel. Evil people came in and out, some to bring weapons and some to join the dark army of Loki. Loki sat in his throne, when one of his spies walked in. He bowed and said, “ Lord Loki, I come back from the palace of haven, and we found out something very unexpected”

Loki asked without much interest “ and what would that be? More soldiers, new weapons”The spy smiled and replied “ Adonis is residing there, I seen him fighting this other guy with that long sword your father gave him”

Loki turned to him with a glee of vengeance in his eyes and said “ Leave slave, I must organize an attack”
The spy made a noise of shock and said “ but sir, the palace of haven is the most guarded place in the world, no one has ever penetrated their defense”

Loki walked up to him and went face to face with him and said, “ you did it, and did I not tell you to leave!” the spy bowed in fear and started walking out quickly when Loki threw a poison tip dagger into the back of his neck, the poison quickly spread throughout his body, his body turning blue on the spot and decomposing until there was nothing but skeletons and then the bones fell. Now he said to himself “ disobedience is death. Now I shall penetrate the palace of haven”.

But then two assassins walked in, weapons drawn and went to attack him. Loki smiled and dark tendrils went flying toward them, the assassin on the left dodged it but the right one was hit full impact, sending him flying across the room. The other assassin rushed him so Adonis jumped in the air and dark fire came out of his hands. Burning the assassin he fell on his knees in pain, his flesh burning off his bones.

He landed soundlessly on the ground when suddenly hundreds of tough titanium arrows came through the door. He quickly made a dark force field and blocked all the arrows, the doors were pushed open and there stood twenty of his soldiers. Loki yelled furiously “ what are you doing! I am your master!” They all came charging at him, two swords came out of his sleeves and he started defending himself. Attacks were coming from everywhere; he propelled himself up with a dark blast pushing all the soldiers down.

They stood back up and then Loki extended his arms and hit them with dark fire, some of them fell but the rest kept on charging. He scowled at them and ran for the window but it was blocked by some kind of anti-magic shield, he turned around and blocked their attacks. He slashed one soldier in the gut then kicked another and with a dark tendril grabbed him and swung him against the others.

More soldiers came rushing in; it was now fifty against one. He finally grew tired and with great effort he made a wave of darkness spread through the whole room, on impact with the soldiers they fell on the ground in convulsion, foaming of the mouth and slowly started to burn. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room, Loki sat on his throne in tiredness and then the sound of footsteps was heard outside, Loki looked up and seen the old mage walk in the chamber. Loki smiled and said “ its you, the old mage. I’m guessing you’re involved in my soldier’s rebellion, you and your mind tricks”

Brutus laughed a bit and replied, “ I must admit I had some involvement in this, I have come to kill you”

Loki looked at him neutrally and said “ I am not afraid of death, bring it on old fool” Loki jumped twenty feet in the air and landed behind Brutus, pounding the ground sending a tremor that knocked Brutus off his feet.

He used wind and stopped the impact, then sent a strong beam of gusting wind toward Loki, but Loki sent a strong beam of dark flames to stop it. Both elements hit each other mid way; both of equal strength but the flames were overcoming the wind. The room filled with searing heat, Loki said while slowly walking toward Brutus, making the flames get closer to him “ didn’t you learn in school, air only makes fire stronger”

Brutus said tiredly in response “ and didn’t you learn never to underestimate your foe” He increased the power of wind when they were face to face, sending him across the room and against the wall. Loki got to his feet slowly and then he felt something puncture his skin, it was a poison dart. He pulled it out and started walking to Brutus who was on his knees in exhaustion, his skin was beginning to turn blue, Loki grabbed him by the throat and said, “ die!” Brutus pushed him away and blew himself away through a hole in the ceiling. His flesh started to burn off and then he fell down, nothing left but his bones.
Loki slowly gained his vision; he started seeing the inside of a boat he suddenly gained his vision completely. He stood up, a man inside put a hand on him and said “ don’t move too much, wouldn’t want to tip the boat over”

Loki asked, “ Where the hell am I?”The man laughed and said, “ that’s about right, the correct term is Hades, look around and see for yourself” Loki looked around and seen they were on a river of dark water, cries of the deceased could be heard and the feeling of suffering intoxicated the air like cheap incense.

The old man continued, “ I am Phlegyas, the guardian of the infamous river of Styx. But you will not be joining these deceased, you seem to have very important friends down here and they want a visit with you.” Loki remained quiet, disconcerted by all the misery in the atmosphere.

They finally arrived at a big mansion[1] the boat stopped at a dock and the man said, “ This is your stop” Loki got off the boat and the boat left him on the dock. He started walking up a long marble path to the house, when two ferocious guard dogs came charging at him.

Loki cursed and ran back to the dock in hope of getting on the boat, but it was gone. He turned around and they were at the other end of the dock, so he slowly started backing up when there was a whistle and a voice said, “ sit” the dogs sat and on the dock walked a man dressed in a majestic roman tunic, sipping a glass of lemonade. He stood in front of him and said “ I knew you’d come boss, I just knew it”

Loki thought back and then the vision came back to him, the bandit he had stabbed and kicked down the stair saying that he would give his undead soul to his service, Loki smiled and said “ nothing personal for me killing you?”

The bandit chuckled and said “ au contraire, I am happy. You released me from the miseries of my life and led me here, without you I’d still be miserable. See, I saved a very important person down here, and this person gave me this as a reward. Now come in for dinner, I have something special to give you”

Adonis was sharpening his sword when the doors of the temple blew open, he got up quickly and seen it was Brutus. As he went to greet him, Brutus fell to the ground in exhaustion. Adonis ran to him and seen all the bruises on his face and the smell of burnt flesh surrounded him, he yelled “ someone get the doctor!” then he looked down at Brutus and asked in a concerned voice “what has happened to you? You look like you’ve been through hell and back”

Brutus put his hand on his shoulder and said “ Loki is dead, I killed him and he is now in the Hades, the world is saved” As Adonis was about to answer when he heard people yelling, “ something horrible is happening!” Adonis ran to the balcony and seen the skies were filling up with an unnatural darkness. It started raining hard, lighting hitting several people before they got to cover.

A face was forming in the sky, it was the face of Loki, he looked at Adonis and said “ hello brother” suddenly his face disappeared and a beam of darkness went to the ground. When the beam disappeared there stood Loki clad in a dark evil armor, he looked up at Adonis and wings sprouted from his back. Guards came rushing at him weapons drawn, without even turning they were all struck by dark lightning.

The sky was being covered more and more, but the sun still shone, Loki said a few words in some unknown language and the speed in which the darkness spread doubled, blocking the sun. Adonis went to jump down when Brutus grabbed his arm and said, “ we must leave” before he could argue he made Adonis disappear. Loki landed on the balcony and asked the old man “ where’s Adonis?”

Brutus tried to use his powers to blow him away, but he was too weak and Loki simply absorbed the magic into his armor. He said, “ You reap what you sow” and sent back the gust of wind but tenfold in power back toward Brutus, sending him hard against the wall. Dark tendrils came out of his side and stabbed into Brutus’s side, lifting him right in front of his face. He then walked to the balcony and said “ you’ve interfered in my business far too long, revenge is a dish best served cold”

He threw Brutus to the ground as hard as he could, then he jumped down and landed hard on top of him, sending a ripple in the ground like a small earthquake. He smiled and said “ a corpse is very cold,” and he turned to the temple and slammed his foot on the ground. A large earthquake went through the temple, walls started to crack and then the foundation crumbled, sending the whole temple to the ground. He looked at the sky and yelled, “ I will find you!”


[1] To all those who study greek mythology, this mention of a mansion is not in greek beliefs. I simply needed it as an element to this story.

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