Reece Honey

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If I say what my story is about, it will ruin the joy of that opening sentence, because you will already know the outline. Therefore I won't. You need to read to learn.

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



I can’t tell you my name. I fear you will tell others, and once word gets out it will be a secret no more. I also can’t tell you my location. Age, nationality, family, they all must remain hidden. I can’t even tell you my gender. However, I can tell you my situation. Slavery, hate, betrayal. This is my life.

“What do you want from me?” I questioned in a voice so shaky that I feared my master would think I wouldn’t be up for the mission laid before me.

“Gosh, you act as if I am asking you to propose to someone. All I said was…” Then, he continued in some unknown language. It kind of sounded like a bird chirping in the distance, very far away.

“Was…” I just wanted to keep this conversation going.

“Oh, you idiot. Do I really need to explain it again for you?! I need you to go into the terror tunnel and collect the treasurewhich lays inside.”

“But, but why?”

“Because I need the treasure to stay living forever. The necklace will keep me alive.”

“If you don’t mind me saying, no one wants you alive.” The second the words come out, I know it will cost me one beating.

“I didn’t want to do this, but it seems as if I have no choice. Show me your hands.” Slowly, I held out my hands and braced myself for the barbed wire. Of course my master can’t use a normal whip, barbed wire causes more pain than leather.

Crack! The blow catches me by surprise; the wire punctures my hands. I wince and stare at my bloody knuckles.

“Now, then, where were we? Ah, yes, the tunnel. I must warn you, there are horrible things in that place, and the biggest one is the haunting girl that guards it.”

“How will I get past her?”

“That is for you to decide. Unless, you aren’t up to it.”

My biggest fears unite into one. I now must enter darkness, and face a girl who might as well be the devil. I don’t know how to get out of this, but I suppose there is no way if I want to prove my point.

I boarded the rickety old row boat, not at all prepared for the quest I was about to commit to. Oh, woe is me.

I had only the essentials with me. Food, water, first aid, and weapons. Who knows what I would need to fight in the days to come?

I am stuck in the boat for days. I don’t have any water left, and I am out of food. I try to catch fish with my bow and arrow, but the one that I manage to steal from the sea is poisonous. A couple of times, I have imagined land due to dehydration and am starting to wonder if I will make it.

One night, the air is dripping, and I lay on the damp wood floor of the boat, the water rocking me to sleep. If I am to die, this is a good time. I want to survive, but if I must pass away, why not here? Then, I see it. The cave emerging from the misty clouds around my head. “Alas, I am here,” I scream. “Land ho, land ho!”

When I get off of the boat, I only see the girl. She is staring at me with hollow eyes, and I realize how beautiful she is. A spark of electricity flows through me like a lightning bolt. I plan my words as I approach her, but am tongue tied when I try to speak. “…hello.” I blew it.

“No need to speak, fellow stranger. Why have you come to me today?”

“I want the treasure.”

“Oh. I see.” Although she doesn’t appear to have emotions, the look in her eyes shows that she is truly depressed.

“Actually, I am here to see the charming person that stands on these bays waiting for true love.”

“Me?” It is then I realize that I am in love with her. A deep and real love; true love.

“Yes, you.”

We spend the next days talking to each other. I learned that her name is Reece Honey. She said to me, “My mother was killed in the war which crossed my home land. My father left me and my mother when I was only one year in age. I am now sixteen, banished to this horrible place, and the monsters that live here.”

When I get comfortable enough, I tell her all about myself. My name is Finn Dart, and that I am also sixteen. I live in London in the sewers. I go on to tell her about my cruel master. I tell her I am terrified of darkness but, despite my fears, I will enter the cave for her. I tell her how, for this moment, I am happy. And, when I say these things, her olive cheeks turn into a deep shade of coral.

“Finn, no. I will go for you. You mustn’t be hurt. I have been there before and I know what it is like. I beg you, please.” The time has come that I must risk my life and enter the cave. I know that I will never survive in there, but I can’t tell her that. Not when I see crystal’s pouring from her eyes.

“Fear not, my sweet. I know you would risk your life, but I won’t let you. I have come too far to back down now.”

“I love you.”

I hear myself mutter, “I love you too,” as I enter the darkness.

Time creeps in the cave, and I spend countless hours, or maybe just minutes, avoiding poison, animals, and all signs of life. On my first day, I dodged the poisonous spines of flowers that attempted to attract me with their beauty. My second was relatively quiet, but the third was horrific. I was attacked by lions.Though I thank the crevice through which I escaped, I pray I am safe.

While trudging through the cave on the fifth day, I see it. A glimmering light in the distance. Without thinking, I start jogging towards the necklace. Within seconds, I am sprinting. Come on, you are so close, you are so close. I twist my ankle on a rock, but that doesn’t stop me. Do it for Reece. Do it for Reece. I think I am almost there. I know I am. Then, the necklace is in my reach. I feel my fingers close around its gold and jewels. I don’t hesitate at all; I just need to get out of here.

I manage to get out of the tunnel in one day, fighting off vicious things. I fall and cut my leg on a sharp rock but I get to Reece. At last.

“Finn! You got it.” When she says those words, she doesn’t sound very happy. She starts muttering something in the same language that my master did when he was trying to make me go on this mission.

“Reece, whatever is the matter?”

“Nothing, I promise. I am just, uncertain.”

“About what?”

“Nothing. Oh no, Finn, your leg!” Her eyes find the deep cut that is sure to scar my leg. Now that I get a closer look at it, I can see it will need many stitches.

“It is nothing.” I never lie to her, but she doesn’t need the stress right now.

“Yes, it is. Come, I have needle and thread. I can heal you. However, we must go quickly.”

“Why? We have all the time in the world.”

“Actually, we don’t have as much time as you think. Just come with me.” I don’t understand what she means, but follow as told.

I sit on a rock while she kneels in the sand. We are watching the sunset and talking while she fixes me. I ask her to come home with me, but she says no. When I tell her that we won’t live in the sewers, she still refuses. This makes me mad.

“But why?”

“Because I am leaving.”

“Yes, you are. With me.”

“You don’t understand. I am going to leave, without you, Finn.”

“But, but why? I thought you loved me.” I regret my last sentence, but can’t help it. It is how I feel.

“Oh, no, Finn. I didn’t want you to think that. Yes, of course I love you. You risked your life for me.” Tears are welling in her eyes.

“I risked my life because of you. You are the girl who made my fear disappear. The one who will always love me, no matter my past. The one who makes my heart melt. I want you to know that.”

“And I do, I always will.”

“Then why do you leave?”

She is silent for a long time, and I realize that she won’t respond. I sit back down, staring at my swollen leg. Six stitches have not yet closed the wound.

“Reece, why will you leave?”

“Can’t you see! I am leaving because of you; because you took the necklace. There is no longer a reason for me to be here! I am merely a spirit and cannot stay without the necklace! I wanted the necklace so that I wouldn’t risk losing you! I can’t die like you.” These words hit me like a bullet right through my chest. I then understood why she never wanted me to wipe away her tears. Because I couldn’t. My fingertips would have gone right through her.

“I didn’t know!” Of course, I knew something was always wrong. However, I never suspected this.

“Well you should have! As long as I have the necklace, I will stay in this world. But without it, by midnight, I will be gone.”

“I won’t take the necklace with me! Please, I love you dearly.”

“No, Finn, you must take the necklace. Your master will kill you if you go home without it. You know that.”

“Without you, I will never be home. You know that.

“Why are you turning this into a fight? Take the necklace. Besides, there is nothing you can do now. I am history.” Now I too am crying. I reach over to rub her cheek, but there is no skin to feel.

“I can’t lose you. I can’t. You are the only family I have.”


“No! Reece, you listen to me! I will not lose you!” The sky is turning black, and I know her time is fading. She is almost gone.

“You must, Finn. I am sorry.” Her eyes gaze up at the sky, and she knows her time is shortening by the minute. “Goodbye Finn.”

“No, Reece!”


We stand in silence as her color begins to fade. Her eyes become weak. When I look down, her feet have turned to dust. She ages years within a moment and then disappears from the waist down. I hear screaming, and I realize it is me. Though only her upper body remains, I understand what I should have long ago.

I lean over and kiss her. My eyes are shut as are hers. Though I can’t feel her warm lips against mine, I feel the spark between the two of us, and it is only then that I realize how empty my life will be without her.

A sudden wisp of cold air causes my eyes to snap open and I know that she is gone. All that remains is dust.

Hours pass as I sit on the cold, damp rock. I finally manage to find a small box in the boat, and collect her ashes. The box clutched to my chest, I stand and turn towards the boat. I know that I must return to London if I want to stay alive, although, with this pain, maybe I don’t want that. Wiping away tears, I climb into the rickety boat and drift towards my fate, all the while clinging to the memory held in the wooden box.

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