Heaven's General

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's been centuries since the rise of the Yong Dynasty in the Faraest Empire. The Dynasty's power had fallen far from it's peak. War, famine and death is all too common in these times. The stagnate Yong Dynasty is berated on all sides from outside forces. Men are forced into armies and are given no time to work in fields. And with all the war and destruction, an orphaned child is all too common.

Fang Rong is like many other children of this age. Parentless. But what set his apart is his lofty dream of becoming a Great General. A General who will put an end to all wars and bring peace and stability to the Faraest once again!

Table of Contents


In this story, I use many Chinese titles. And I have edited the meanings of them a bit, so here a a list of definitions: Gong, Qinwang, Junwang, Wang = Duke (Below Emporer) Taizi = Prince Hanzi =
Duke (Below Duke) Zi= lowest rank of noble holding holder A-ge = Village leader Jiangjun = general
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