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She never knew what would come next.

Submitted: December 07, 2015

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Submitted: December 07, 2015



Ara Miles did not like watching Jazz starve to death; but what other choice did she have? Jazz was a legal adult, and she couldn't force her into inpatient. Not to mention, the one time she had threatened to leave had resulted in her finding Jazz in the bathtub, wearing an apron of blood. 


This was getting tiring, but Ara couldn't do a thing; she loved her too much to abandon her. Ara glanced over at the skeleton beside her on the couch. Her chest heaved with strain, her skin sinking deeper into her ribs with each labored breath. Her dress had swallowed her, two sizes too big as she always wore. She was still beautiful, but she was dying. Even now, the grim reaper stood in the corner, his scythe clutched in his boney fingers.


Ara could see her eyes, menacing and glowing from under his hood. "Not yet." She hissed. 

Death did not acknowledge her.

She turned to Jazz, who was falling asleep now. "Wake up Jazzy, get up. You have to listen to me, just this one time."

Her eyes drifted open slightly wider. "What, babe?" She slurred.

"The grim reaper is here and you will die unless you eat something. Just a veggie burger, just an omelette. Anything, please!"

"I'm too fat to eat."

"No, you're too skinny not to. Please, for me?"

She shook her head quickly; so fast, Ara was scared her head would unscrew fom her scrawny neck.

Ara stood up, walking to the reaper. As she did so, her skin fell from her body,replacing itself with thick metal scales. Her sword materialized on her back, the familiar weight keeping her calm.

She was no longer Ara. She was War. 

"War, you ask of me to save this mortal?"

She growled,unable to change her tone. "Yes. I love her and she doesn't deserve to die yet."

He laughed, a loud booming soud that echoed across the small apartment. "Everyone will die and such, everyone deserves to."

Her hand ached for her sword, for it's strength and power. "You could save her. You can't tell me that she isn't a good fit."

He pondered it for a moment, before lowering his black hood. Underneath he was nothing but shadows."You condem her to Famine's place on the council."

"I do."

"So be it." With a flash of darkness, he appeaed beside Jazz. Her eyes had closed, likely halfway to death anyways. His hand hovered above her sunken stomach as he whispered he forbidden words. War did ot try to hear them.

The affect was instantaneous. Her skin stayed the same, though she grew skinner until she looked almost paper thin. Beside her a scale appeared, a grain of rice on one side, ash on the other. Her eyes popped open, black pits that every starving person had. 

She was Famine. Ara was War. 

Famine stood up, her legs not shaking as they moved. She smiled a ferocious smile and eld out a hand for her to grasp. War took it, glad that the hand in her own was not cold and dead.

"Thank you War. I love you, you know that?"

War tried her best to smile, to not bare her teeth. She only managed it halfway. "I do."



Their first mission was in a small town in South africa, where Pestilence had recently visted. The people were charred skeletons with pockmarks and scars running across their bodies. They were still alive tough, still manageing to find some bit of food, and so, peace had shakily been kept.

They were there to change that. Famine held up her scale, eying the ash and the grain. "Death follows us."

"He does. If you fail, you will be taken."

Famine nodded, stepping forth onto the dirt road. the village was in chamles around them. Huts were falling apart, children crying for deceased family. Famine loved it. She held her scale above her, picking the last grain off with some effort. She crused it between her fingers. 

The screaming got louder, as the villagers began to fight. They scratched and clawed at one another for plantain leaves and rat meat. As they tore into them, their bellies were not full. If anything, they felt even more hungry. 

Famine stepped back as War took charge. She held her sword above a man's head, tapping it on his head and shoulders. He stood up, running on a crooked ankle to charge into the crowd. He did not try to get food; all he was concerned about was fulfilling his bloodlust. He bit into emanciated bodies, tearing into thinly covered scalps.

War did the same with a few others before performing a complicated routine of swordstrokes. The whole scene changed as women dug into the soft bellies of their babes and husbands feasted on women's ample breasts. Everyone was fighting; some for the fun of it, some due to hunder. 

As Famine stepped back, War caught her arm, snatching her out of the way of Death's steed.

"Thank you ladies.I will take it from here."

War nodded and dragged Famine back to the edges of the village. They disappeared into the desert. They appeared again on the couch of their apartment. War's metal skin was gone and Famine looked about the same.

She buried her head in Ara's neck."I don't want to do that anymore."

"Oh, baby. But you have to, or else...your soul will be destroyed. None of us have a choice."

Jazz continued to sob.

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