Love Him or Hate him?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hana loved football and when she had a crush on Jonathan Ewing, she tried to be his friend through Facebook. But what happen when she is rejected?

My first short story here. Do comment and let me know what you think about it.

Submitted: July 16, 2011

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Submitted: July 16, 2011



I was watching Jono on television. He’s the new Arsenal’s player. And yes, I really love football, love Arsenal. My friends and I were always chatting about football and when women talk about football, it’s always about the hot guys. But we watch everything, not just their faces, also the game. We often argue about football because most of my friends like Manchester United, duh..And they keep saying Cristiano Ronaldo was so hot that they almost melt when they watch him.

Come on! Give me a break, like that was so not true. I just hope they realize that he’s a jerk.

Anyway, one day my friend Missy was talking about a football player name Jonathan Ewing. I never heard his name before.

When I asked Missy, she was shocked. “Are you serious? Jonathan is so cute and you didn’t even know him? God you really need to wake up and start caring about what happen to the world, Hana”

She told me a few things about Jonathan, and I was definitely excited to watch the next Arsenal game so that I can see him. So I watched the game, searching Jonathan at the bench but I couldn’t see him. After the second half of the match, there, just standing at the side of the field was Jonathan Ewing, ready to play the game. When the camera focused on him, I understood what Missy was telling me that day.

He was totally handsome, of course not as handsome as Van Persie but he did have the good look. I think he was couple years older than me(I was 17). And when I watched him played, he’s still got something to work on his game but I started to like him already. I loved his smile and his frustrated look when he missed the shot for the goal. He did have his own style of playing and I couldn’t stop smiling when I watched him.So I became his fan.

Of course when you liked someone but your friend was already liked that person you will keep it as a secret. I never told Missy about this. I know she’s gonna be really mad if she knew I like Jono. So when she talked about Jono in front of me I will keep myself quiet and not making lots of comment about him. Facebook, connect you with others, so I used it to search if Jono got one. But there’s a problem when you’re famous, everybody tried to be you. As I searched his page, lots of people named Jonathan Ewing, surprise surprise. I tried to add some as friend, hoping that one of it was the real Jonathan Ewing but failed. So I gave up.

I lived in Reading, 20 minutes from London.Very good place. My friends and I planned to go watch Arsenal on Saturday. The ticket was so expensive that I had to starve for the whole week. I hope I won’t die in my college life! I tried my best not to spend too much on food that I almost cried when I couldn’t eat the chocolate pudding at the cafe.

About two days before we went to the Emirates Stadium,I almost fainted as my Math teacher, Mrs. K said that I had a detention class on Saturday because I didn’t finish my homework. Like I care!

“Do attend the class Miss Gade,” said Mrs.K after the class finished.

And missed the Arsenal game? Yeah right.

“By the way, I already told your parent about this. I have a feeling that you won’t tell them,so I did.”

I was so furious. Why teacher always win? That Mrs.K , if only she wasn’t a teacher…


“Too bad you can’t go. Don’t worry, we will buy something for you and take a lot of picture too.”My friend tried to make me felt better as I said goodbye to them. They all wore nice outfits and some jerseys, with the word Nasri, and Fabregas on it.We were standing in front of my house.I loved my friends because they were all very nice and came visit me before they leave.

“Thank you guys. Don’t worry about me. You guys have fun there ok?”I tried to sound cheerful, I didn’t want to spoil their day.

“Bye!” I smiled and waved at them as they got into the car.I would be lying if I said I was not jealous with them. I sat there on the stair, just thinking about myself, how unfortunate I was. Thinking about what I would do if I could go to the Emirates Stadium. I will have the chance to see all the Arsenal players, met Jono and watched him smile and looked so adorable…

“Hana! You need to be at college right now,” my mum yelled at me from inside the house, causing me to get back into the reality.

Gosh, school again!


That night, after that horrible detention class, I really felt frustrated. I tried to call my friends but they could barely hear what I said, considering all the noises at the stadium. I watched the Arsenal game on television. Seeing Jono played, it hurted me so much when I realized all my friend had the chance to see him directly.

After the game finished, I laid down on my bed, waiting for my friends to call me but the phone didn’t ring. Maybe they were still having fun,I thought.So, I decided to logging onto Facebook and read all the status. Absentmindedly I searched for Jonathan page again and I found a page that might be the real Jonathan Ewing. I sent him a friend request and checked out the page for a while. Later, I went to sleep, drifted into a peaceful dream.

I woke up at 6.00am the next morning.Quickly, I opened my Facebook account and I saw my friend request is accepted. I checked out this ‘Jonathan’ page and searched for anything that could prove that he was Jonathan Ewing. I opened his photo albums and guess what?

It’s HIM! There were pictures of him in the changing room, in his house and pictures of him with his friends and family.

I was so excited and this was freakin’ awesome! Usually you only got tiny little chances to find a famous football player page. Finally my luck was back.

Today at school, I couldn’t stop smiling, even when Mrs. K scolded me in front of everyone I couldn’t make a straight face.Mrs. K might thought I was a total mad.My friends thought I got a virus. They kept pushing my head, hoping the virus will came out from my head by doing that. Now I thought that I was the mad one, clearly not.

When I got back home, I rushed to my room and logged onto Facebook. I looked at everybody status and found Jonathan’s.

‘Good day today. Am going to training right now, See ya!’

Nothing interesting.

At night, I opened it again.This time, Jono was online. Should I approached him? Perhaps not, I’ll look so desperate. But I just wanted to be his friend, was that wrong? But what if he thought I was just like the other women who tried to flirt with him? I was not going to be like them, never ever.

I checked on his wall page and it looked like he just changed his profile picture. It was a picture of him sitting on a chair with a hat on, with a gorgeous smile across his face. It looked so cute so I clicked ‘like’ to it. Then I did my own thing and discovered that Eva, one of my friend just posted something on my wall.

‘I think I won’t be able to hand in my Maths homework tomorrow. Do you think the I-am-busy-feeding-my-llama is a good excuse?’


Well, it turned out Eva ‘brilliant’ excuse was not so successful. She got a detention class on Saturday and she kept mumbling about it for the rest of the day.

As usual, I opened my Facebook account and updated my status. I wanted to upload some Arsenal pictures. There were pictures of Jonathan too so I decided to tag him. I typed his name but it didn’t come out in the friends box. I tried typing his name again and got the same result. I felt curious so I searched for his page again. As his profile was shown, I noticed the box ‘add as friend’ came out.

“What the …”I talked to myself, shocked when I realized that he was no longer my friend.

OH MY GOD. Did he just removed me from his page? Did he just unfriended me? I was so pissed off!

I mean, how could he? I liked him. He just broke my heart into pieces. I didn’t even know what I did wrong. I just wanted to be his friend, was I asking too much? I mean come on, it was so rude when you just approved somebody as a friend,then you just unfriended him/her, without any reason.

I was so angry that I just wanted to hit him on the face right now.I looked on his page again and I still can send him a message. Without thinking properly, I wrote him a message,

‘You know what? Thank you so much. You are a total jerk you know that!’

I turned off my computer furiously and laid on my bed thinking about Jonathan until I finally drifted off to sleep.


It was Saturday. I woke up and trid to make my day a lot better by doing the usual routine and avoided the thought of Jonathan. After I took a shower,I took some breakfast and faced the computer in my room.I looked at my messages and surprisingly,Jono replied my message.

Excuse me?’ he wrote.

I replied back ‘ You can see, I just said thanks to you and called you a jerk’

He replied instantly ‘ I can see that. But may I know why you said that’. Okey, he was online.

And he already forgot what he did yesterday.

Why don’t you use your brain and think about what did you do to me yesterday.Btw ,you know you have a brain,right?’ I replied sarcastically.

‘Oh! I remember now. Hana Gade. I unfriended you yesterday. So?’

How rude!

I want to know what I did wrong’

‘Well sorry, I just want some privacy. I know what a girl like you would do. So, am sorry’

‘What are you saying? You don’t even know me. And I’m not that kind of girl, okeyh. Besides, I am not a big fan of JONATHAN EWING.’

Oh really? Then why did you add me?’

He was so arrogant.

That’s what I do to everybody. You are not the only person live in this world. If I have to choose between adding you or Van Persie,I’ll choose Van Persie. So, don’t be so cocky.’

‘Yeah right, keep telling that to yourself. I know you’re just trying to convince yourself.’

Excuse me?” I exclaimed. He was such a brat.

‘You are so arrogant! Maybe you don’t realize this, but you’re not that good on the field and you only got that face to convince everyone,’

‘Really? Am I that good looking? Do you always checking me out?

I couldn’t stand this anymore.

EUWW..! Stop it ok. You are the most arrogant person I’ve ever known.In another word, YOU’RE SUCK!

With that, I closed the computer and never touched it again that day.

I really couldn’t believe what kind of jerk he was.He was so cocky and thought that he’s so good that every girls wanted him. If everybody knew how bad he was, he’ll never be that cocky again. And I used to like him!

That was a total mistake. If I do go to The Emirates Stadium and get the chance to meet him, I shall smack his head.


Since our first argument,Jono and I kept insulting each other. We fought almost every day because he would send me sarcastic messages just to make me angry.

He told me I should confess that I like him, he told me to watch my language, he told me to come watch Arsenal and see directly how good he actually was, and some others. There was a time he sent me his current photo and told me to make it as my computer’s background pic, so that I can watched him everyday incase I missed him.

That guy always got on my nerves. But the thing is, I couldn’t stop myself from responding to his messages.I just couldn’t. Everytime I trid to stop, Jono will attacked me again with his cocky messages, saying that I finally gave up and accepted the fact that I liked him.

I told my friends about this and instead of hating him, they actually got really excited to find out that I had found Jono’s Facebook account. Guys, I am your friend, not him!

They took this chance to send him friend requests and guess what? He just approved them and never removed them from his page. Shamelessly, he sent me a message one day:

You told your friends about us, babe? =P’

What a brat!


I decided to go to London today to buy couple of things for a class project. I wore my sweater with hood and jacket to keep myself warm. It looked like it is going to rain today.

After arrived in London, I went to the bookstore and bought a notebook and some reference books. I bought some of the things that my mother ordered and I also bought a beautiful mirror that I found in a shop. It had multicoloured charms with stars and dolphins shape. I loved dolphin so much and my computer’s background picture was a dolphin, not that arrogant Jonathan Ewing.

I stopped by at McDonald to have some shelter because it started to rain outside and I was shivering like crazy.I chose a good spot to sit which is a table-for-four that was far away from the counter.There was a three foot wall along the line separating my table to the table next to mine.

After I ordered my meal, I took out my laptop that I brought and began logging onto Facebook. There was a message from Jonothan. Another picture he sent to me.

‘I hope you like it, I made it especially to you XOXO’

It was a picture of him sending a kiss to me. Below it, it said ‘To my biggest fan on Earth’

I know, he’s mad. Asylum was the right place for him,not on the pitch.

I left my laptop to take my burger at the counter and when I came back, there was a guy sitting next to my table.I couldn’t see his face because he’s wearing hood.

Fuh, fortunately he didn’t try to steal my laptop. I should be more careful next time.

So I replied my message:

Crazy guy, maybe I should tell Arsene Wenger to send you to the hospital because something is wrong with your head,’

‘Haha, maybe you’re right. Would you like to join me? You know, your head is not that right either.’

‘One day, just one day when I meet you, I shall smack you at the head.’

‘Oh really? Nah, I don’t think so. You’ll just want to kiss me instead. =P ’he replied.

“AHH! You jerk!” I squeaked without thinkingto lower my voice. The guy next to my table choked suddenly. My bad,sorry.

‘I don’t know why you always try to make me piss off, but I would not quit. You should hide your face because not everybody liked a total jerk like you, including me,

I pushed the ‘enter’ button very hard which caused a loud sound. Luckily, today it’s raining sojust a few people was in the restaurant or else everybody would think that I was nuts.

Jono replied back, ‘Where are you right now?’

None of your business,’

‘No seriously,where are you right now?

I heard the guy next to me moving. I replied my message,

Somewhere that I like. Why?

I heard someone clear their throat. It sounded like the guy next to me who did it. I tried to ignore him.

Because I think I know where you are now’,

I smirk, ‘Oh now you’re a psychic. Is there anything else that I don’t know about you?’

Well you don’t know that I am so close to you right now,

What was he talking about?

Suddenly, I heard the guy next to me cleared his throat gruffly again. When I looked up, I saw the guy was looking at me in the eyes with a smirk across hisface. My jaw dropped several inches.

He was Jonathan Ewing.

Oh my God.Am I dreaming? Did I just see Jonathan Ewing in front of me?

I watched him as he walked to my table and sat on the chair next to me.

“You can shut your mouth now,” He laughed when he looked at me.

I closed my mouth as I realized I was watching him with my eyes wide open and my jaw dropped several inches.I must say, he looked so handsome, his face was exactly like I saw on tv, but seeing him face to face and this close, he really looked so hot.

There was a long silence when we both just looked at each other absentmindedly, clearly couldn’t believe that we would actually met. Then we both burst out laughing at each other.

“You said you are going to smack my head when we met,” Jono said with a chuckle.Helooked so adorable.

I grinned at him “ You really want me to do it? That would be my pleasure”

“Nah, I don’t want it. It won’t change me at all.” He grinned mischievously and folded his arms.

I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.

He leant over and looked at me and said, “Since we have already met, why don’t you admit that you like me? By judging to your expression when you saw me, it proved it all.”He sounded so confident. There's a cheeky twinkle in his eyes.

I was shocked but tried to hide my thoughtand replied instantly “I don’t like you!”

He put a hand on his chest dramatically. Gosh, why did he looksso cute?

“How could you? I am here and how could you tell me that?” well,he really knew how to sound so tragic.

I tried to hold a straight face and ignored what he said when he suddenly continued,

“Too bad, I was about to say I like you,”


© Copyright 2020 Adrenalin84. All rights reserved.

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