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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
About different ways everyone looks at people with judgement by habit and by ignorance.

Submitted: March 04, 2015

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Submitted: March 04, 2015



A pair of sunglasses permanently exists on each person’s face

A filter that shades what the eye perceives

A tool that places a mask on everything it sees

It does so as it wishes and the viewer it must please

But when cleaned the viewer discovers what things truly be



It makes you beg the question “Can you really carry that?”

Before she’s lifted the box, you’ve given her a hat

For a job based off her sex that doesn’t considered the fact

That she can bench way more than you ever have



The glasses make you think that because of how he’s dressed

That the boy right over there is a thug and a threat

Even though that’s the exact same style you proposed last time your team met

Somehow when paired with his skin, it doesn’t fit the “urban” theme that you set



The filter makes you think that when I get married

I’m bringing home a boy and in his arms I’ll be carried

You could never see two dresses in the same wedding

Except for where all tradition has been buried



And you can tell by the smoke in the air and smile on his face

That this guy is just another kid making reckless mistakes

But you didn’t just get slapped and called a disgrace

By the man who put you on the earth and gave you a name



In fact, the glasses didn’t let you see

That the same guy told your son not go to that party

He’s an influence, making sure kids are cautionary

But he knows what you see him is simply just carefree



Instead the filter lets you make an assumption

That just because those people go to church they’re citizens of perfection

They can never do wrong because they look for salvation

But in reality they do the same things that brings this world to corruption



And for once you were right when you said she was crying for attention

When you saw her scars and blood posted with all her dysfunction

But it wasn’t for fame that she wanted recognition

It was a cry for help on her path to redemption



The shaded view makes you think that she’s fat and ugly

When in fact she eats healthier than you and her personality is bubbly

Because after going through the pain she realized she was something

The something was beautiful and confident and




And no she’s not a boy, nor a mythical creature

So please just do us all a favor, and let her be the teacher

Realize that a penis doesn’t make you a man; it’s really just a feature

Clearly it didn’t quite work out for you either



All I mean to say is we could all grow up

And know that we’ve dealt with these dirty glasses way too much

So here’s a wipe, you could clean yours up

And let them know that we have had enough.

© Copyright 2020 Adri Rosario. All rights reserved.

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