Draven concurs His demons

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My character Draven stretches his limits to insanity along with sabrina by his side.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



'My hearts a blood staind ache,we didn't handle with care, it's broken everyday, And we can never repair"

"How are you Draven". "okay, I guess". " Draven as your therapist you need to open up to me". "Now why would I do that". "Because it might help you, you see opening your mind to other people could help you calm down".'what do you think of when you see me, And tell the truth". (sigh) "Well draven I see a lost young man". 'What do you suggest". "I suggest you find your inner self, And make things right". "I can't make things right, nothings right, it's all wrong"!!

"Every time you feel angry just stay to yourself, don't go near anybody'. "You make me sound like some kind of monster". "Draven I just want what's best for you, Have you ever considered confessing to a preist". "What does that have to do with anything"! "Well maybe getting things off your chest can help you get better". "Is there any other options" "Stick to your meds. 

After days of therapy, Draven is at peace. All until he heres an arguement from the end of the hall.  Draven's ex  was having a disagreement  with her new boyfriend. he begins to yell at her and then grabs her by the arms. "let go of me!..

"I could'nt help over haring yalls little arguement, But i think she said to let her go". "Draven I don't need your help" "yea, now beat it" "Fine, But when ever you do need my help I won't be there". "I never need your help". As draven turns around to walk away, her boyfriend mumbles. "She's better off withot you anyways" Draven turns back around and pounches him right in his eye, And he falls,Draven right above him, hitting him, And hitting him until his blood is on his fist. looking up he says, "This was all on you..


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