The Andersen Middle School System

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



Andersen Middle School

School System By Adrian Kim

On Wednesday of January 21, 2018, the AVID 8 group, facilitated by Ms. Antonio, had a Socratic Seminar over the Andersen Middle School’s School System. There were 5 points brought up about what could be changed about the school system itself. This will be a reflection on what was stated in the Socratic Seminar.

First of all, the school lunches give the middle schoolers as much food as they give the elementary school. There could be a change to that. An argument brought up was: The cafeteria servers are just trying to save up on food, so there’s enough for everybody. Another argument brought up: That doesn’t mean that they give as much food to the middle schoolers, as they do with the kindergarteners.  The middle schoolers need activities for later classes and objectives. But if they serve that little food, middle schoolers won’t have that energy. A solution to this was to try and reduce the seconds price.

Another point brought up: Middle schoolers should be able to have off-campus lunch. Since the PX is so close to the school, some could walk over there to eat. An argument made: What if the student doesn’t make it back in time for classes? They would be counted tardy, if not suspended. A solution for this was to have bus transportation.

Another problem in the school system is bullying. There are kids constantly getting bullied in schools. Bullying could cause depression, low self-esteem, if not suicide. If someone bullies another person, and that means that that person’s blood is on the bully’s hands, because he caused the death of another person. No one likes bullying. Someone could call another one daft, but in a “I’m just playing with you” kind of way, but the other person doesn’t know that, and he could already be getting bullied. A solution for this was making an anti-bully club.

Another good point brought up was: The school needs better security. The 4 main doors in the school remain unlocked for the whole day. Anyone could walk in and could start a shooting. Arguments brought up: How could they get in? This is an Air Force Base. There are gates to get passed. A counter-argument to that: That person could make a valid I.D and get passed the gate, and start heading down to the school to take action. A lot of kids could be killed if that happened, because the doors are unlocked. They could easily slip their hand through the bottom of the East Gate door at the school, and push it open. A solution to this was to lock all the doors.

The final point is: The staff of Andersen Middle School shouldn’t have more power than the students, because they need to have a right to say what they want or need. If one of the staff members ask Ms. Fulton, the Andersen Middle School Principal, a question, she would normally say yes and understand. But if one of the school students asked her something, she always says no. She doesn’t hear us out. Almost all of the teachers, too. They would turn down someone before they could utter their first syllable. For this, no solution has been made.

All of these points were stated about the school system. The school system needs mass improvement. But some of us can’t change the school system, if others won’t listen.


Courtesy of the points: Adrian Kim, Raidan Edwards, Jasmine Takai,  Albert Enciso, & Nia Perez


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