A Running Rabbit

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A childrens story about a rabbit who can run.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



There was once a bunny that was born next to a little river. His mommy and daddy had named him, Roger Rabbit. Well all of Roger's friends had many cool talents. Little Lisa Lizard was the Loveliest Laugher, Danny the Dog was the Daintiest at Dancing, Sally the Salamander was the Sassiest Singer. Roger wanted a talent as well so he asked Lisa for her help.

"Lisa, can you teach me to laugh like you?" he asked her, "Well Roger, first you take a big deep, then when something funny happens you let a loud laugh, like so" Lisa then saw a left floating around doing a little leaf dance and she started laughing. This laugh was loud and one that would make everyone else laugh with her. Roger started laughing but his laugh was terrible! He sounded like a dying cat which caused Lisa to stop laughing, and usually nothing could make her stop laughing. "I'm sorry Roger but you just don't have a good laugh, maybe you would be good at dancing, like Danny the Dog." She said.

Roger went to Danny's house and asked him if he could be a dancer like Paul. "Roger you can't become a dancer, you just are or you aren't" Danny told him, " Do you think I am?" Roger asked. Danny sighed and turned on music and pointed at Roger to start dancing. At first Roger was doing a weird tap dance, then he tried to do a flip but he landed on his butt. "I'm sorry Roger but you can't dance, try Singing, maybe you could go ask Sally to help you.

"Roger I'm glad to help you sing, we must start with the first notes of singing now," Sally told Roger, "Repeat after me, Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do." Roger sang the notes after Sally did and he wasn't good at all. He sounded like a dying horse. Roger got sad and ran all the way home. He ran past Danny, and he ran past Lisa. He ran and ran until he got home to his little burrow. He sat in his little chair and cried. Then he heard a knock at the door and he then saw his friend's smiling faces. "Wow Roger you can run super fast" exclaimed Lisa "Yeah, I could never run that fast" Danny told him, "Roger, I think you found your talent, your an amazing runner!" cheered Sally.

From that day on Roger was known as Roger the Rabbit that was a Really fast Runner. He had finally found his talent and was happy. All the animals then lived Happily Ever After.

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