Howling at Fantasy

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Things aren't always what they seem...

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Lilly woke up like any normal day, her mom came and yanked her out of her bed and dragged her into a shower that would wake her up and keep her awake for the next couple of hours until she needed her usual soda during lunch. This is her senior year and every senior imagines that they will become popular, get the boy of their dreams, and nothing will be boring. Well Lilly found out the hard way that, that stuff only happens in the movies. She ate a piece of toast and ran outside to her car, a used red Ford mustang, then drove to school. Lilly couldn't help but have a strange feeling that she was being watched. But not a threatening way, more of a protective way kind of. "Ugh, listen to me, I'm so paranoid, no one is watching you Lilly" she thought to herself. Before she knew it she as at school

The parking lot was filled so she had to get a parking space far away from the school. "Great, I'll work up a sweat before I start gym" she thought. Lilly walked into the school, into the same hallways, to her same locker, everything was the same. Little did she know how much it could all change. She opened her locker using the same combination 14 right 31 left 22 right. She got out her same algebra book and walked to her same classroom, but one thing was different. There was no one in the room.

Lilly walked over to a light switch and flicked it up but no lights came on. "What the hell is going on here?" she said to herself silently. She turned araound to walk out of the room when she saw a sihloutte in the door way. "Um hello? Mr.Dorsey?" she called out her teachers name but no reply. The sihloutte just walked up to her and got close enough so she could see his face, "I'm Masen. Masen Terrier, and you are Lilly Emberson" he declared "Yes, I'm Lilly Emberson, but how do you know my name?" she questioned Masen. No reply came, just a chuckle. He grabbed her hand then started walking, taking her with him. They had gotten out to parking lot and he kept walking to forest that was infront of the school and hid it from the on gowing traffic of the freeway. "Where are you taking me, and why, and why me?" He looked back at her with an annoyed look on his face but kept walking. They walked, and walked deeper, and depper into the forest then he stopped and turned arouond. "You wanna know how I know you" he asked her. She nodded his head and sighed.

"I'm your guardian, there is danger at the school and I must take you far away from it. Before you ask, no I'm not an angel, and I'm part human, part.." Hs voice trailed off, as though he was trying to find the right words, 'I'm part wolf, but unlike werewolves inHarry PotterI can change no matter when, and full moonsdo nothing to me." Lilly just stood there shocked, she couldn'tthink right, shecoudln't speak,she could only stand there with her mouthwide open. "The reason why I'm your guardianis that I was chosen to keep watch on you when you were born, I'm 4 years older than you-" "I'm 17 so that must mean your 21" she cut him off,"Yes Lilly, I'm 21, I see someone paid attention in math class" he replied. Lilly's cheeks got red from her stupidity f her own words. "Now, where was I... oh right. I was chosen because the spirits chose us to be soul mates, and as your soul mate I must protect you and show you the way of the werewolf. You will come an live with me-" "No, what about my mom, my friends, and I know for a fact I'm no werewolf" she intrupted him again, "You are a werewolf, and your mom already knows about this, no more questions just come with me." Before she could protest or ask anything he slung her over his shoulders and ran to somwhere. Finally he stopped running and put her down so she saw a house. A regular looking house that looked like it could fit two people to live in it. "Welcome home babe, you'll be here for a long time" Masen told Lilly.

She couldn't take this, it was all so much. Too much for anyone who is 17. This can't be happening, it can't be. She had to let out her emotions, so she sighed and let out one, long scream.

"Lilly are you ok?!?!" Her mom frantically stated. She looked worried, but she was there. "Mom, I love you" she said as she jumped out of bed and hugged her. "I'm fine, it was just a bad dream" Lilly's mom patted her back and gave her a look that said I-love-you. Then she left Lilly in her room too get ready for her normal day, with her same breakfast, same school, same books. But now Lilly would apperciate those things a lot more. They could all be gone in seconds. She smilled, took a shower, went downstairs and ate her toast with a smile, then hugged herr red used ford mustang, and started her drive to school. But she had a strange feeling, like someone was watching her. "No one's watching you Lilly, don't be so paranoid, it was just a dream....."

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