Ive been waiting for a girl like you to come around

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Lilly is a directioner. She loves all the boys equally but Niall Horan has a special spot in her heart. So when she meets the boys her life changes.
Niall Horan is popular singer who has been searching for his 'princess'. When Niall meets Lilly, He thinks he finally found 'the one'.
This is Lilly and Niall adventure.
(It goes from Lilly's point of view to Niall's just a heads up)

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012




Lilly's point of view

 I stood in the doorway with my straightener in my hand. ‘I’m going to meet One Direction. Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Niall.  The 5 boys on the stair case. One Direction. I thought as I hurriedly fixed my light brown hair into neat curls.  Placing my straightener on the dresser, I slipped on my new shirt, a white stripped net shirt with a black undershirt and a pair of my best skinny jeans. I took one final look in the mirror. ‘This undershirt makes my hazel eyes stand out.’ I thought.  Laughing, I run out side where my mother is waiting in the car.  She pulled out as soon as I got in and we drove to the mall.

Mattie was waiting for me at the end of the line that wove all the way up to the third floor. She squeaked and started to turn all “fan girl” on me. I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of One Direction, though I jam out to one of their songs if I hear one.  We stood on the third floor looked down at the sea of fans. As the boys began walking onto the stage; the atmosphere changed, the girls screaming louder. All I could do was stand there and smile at Niall, speechless.  I think Niall is an amazing singer and the sweetest of them all.  The line started inching up towards the stage.  The boys smiled at the fans as they signed their books and cds. After they signed it, the girls started running around with their friends screaming in excitement.  Mattie and I are only a couple of people away from getting our stuff signed when she looked at me and began to shake and speak really fast. I knew she was getting nervous. She got up there and started to scream “OHMIGOD! YOU’RE ONE DIRECTION! OMG! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I CAN’T BELIEVE IM MEETING YOU! HARRY YOU CAN HAVE ME!! ” Smiling they took her stuff and handed it down the table after signing it. She stood at the end of the hall waiting for me.  The guard took my book and cd out of my hands and threw it on the table. The boys sighed in relief because I was the last one. I walked along the table, saying “thank you.”, and giving them high fives. I was giggling when I walked up to Niall and handed him my book. “Can you sign it?” I asked. I smiled the most pure smile I could and all the boys looked at me with awe.  All except Niall. He signed it and handed it back to me.  Shocked, I stepped back. I thought to myself, Niall isn’t usually like this.“Umm...” Liam said, “I’m sorry. I think Niall is not felling well.” Liam stood and shook my hand, “Thank you so much for coming.” He smiled and I looked at the ground. Niall didn’t want to look at me.  Tears began to fill my eyes. Niall looked up from under his snapback and caught my eye. His jaw dropped as I ran out crying. My tears were filled with pain, sorrow, and disappointment. 




Harry slapped me on the back of my head, “Why would you do something like that?!?” 

I stuttered. “I...I... I don’t know.”

Zayn snapped back, “She wanted to see you!  You could tell from her eyes!”

I watched her run away from me like I was a monster. “I want to talk to her.” I said quietly. I stood up when Louis caught my arm. I shrugged it off.  “I need to talk to her.”

I jumped over the table and started racing towards her. My dirty blonde hair fell in my face but I pushed it back. I finally caught up to her and I tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around with her hazel eyes puffy.  She quickly cleaned off her face with a tissue and asked “What are you doing?” I Stammered. “I kinda want to explain what happened back there.” I pointed behind me.  She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. “When I walked in, I looked up and I caught you smiling at me.  Remember that?” I asked with a smile.  She nodded and I continued “Well I smiled back at you but you didn’t look at me after that. I kept looking up at you to see if you were watching but I don’t think you were. But –“I stammered again, “I think you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” I smiled at her blushing. She looked at me and started turning bright red. “Really?” she asked, laughing. “Yeah. I’m not joking!”  I responded laughing along with her.  We stood there laughing for a bit.  “I gotta go, Niall.” She said with a frown.  She turned and started to walk away but she paused. My heart started racing.I ran to her again. “What’s your name darling?” “Lilly.” I grinned, “What a beautiful name for an ever more beautiful girl.”  She started blushing even more.  “Can I have your number Lilly?” I asked, hoping for a yes. She grinned “Sure.” I grabbed my phone from out of my back pocket and handed it to her. She stood there with the bright light shining on her face. ‘She’s beautiful.’ I thought and smiled.  She handed it back to me. “It’s under ‘Lilly, the girl you met at the signing.’” I looked at her and said “Thanks.”, without trying to sound so ecstatic.  She smiled and pointed at the door, “I kinda have to go.” I frowned and that made her laugh. I scooted closer to her and gave her a hug. She returned the hug and blushed. When I buried my face in her neck, she smiled even more. A car horn startled us from the hug. Lilly retracted her arms from around my neck and said, “It’s my mom... she’s impatient.”  She looked up at me and smiled. “Bye Niall. Text me sometime ok?” she turned and walked out the doors.  I grabbed my phone and texted her ‘Hi Lilly! It’s Niall.” She responded in no time. I started to walk back to the tables when I see the guys standing behind a pole listening to our conversation.  I slugged Harry on the arm when he winked at me. “Aye! She’s a sweetheart? Am I right?” Zayn questioned me.  I smiled and nodded and thought, ‘She’s an amazing girl. I can’t believe that I talked to her.’ Zayn nodded and replied “I know what you’re thinking about!” I look at him confused. “She’s an amazing girl and you can’t believe that you met her.” I looked at him and said kind of scared,” That’s kind of creepy that you know that Zayn.”  He winked at me and told me that my girlfriend was texting me.  I stuck my tongue out at him and looked at my phone.  One new message from ‘Lilly, the girl you met at the signing’. I laughed and went to my contacts and changed her name to ‘Lilly, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met’.  We went on talking about random things and stayed up all night texting each other.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE NEXT DAY


Last night was PERFECT. Yes, I cried. But Niall talked to me, gave me his number and then a hug! What more could a girl want? A perfect Irish boy who is a singer talking to her. It was like a dream.  I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes. I grabbed a pair of shades from my window and walked sleepily to the computer. YouTube popped up with the song ‘More than this’. I smiled and pressed play. It was in the middle of Niall’s solo. My smile grew bigger. The buzzing of my bum took me out of my trance. Still smiling, I slide my phone out of my butt pocket to see a message from Niall. ‘Good morning Lilly! How would you like to hang out today?’ My face glowing I responded ‘Yeah! When and where?’  My phone buzzed and it read, ‘Is 12 ok? And I’ll pick you up.’ I glanced at the clock. 11:40. Fuck! ‘Yeah, it’s fine with me.’  I got up and got dressed quickly, thanking god I took a shower last night.  My hair fell in waves, completing my outfit.  I was wearing a green blouse that showed my shoulders and a pair of shorts with my white toms.  I brushed my teeth and checked in the mirror. I looked amazing, just like Niall told me last night.My butt buzzed once more and I read it quickly. ‘Umm... what’s your address?’ Laughing loud, I responded.I sat downstairs on my couch. Chilling for a while when the door bell rung, scaring me. “I’m coming! One second!”  I jumped up and took one more look in the mirror. Pushing my hair out of my face I answered it.  Niall stood there with his transformers snapback, his red polo, jeans, and a pair of vans.  Checking me out, he smiled and offered me a hug, which I accepted without a second thought.  He walked to the black van and the boys were crushed in the back. Waving to them I sat down on the only seat that wasn’t taken.  Niall jumped in and slammed the door shut. “NIALL WATCH IT!” yelled Paul from the front seat. He smiled and leaned back with his hand behind his head. The boys rolled their eyes and I giggled.  Niall reached in between the seats and turned on the radio.‘I should have kissed you’ was just beginning. Niall turned up the volume and told me that it’s his jam.  The boys started singing from the beck seat. Trying to keep from going fan girling, I sang along with them.  Niall looked at me and sang “I should have, I should have kissed you.” I turned bright red. Louis stopped singing and laughed and yelled over the other boys “You’re blushing!” “Shut up.” I muttered smiling at him. He winked and started singing again.  Niall yawned and put his arm around my shoulders.  I put my head on his shoulder sleepily. “Are you sleepy?” Niall looked at me. “Kinda.” He looked at me and replied “I hope you’re not very sleepy because we’re going to SIX FLAGS!”  “Really?” I smiled.  “Yeah!” He sounded so happy.  “Umm... I think there is going to be a lot of fans there.” I told him. “Naw,” He said, “We’re renting the whole place for the whole day!” My jaw dropped.  He lightly closed it for me.  We arrived in a few minutes and everyone jumped out, leaving Niall and me crowed in the back.  We scooted toward the door and he got out and held my hand, guiding me out of the car.  I jumped out of the car as Niall wrapped his arm around my shoulders again.  Laughing we walk up to the gates. “Umm Madam, you can’t go in.” The guard said stopping me from entering.  “But Niall invited me!” I looked at Niall for help and he tapped the guard and told him that he did in fact invite me.  He grabbed my hand and walked me in. I started laughing when I saw Harry and Louis sticking their tongues at the guard. The first ride we got on was the boomerang. I screamed of course and scooted towards Niall for protection.  We walked out stumbling. We ate some Chinese food after a few rides.  Niall told me that he really wanted to get on the Scooby doo ride once more before we see something special.  The ride started with a jerk and we went slowly in the darkness with our blasters. “Lilly.” Niall said and the ride stopped.  “I kind of want to ask you something.” A million things ran through my mind, “Yeah Niall?”  “I was wondering if we could do this a lot more. Unless you have a boyfriend already.”  I smiled, “Niall, are you asking me out?” “Yeah, I guess. Only if you want to.” My jaw dropped a little and I said a little too fast, “Why wouldn’t I want to go out with you? I would love too!” He sighed and grinned back. We started to lean in when the ride started going again knocking our lips to our blasters.He put his arm around me “protecting me from the ghosts”.  We walk out of the ride laughing, hand in hand.  I look at him with the sun in his hair. He’s beautiful.



Niall’s P.O.V.

Lilly looked at me and smiled. I wondered why she smiled.I wrapped my arms gently around her waist and went in for a kiss. Her arms went intensively around my neck and our lips met. My lips started to tingle and sent chills down my spine. Lilly’s grip around my neck got tighter. I open my eyes to see her getting a little weak in the knees. I laugh and place her on a chair. I walked to a food stand and got her water. She took it with a shaking hand and sipped it slowly. I sat down in front of her and stole glances when she wasn’t looking.  She’s so beautiful, but I don’t think that she knows it at all.  She saw me looking at her and she began giggling. My heart almost stopped.  She’s my angel. The sunlight shining in the light brown hair making it look red; and her eyes twinkled when she smiles and laughs.  Her phone brought me back to reality. “I’m broken. Do you hear me? I’m blinded but you are everything I see. I’m dancing alone. I’m praying that your heart will just turn around. And as I walk up to your door, my head turns to face the floor. ‘Cause I can’t look you in the eyes and say, When he opens his arms and hold you close tonight, it just won’t feel right ‘cause I can love you more than this. If he lays you down I might just die inside, it just won’t feel right. Cause I can love you more than this. Love you more than this.-” I cut in, singing to her, “If I’m louder, would you see me? Would you lay down, in my arms and rescue me? Cuz we are the same. You save me but when you leave it’s gone again.”  My voice echoed around us.  She looks at me with her mouth open. I smiled at Lilly and whispered in her ear that it’s not polite to leave her mouth open and gently kissed her cheek.  I grab her hand and walk away from the stand because the girl started to take pictures of us. I wanted to keep her away from the limelight right now; I don’t want her to get any hate.  She muttered thanks and kept her eyes to the floor.  I put my arm around her assuring her that everything will be ok.  She smiled and we walked in silence. “Um. Niall?” She said after a while. “Yes darling?” I asked looking in to her eyes.  “It’s ok if you let everyone know about us.” She rubbed her arm. “I don’t want to. You’re my angel and I don’t want anyone to hurt you.” I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up. She squealed and started to lightly hit my back and giggling telling me to let her go.  After a while she finally gave up and I set her on the floor.  She laughs and stands on her tippy toes and gives me a light peck on the lips and said “Want to play tag? You’re it!” She ran away happily and I ran after her.She cut across the water park and hid behind a palm tree. I walked behind her and picked her up once again. “I got you!”  She wiggled out of my arms and pinned me on the ground. “You don’t know how long I waited for a girl like you.” I said underneath her. She pushed her hair out of her face and laid next to me.  She laughed and held my hand. “Well! What do we have here?” I looked up to see the boys giving me winks and thumbs ups.  We sat up and our smiles widened.  I stood up and offered my hand and helped her up. She stood up and smiled at the guys. “What did you guys do the last few hours?” Hazza said raising his eyebrows.  “We umm..” She giggled, “We went on a few rides and got some slurpys.”  She looks at me, her grin growing.  I grabbed her hand, “Yeah. It was fun.” I look at her, winking.  “Well the fireworks are going to start soon.” Paul said after glancing at his watch.  “What time is it?” Lilly asked. “Almost 9.” Louis said in a ‘matter of fact’ voice.  “Hey Lilly, do you want me to get some good spots before the guys get them?”  She nodded and I ran towards the grass.



Niall ran to get us some seats. Everyone went after him. All except Louis.  “Lilly?” “Yeah Louis?”  He looks after Niall and looks at me, “Niall really cares for you.  Don’t break his heart ok?”  I look at him in shock, “I wouldn’t dream of it ever Louis! No girl would ever do that to Niall!”  He nodded and started to walk away. “Thanks Lilly. I knew we could trust you with Niall’s heart.” He turned and smiled.  I smiled back and started to walk over to the grass.  Niall was already lying down on top of a blanket.  He looked up and patted the floor beside him. I sat down while he scooted to a sitting position.  I placed my head on his shoulder and watched the fireworks pop, showing their true colors. Niall scooted closer to me, holding me around the waist, burying his face in my neck.  I look at him, smiling.  He winked and kissed my cheek laughing. The fireworks were done about 15 minutes later.  I stood up and took Niall’s hat and placed it on my head. He smile grew bigger and whispered in my ear, “You can keep it princess. It looks amazing on you.” I blushed and hugged him.We started to walk over to the gates to leave when Liam had an idea to get a picture of everyone.  I stood next to Niall, our hands together, fingers interlocking.  “Let’s get a picture of Niall and Lilly!”  I placed my hand on his chest and posed as cutely as I could possibly can. He had his arm around me and smiled really big. The flash made us blind for a few seconds. The man went to go print the pictures while everyone stood around talking.  The man walked out after a few seconds, handing pictures. When he got to Niall and i, he smiled and told us that we’re a cute couple.  Niall’s grip got tighter around my shoulders and replied “Thanks man.” I glanced at the picture and gasped. I look amazing. I look like a model. Niall smiled, “You see, you are beautiful.”  I glowed as we walked out.  The car was parked really close so we didn’t have to walk much after a long day. Everyone got in the seats that they were in earlier.  Niall looked at me and stared into my eyes. I got lost in his eyes easily.  “Lilly.” “Yeah?” I said without taking my eyes off of Niall. “Would you like to stay tonight at the hotel? It’s crazy boring there. You’re pretty fun.” asked Zayn. “Sure. Can I get some clothes from my house first?” “We’ve kind have been at your house for like 10 minutes.” That took me out of Niall’s trance. “Oh! Let me go inside real quickly!” “I’ll come.” offer Niall. “Everyone can come in.” I look in the back to see the guys uncomfortable. Louis jumps out and kisses the ground.  Everyone got off and I opened my house door. The house was clean thank god. I ran upstairs and grabbed the cutest clothes that I own and stuffed it in to a backpack when I see Niall in the doorway. “You ready princess?”  “Yeah.” I put on a pair of white toms and walked out of my room.  When I got downstairs, Harry was playing with my cat, Louis was jumping on my couch, Zayn was fixing his hair in the mirror, and Liam was holding my little brother’s little Woody doll. “Hey! You guys hungry?”  Niall asked and everyone got up.  “Nandos?”  He looked at me, “Have you been to Nandos?”  I shake my head.  His jaw drops and drags me to the car and everyone followed. Niall went on and on about how amazing the food is. I smile while nodding.  The car halts and fans scream. Cameras flashing, blinding me. I scooted to the back covering my face. Niall looked at me worriedly and handed me his jacket and his sunglasses. I gave him his hat back, put his jacket, placed his glasses on and faced down.  I jumped down and Niall placed his arm around me, assuring me quietly.I walk fast, ignoring all of the screams.  I slide in to a booth in the center of the room. Niall sat in front of me, holding my hand, looking in to my eyes. “Are you ok Lilly?”  I shake my head. “They were throwing stuff at me and saying junk about me.” Tears started to stream down my face.Niall reached across the table and dried off my tears. “I’m sorry” I sniffled. I grabbed a napkin and dried off my tears. Niall stood up and started walking towards the door.  





 I walked out in to the crowd with Lilly, hand in hand. “Niall... What are you doing?” Lilly asked quietly.  “This is my princess, Lilly.” I said while she held my hand tighter.  The crowd gasps.  “I care about her so much.” I continued, “If you say rude things about her, it wouldn’t change my mind about her. She’s beautiful and mine.”  She looked up at me, her face glowing.  I slowly took off the glasses and pulled off the hood from her head to show her beautiful face. I wiped another tear off her cheek. “I won’t let anyone hurt you.” I muttered.  She placed her arms around me and stood on her tippy toes, giving me a sweet kiss.  I pulled her closer. The crowd awed and started taking pictures of me and my angel. I pulled away. She looked at me, biting her bottom lip. “Go inside, princess.” She nodded, turned and walked in. I started walking in when a little girl tugged on my polo. I squatted to be eye level with her. “Lilly is pretty Niall.” I smiled and hugged the little girl. “She is isn’t she?”I looked at Lilly walking in then up at the fans. They nodded with their thumbs up. I laughed and walked in to Nandos.  The boys were feasting on chicken as I slid in next to Lilly.  She looked at the chicken, scared to taste it.  Smiling, I grab a wing and handed it to her. “Taste it. They’re good.” She looked at me and took a bite. Her eye widened.  After she swallowed she exclaimed,”Ohmigod! They’re amazing!” She handed me a couple on a plate. I took it and took a bite of chicken.  Lilly went through her wings quickly, slower than me but still pretty quick.  I got up with the trash and threw it away.  Now everyone full, we walked out in the crowd again.  We stuffed in to the car.  Liam, Harry, and Louis looked, shook their head at Zayn who was asleep across their laps.  Lilly was falling asleep on my shoulder. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her and protect her from the world.  When we got to the hotel, we hurried in to the rooms before anyone could see us.  We were all in Harry and Louis’ room, hanging out.  Liam was putting Toy Story on while everyone crowded around the television.  I walked into the kitchen, starting to make popcorn while the guys started to talk to Lilly.  They asked her a million questions and she answered them without getting annoyed. “Where are you from?” “I'm fromTexas. But i moved here about a year ago.” “How old are you?” “17.” “Are you a virgin?”Questioned Harry.  She hesitated, “Yeah. I’m still a virgin.” She began to blush when Harry said winking “Niall could fix that.” I tossed a banana from atop of the fridge at him, hitting him on the back of the head. “Ow!” Harry exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head.  Everyone started cracking up.  Lilly looked at me, laughing so hard that she was tearing up. Grabbing the popcorn, I jumped over the couch, landing between Lilly and Hazza. “Am I right Niall?” asked Hazza. My face started to feel warm.  I tossed popcorn into his curls.  Liam shushed us.  Harry stuck his tongue at me.  I rolled my eyes while I cuddled with Lilly.Lilly sat up quickly to put her long hair in a messy bun. I looked at her. She looked in to my eyes. She made my heart stopping, my stomach full with butterflies, and my mind fuzzy.She snuggled closer to me.  When Liam put in the second movie, she began to fall asleep on me.  She fell asleep midway of the movie. “You really care about her, Nialler?” Zayn asked. I stroked her hair softly, making sure I wouldn’t wake her up.  “She has stolen my heart Zayn. She’s my angel.  I think I love her Zayn.” I look at the sleepy angel on my shoulder. When I was feeling sleepy, I picked Lilly up and carried her to my room.  I tucked her in when she wrapped her arms around my neck. She pulled me close and gave me a kiss. “Goodnight Nialler.” She smiled sleepily and fell asleep again. “Goodnight my love.” I responded but she was already in a deep sleep.  I pulled off my shirt off and climbed into bed with her. 




Lilly’s pov.

I woke up to the smell of bacon.  Yawning, I sat up to see all of the boys sitting around the table, banging their sliver wear.  “You guys keep it down! You’ll wake up Lilly!” Niall said from the kitchen, scowling at the boys.  I couldn’t see him but breakfast does smell good. I stood up, walking sleepily towards the kitchen. “Too late.” Louis said, eating his breakfast. Niall looked at Louis to ask him what he meant when he turned to stare at me. “Aw,” Niall said taking off his apron, reveling that he is shirtless, “I wanted to wake you up with breakfast already made.” He frowned. I gave him a hug, “It smelt too good to stay asleep.” He smiled proudly while he guided me to my seat.  I sat down when Niall served me a plate with pancakes and bacon.  “How did you know that I love bacon?” I asked smiling at him.  He shrugged when he sat next to me.  The boys shook their heads at their breakfast.  "We have a very busy day today boys! Photo shoot, interview, and so much more." Liam said looking at the boys. “Lilly, would you like to join us today? Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle are joining us, so you should too.”Niall asked with his mouth full.  I nodded, smiling. “Sure. I would love to.”  “Well we better start getting ready! The photo shoot starts at 10!”Liam said clapping his hands. “What time is it?” Niall asked.  “9:15 but you know how long Zayn takes to get ready!”  “HEY!” Zayn said defensely.“Well, let’s get cracking!” Louis said standing up. They walk out of the room when I walk over to my backpack. “Niall.” “Yes darling?” “Should I dress up? Or should I just wear whatever?” I asked. “Whatever makes you feel beautiful.” He said wrapping his arms around me from behind. “I feel beautiful right now, because you’re holding me.” He smiled and said, “You have been beautiful all along.” He turned to be facing me. I wrap my arms around him in a tight hug.  He kisses me softly on the forehead. “Come on. Let’s get ready.” I ran in to the bathroom, ahead of Niall and tooks a fast shower. I took out my clothes out of my bag and changed quickly before Niall came out of the bathroom.  I ‘sported’ a purple blouse that flattered my curves and a pair of jeans with my toms. I brushed my hair and twisted it into a braided bun.  Niall walked out of the bathroom with his jaw on the floor. “Lilly. You look like goddess.” My face warmed up. “Thanks Niall.” I smiled when he place his hat on my head. “Now you’re my goddess.”He kissed my nose and grabbed my hand, leading me to the door.  He knocked on the boys doors and after Zayn was done getting ready, we started to leave the hotel.  Fans stood outside, screaming “Lilly! Niall! You guys are so cute!!”  I smiled. Fans were accepting me being Niall’s girlfriend.I interlocked my fingers with his. The boys stepped into a limo. “A LIMO?” I asked excitedly. Niall smiled, “Have you been in one?” I nodded “Yeah, once for like 5 seconds!”  He laughed and opened the door for me.  I stepped in. Shocked at how big it is inside, my eyebrows rose as my jaw dropped.  The boys sat down on one of the sides of the walkway. I sat on the other side with Niall.  He opened a Red Bull and took a sip. I grabbed it out his hand and took a drink. I gave it back to him while my eyes start watering, and my nose turning red. “Hey look it Lilly the red nose girl!” Louis said, pointing at me.  I stammered. “Leave her alone you guys! She perfect, red nosed or not.” Niall said, lightly touching my cheek.  He started to lean in and I met him halfway. Our lips touched each others and the boys started to make sex noises.I felt my face turn red, but I ignored it and kept my lips on Niall’s. He pulled me closer to him and we began getting tangled. One hand in his hair, the other on his neck while one of his on my face and the other on my back.  The limo stopped at a huge house and Perrie knocked on the door.  Niall and I quickly untangled and sat back to our normal position, his arm around my shoulders and my head on his shoulder.  Zayn opened the door, his face glowing.  “Good morning love.” Zayn said when she stepped in and sat next to him.  She looked at me and asked Zayn in a quiet voice, “Who is that?”  Zayn didn’t hear but Niall did. “Perrie, this is Lilly, my angel.” He stopped and looked down at me, “Lilly, Perrie, Zayn’s girlfriend.” I reached across the walkway for a handshake, “Nice to meet you Perrie.”  Perrie hesitated but reached across and shook my hand lightly, “Hi.” She scooted closer to Zayn. Zayn looked at Niall and mouthed, ‘I don’t think Perrie likes Lilly, not even slightly.’ Niall nodded and mouthed back, ‘I think Lilly likes her though.’ They both looked at me and Niall whispered in my ear, “I don’t think Perrie likes you. Do you like her?” I nodded and whispered back, “I thought she was nice, and yeah. She didn’t give me a reason not to.”  Niall understood and nodded to Zayn.  Zayn sighed in relief.  We drove to Eleanor’s house. She walked in and smiled at me. “You must be Lilly! I’m Eleanor. It’s so nice to meet the girl that makes Niall happy.”  I smiled in relief, “Hi Eleanor. It’s amazing to meet you!”  She sat down next to me, in front of Louis. Louis stood up and sat next to Eleanor, holding her. “Lilly, where do you get your clothes? You look stunning!” I smiled, “Forever 21. It’s like my favorite store!” She gasped, “I love that store too! You seem like a sweet girl Lilly.” My smile grew bigger, “Thanks Eleanor. You seem nice too.” She smiled at me but started to talk to Lou.  And the last stop was Danielle’s house. She was waiting outside for us and sat down to Liam. When she looked at me and Niall, she smiled. “Hello, I’m Danielle and you must be Lilly. Am I right? Liam told me that Niall got with you and I wanted more details. I wanted to know if you were the right girl of Niall’s little heart. But you look so sweet, almost like you couldn’t hurt a fly.”  I couldn’t help but to smile and blush. “Thanks Danielle.  Yes, I’m Lilly. It’s so nice to meet you.”  “Aw! You have an accent!” I looked puzzled at her.  “You’re from Texas. Am I right?” I nodded, “Yes. I am. Is it really noticeable?” I asked.  She shook her head. “No. but it completes your sweet southern girl personality. It’s a compliment; please don’t take it the wrong way! I always liked southern accents.”  I sighed, “Oh... Ok.” I smiled at her. She smiled back and then looked at Liam, “You didn’t say that she’s a sweetheart.” He shrugged, making her smile.  Niall whispered in my ear proudly witha smile in his voice,“You make friends easily, don’t you princess? And I knew you had an accent. It makes my heart pound when you speak.”  I smiled and looked at him. “I guess I do.”He bit his lip slightly, staring in my eyes.  “Good God man! Kiss her already!” Harry spoke up, getting sick of all of the P.D.A. that’s happening.  Niall kissed my cheek while I snuggled closer to him.  The limo stopped at the news station.  The door opened to fans screams. 



Niall’s POV.

 We stepped out of the limo. Girls were screaming for Lilly to sign their stuff. She smiled while she signed.  She walked besides me in to the station.  In the white room, I stood with the guys in front of the camera while Lilly and the girls stood behind. She looked up at me, smiling.  I smiled back, flicking my hair out of my eyes.  I hope she knows that she’s the reason for my smile.  After about 30 minutes if forced smiling, Lilly walked up to me with a concerned look on her face.  “Are you Niall?” She asked and placed her hand on my face. I held it on my face, “Now I am.” I smiled at her.  “Oh Niall.” She said, blushing a little. I hugged her tightly, feeling her heart pound.“Niall, Lilly, we’re needed in room 4.” Danielle said walking towards the door.  Lilly started to giggle and linked her fingers with mine, letting me lead the way.  We raced down the hallway in a friendly competition; I let her win of course. We walked in as casually as we possibly could.I sat down next to the boys and looked at my angel again but to only see her in pain. I stood up and carried her to my seat. She sat on my lap, grinning.  The interviewer walked in and Lilly started to get off my lap but I pulled her back down. “Niall, I think I have to go over there.” She pointed towards Danielle and the other girls.  Frowning, I let her go. She walked to Danielle. Danielle welcomed her into the conversation. Eleanor started the questions again, but Lilly didn’t mind. I caught bits and pieces of the conversation. “… So is he…?”  Lilly nodded and her face turned red, “Yeah, the…”  “How are the fans?” “They’re amazing. They’re treating me like family! I love how the fans accepted me and Niall so quickly!”“Do you love him?” Asked Danielle.  “Yes. I love him so much. He makes me feels like a princess. I really love him, Danielle.” Her eyes twinkled, “But do you think he knows?”  She looked my direction with her eyes slightly shining, but with a worried face.  I tried to look normal, like I wasn’t listening.  “Lilly, trust me. He loves you. I think he loves you more than food! And that’s a lot! Lilly, I love you and we only met an hour ago!” Eleanor exclaimed.  She smiled, “Do you really think so?” “YES!” Eleanor said once again. Lilly’s smile grew bigger and she gave me a little wave.  The interviewer started asking questions. “Niall, what was your favorite part of the tour?”  The boys smiled at me, winking. “Um. I think the best part was meeting all of the fans and meeting Lilly.” “Who is Lilly?” asked the interviewer. Lilly looked up at the mention of her name.  I felt my face get hot. “Lilly is my princess.” I smiled proudly. She turned red and looked at the floor, smiling. “Niall, do you have a girlfriend?” questioned the interviewer.  “Yes. I have a girlfriend.” Lilly’s smile grew bigger.  “Is she with you here today?” The interviewer looked around and stared at Lilly. “Niall, she’s gorgeous! Lilly come here! I want you to be on the video.” Lilly looked at me, smiling, her eyes twinkling. She sat down next to me, looking kind of shy. “Oh come on Lilly!” exclaimed the interviewer, “Sit in his lap!”  I smiled at Lilly and she sat down on my lap.  I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed her cheek lightly. “This is Lilly, my princess.”  She smiled and waved at the camera. “Hello.” Her accent sounding clearer, “I’m Lilly.” “Aw! You’re a sweetie!  Tell me, where did you meet Niall?”  “I met him at a signing.” She smiled.  “How did you get Niall to talk to you?” “Um... I got his autograph and walked away and he followed me and told me that I’m beautiful.” My hold on her got tighter, “you’re beautiful, baby.” I whispered in her ear.  She looked at me and blushed. “Niall,” The interviewer went on, “Do you love Lilly?” Everyone in the room looked at me.  “I love Lilly with my whole heart. She’s my everything.” I looked at Lilly. She put her hands over her heart and awed softly. “She’s a thief,” I continued, “She stole my heart when I first met her. So I stole hers.”  “Yes sir, you stole my heart and you could keep it, if I could keep yours.” Lilly said, her face glowing.  “You could have mine forever Lilly. I love you.” “I love you too Ni-.” I cut her off with a longing kiss.  I felt her heart skip a beat, like mine.  We pulled away slowly.  “You guys are cute together.” The interviewer said.Lilly smiled and stayed on my lap through the whole interview.  When Lilly and I came up during the interview, the boys went on and told them that Lilly’s a sweetheart, that I’ve been looking for a girl like her and that I’ve waited for her to come in my life.  The interviewer asked Lilly one more question, “Where would you rather be right now?” She smiled, “There’s no other place that I would rather be than here in Niall’s arms.”  That concluded the interview.  Everyone walked out of the room, talking to each other. Lilly held my hand while she laughed at my lamest jokes. The limo met us at the back and we drove off.Everyone got dropped off at the mall. Everyone went their separate ways.  Lilly and I walked into the arcade.  Lilly walked up to a crane machine, beginning to play. After a few tries, Lilly called me over. “Niall, could you win this for me?” She pointed at a brown teddy bear.  “Sure.” She smiled and gave me a quarter.  Concentrating, I moved the crane over to the bear. The crane began to fall. It landed on the teddy bear and picked it up. It dropped in the pickup container. Leaning, I picked it up and held it to Lilly. She smiled, took it, and gave me a hug. “I can’t believe you won it! Oh Niall!” She stood up and kissed me softy.Walking towards Starbucks, she held the teddy bear close while I had my arm around her.  When we walked in, we got called over by Zayn and everyone else.  I walked over to them while Lilly order some drinks. “Vas happenin’?” “I won Lilly a teddy bear.”  I pointed at the teddy bear that she’s holding.  “Aw! That’s so sweet!”Exclaimed Danielle.  Lilly walked over with two weird looking drinks. “What are those?” I asked, taking one.  “A tall mocha cookie crumble frapachino.” “A what, what, what?”  “Just taste it.” I took a sip. Chocolate coffee with cookie bits in it with whipped cream with even more cookie bits filled my mouth.  “Oh my god! Lilly, this is amazing!” I exclaimed loudly.  She giggled, “I thought you would like it.” “Niall, lemme taste!” Zayn said trying to grab it out of my hands. I pulled it closer to me, “No. Mine.”  Perrie looked at Lilly, “Could I taste it?” “Yeah sure. Here,” She handed it to Perrie. Perrie took a sip and her eyes widened. “Oh gosh, that’s yummy!” She gave Lilly’s back and stood up, “I got to get one! Do you want one baby?” She looked at Zayn. He nodded and she walked off.  Soon the other girls asked for a sip, she let them. The girls were in line ordering. Lilly walked back in line. “Why are you back in line?” I asked. She held up her empty cup, “The girls finished it.”I smiled and slid in a seat.  “I guess the girls like coffee.” Harry said pointed at them.  We nodded at stared at the girls.  After a few minutes everyone was walking back, with their hands full.  Lilly had two in her hand. “Harry, I got you one if you want it.” She said handing him one of her cups.  “Thank you Lilly.” He took it and began drinking. The boys exclaimed after taking a sip. Lilly laughed, “I told you guys that their good!” Everyone nodded their head in agreement.  After we were done with our coffee we started walking out of the mall. “Niall, do you think we could swing by my house?” Lilly asked. “Sure.” We pulled up in the front of her house and she jumped out; I jumped out following her. 





I walked in to see my mother scolding.  “Where have you been?” She screamed. “I’ve been at my friend’s house.” I explained. “You’re a filthy liar!” She threw a magazine at me. I picked it up to see a picture of Niall and I on the front cover with the headline ‘Niall Horan is dating a local teen, Lilly Landry!’ My jaw dropped. My mother put her hand up and slapped me across the face. I fell on the floor. Pain stung through my cheek. I picked myself from off the floor and ran upstairs to my room. I grabbed my suitcase and started packing all of my stuff.  I fit all of my stuff in one suitcase. Running down the stairs I picked up the magazine and ran out the door crying. When I was halfway out the door I ran into Niall. I fell on the ground, sobs shaking my body. When I looked up, he wasn’t in front of me; he was finished putting my suitcase in the trunk and began walking towards me. He offered his hand and I took it. He picked me up like a princess and carried me into the limo.  Silence filled the limo. I sat on Niall’s lap, crying. He held me close, rubbing my back and said nothing. When we got back to the hotel, he took my suitcase out of the trunk and walked it to his room. “Niall…” I started but I couldn’t find the words.  He looked at me and held me close, letting me cry on his shirt.  When I felt like the tears were done, I looked up at Niall. “You got a little bit of tears on your shirt.” I said trying to be funny. He slid his shirt off and sat me down. “Lilly,” He began, “You could stay with me if you want.”  I looked up at him, “I could stay with you?” He nodded, “You could stay at my flat,if you want. I’m not letting you go back there.”  “I’ll go with you Niall.”  He sat down and held me close to his chest, “I won’t let anything bad happen to you again Lilly. Not if I can help it.”  I smiled lightly at him. “You’ll be my super man?” “For you? I would be anything for you.” He held me closer and we sat quietly, the only sound is the beating of our hearts.  “Nialler.” “Yeah baby?” I looked into his eyes, “I love you.” He smiled lightly, “I love you too baby. You’re my everything.”  Niall leaned down; gently place his lips upon mine, almost like I’m going to brake in a million pieces.  I returned the kiss, feeling the butterflies in my stomach.  We sat, kissing passionately.  I touched his chest with a trembling hand.Without knocking on the door, the boys walked in to see me and Niall tangled. He looked at me and smiled while getting untangled. “Vas happenin’ here?”  Zayn asked, pointing at Niall shirtless. I began to blush, walking to the drawers and handing Niall a new shirt. He winked and put it on. “Nothing lads.” He said, his Irish accent making even weaker in the knees.  He looked back at me and helped me stand.  Walking to the boys with Niall, they raised their eyebrows at our hair. Zayn handed me his mirror, laughing. I opened it to see a rats nest. My jaw dropped at my reflection.  I ran towards the bathroom .grabbing a brush and smoothed it out. Niall just flicked his hair back in place.  I walked behind him, messing his hair up. He turned around and I sprinted out the door, laughing. He trailed behind me. I turned a corner and press the elevator button. The elevator opened and I ran inside. Just when the doors were about to close, Niall put his hand in.  Defeated, I put my hands up. He laughed and hugged me from behind.  Reaching from behind me, Niall pressed the roof button and the elevator went up slowly.  He let go of my waist and grabbed my hand, leading me to the roof.  The sun was about to set, I looked at it from the edge of the rails. Niall wrapped his arms around me and pointed to the sunset. “You see that sunset?” I nodded and he continued, “That sunset is beautiful but you beat it any day.” I smiled, “Really?”  He nodded.  My smile grew bigger as the sun set slowly.  Niall walked away and started putting something on the floor. I looked at him, my head cocked a little bit.  “What are those?”  Realizing that their blankets, I walked towards him, my face glowing a little bit. He laid down on one, and gestured towards the one next to him. I lay next to him. He put his arm around me; I laid my head on it and placed my hand on his stomach.  He pulled me closer.  We watched the stars come out .When he started to yawn I sat up and folded my blanket.  “What are you doing Lilly?” I smiled at him, “You’re sleepy… Let’s go to bed.” He sat up and folded his blanket. We walked towards the door, sleepy.When we walked back into the room, I changed in to a tank top and a pair of fluffy pajama bottoms.  When I walked out of the bathroom, I saw Niall with the same bottoms.  He looked at me and began to laugh.  I struck a pose and he laughed even harder.  I climbed in to bed when Niall jumped on the bed, making it squeak loudly. Someone knocked on the door, “What the hell are you guys doing in there?” Called Louis.  He opened the door to see me laughing my head off and Niall jumping on the bed.  “Good God Niall!” Louis laughed.“What?” Niall said trying to look innocent.  “We thought you were giving her a wee bit of Irish.” I started to laugh even harder, making me roll off the bed.  Niall started to laugh, joining Louis and me.  “Oh my god Louis!” I said from the floor. “You would have walked in to a very awkward scene Louis.” Niall said, still jumping on the bed.  Louis shook his head. “Ima going to go.” Louis pointed at the door and walked out. Niall stopped jumping and laid down. I stood up and cuddled next to him. “Good night Niall, I love you.” I said, head on his shoulder. “Good night sweet angel. I love you so much.” I smiled and gave him a quick goodnight kiss and fell asleep in Niall’s strong arms.  I dreamed of me and Niall getting married and having little irish boys running around.  I woke up in Niall’s arms. I looked at Niall who is snoring lightly. I got up quietly and made my way into the kitchen.I put my hair in a messy ponytail, beginning to make breakfast.  Beating eggs in a bowl, I put sugar and cinnamon planning to make my French toast.  I opened the cabinet and grabbed loafs of bread.  I finished cooking the toast and was beginning to cook the sausages when Niall started to wake up.  I finished breakfast and was serving on the plates when Niall scared me by grabbing my waist and screamed “GOOD MORING LOVE!” I turned, smiling at him brightly. “You can cook?” Niall asked, looking at breakfast. I nodded and his smile grew bigger, “It looks delish!” He grabbed the plates out of my hands and placed them on the table. I took off Niall’s apron, placing it on the counter and walked to the table. Niall pulled the chair out for me and I sat down, smiling at him.  He walked around and sat in front of me and began eating his pieces of toast.  His eyes widened and he ate the rest of his toast. He looked at me innocently , “Could I have more love?” I laughed and gave him the plate of extra toast.  He smiled and placed another 3 pieces of toast on his plate. He finished his plate and stood up to throw it away. He walked by and stood behind me. I looked up and he gently placed his syrup stained lips against mine. My heart stopped. These moments made my love for Niall grow stronger. He smiled and placed his forehead on mine, “You smile sometimes when we kiss.” I smiled, “I do?” He nodded and stood me up. He placed his hand on my hip and started to dance. I laughed and we danced around the kitchen. He spun me and leaned forward, making my hair touch the floor. He leaned down and kissed my nose.  He stood me up and held me close to his chest.  I fit perfectly to his body. He brought me closer and buried his face in my neck.  “Nialler,” “Yes angel?”  He looked at me, grinning. “You have a beautiful smile.” I said placing my hand on his face. He held it on his face and said, smiling even bigger, “This smile only exists when I’m with you.” I smiled and hugged him.  

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