An ode to life

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a poem which I conceptualized on a rainy day

Submitted: July 08, 2008

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Submitted: July 08, 2008



The sun creeps through the vast horizon

rejoice for a new morn has come,

shining the glow upon creatures aboard its cycle,

hush, and feel the warm enveloping our esence.

But as the time comes

when darkness crosses over the threshold of our salvation,

Gone will be the memories which seem so distant;

an echo blinding the ears of those who refuse to hear.

A heart brave enough to walk through thorns,

scarred once again but this time the pain doesn't go away.

Gone is the cheerful glee bestowed upon your face,

what's left is that melodramatic smile, hiding yourself from everyone,

when in return,

darkens the solemn music upon your heart.

Once again you wonder where it got you

reflection and penance is what conquered your being;

forgiveness would be your plea.

And when everything has fallen back into its rightful place,

You once again repeat the cycle but as you go,

it scars even more.

Until the time comes, when the sun would slip by the shadows,

when the light would finally burn out,

That's when you'll realize;

"Did we share our true esence,

or Did we conquer everyone with just our presence?"

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