i promise!

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a sad poem, written when i was feeling sad and depressed.
please sned feed back.
xoxo, takkaz

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011




The bright crimson colour,
The quick sharp sting,
A line of blood, and then,
The phone rings.

You answer, crying to your friend
What caused this,
When will the pain, come to an end.

You say goodbye,
You hate yourself,
You give up,
And put the blade back on it's shelf.

Your pretty face
Your big bright smile
Everyone believes it,
But its only for a while,

Someone says something,
Makes you feel bad,
It hurts you inside
And makes you so mad!

Running home in tears
Like every other day
All over some stupid words
That a low-life had to say.

You let down your mask,
Had enough of lettin things go,
Now you'll stick up for yourself,
And everyone will know.

About the girl that didn't speak,
That always let things slide,
To afraid to show how she felt,
To afraid to speak her mind.

The one that was invisible,
The one that no body saw,
But soon were going to see her,
Shell show us her claws,

You made up your mind,
And the next day came around,
You decided you wouldn't spend the day,
Just staring at the ground

You walked into school,
Your head held high,
And made yourself a promise,
Today you would not cry

A word was said here,
A snigger over there,
It hurt you still,
But cry you wouldn't dare.

You went to all your classes,
Attempted to do your work,
A cruel remark was made,
By a shallow minded jerk.

You got through to lunch,
Before anything got to you,
All you heard was "emo scum"
Before you felt the goo.

Everyone started laughing,
You hung your head, closed your eyes,
But then you looked up with them wide open,
For all to see you finally dropped your disguise.

Everyone went quiet,
To hear what you had to say
"I made myself a promise,
That I would no cry today,

So cry I won't,
You are not worth my tears,
Today I will open up,
Today I will face my fears"

With them last words just spoken,
No one said a word,
They all just stood and stared,
At the girl they never heard.

You looked up at the sky,
And pulled up your sleeves.
"these are the scars which I gave to myself,
And now you mist believe"

These scars are here to show me,
And anyone that wats to look,
That words can hurt so much,
This stuff doesn't just happen in books.

These are the scars that you have caused me,
To inflict apon myself,
Cause the pain from the names you've called me,
Is removed with that litle razor sitting on my shelf.

And with that she faced directly into,
The heart of the crowd,
And said " these scars might oneday fade,
But the scars in my heart will stuck around.

And in the corner of every single eye but hers,
A small tear glistened and on that day,
A shy lonely girl, faced her fears,
And said exactly what she needed to say.

© Copyright 2018 takkaz. All rights reserved.

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