What I Want To Share With You

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Can you hear my heart cry out for you. How I long to love you my Lady with all my heart and soul.

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011



Let these arms hold you so close
feeling the warmth of your body against mine
as the scent of your perfume entices me.
The feel of skin against skin
as the sound of silent breathing
serenades us within this silent moment
when our hearts express all that we feel for one another
within the simple acts...the gentle touch we give each other,
while I gaze into the beauty of your eyes
lost within the tranquility
of their emerald glistening color.
Oh how I long to become lost within them,
seeing the love that glimmers in them
enchanting me so much
that if I were to try and resist
my heart would never let me.

Let me taste the sweetness of your lips,
caress them so tenderly
as mine and yours brush against each other
the soft feel of their touch
astounding my senses,
filling and thrilling my soul
as my heart begs for more.
To speak without saying a word
showing you how I crave your soft kiss
always and forever more.

Let me love you with my words
my verses caressing your heart so delicate
serenade your soul
and send you into the paradise of such sweet love
where it will last forever
and we can be free
to share such devotion so strong and true
forever and always
till the end of time.

Let me love you
with every ounce of my essence
to share with you all that I am
and always let you know
how much I cherish and adore you.
You are everything to me, my destiny,
and I give to you
all that I am..... heart and soul
and ask for you to give the same to me
for a love like ours is so special and true.
And I shall always love you
with all my heart
till the end of time.

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