Too Far Gone (TFG)

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I prefer to let the reader make their own sense and interpretation of the text, without spelling it out for them.

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



The echo of an approaching train down the tunnel is reminiscent of a thousand days, each of them equally regrettable to the youth. But you failed to see that. As fatigue dawns on the youth, you just begin to wake up. You think you run this town. But you’re no more than a fringe dweller, lurking the underbelly at night, dieing to feel something. Where the vision of others fades, your sight begins. The youth can’t accept that anymore. But you failed to see that.


It’s a nightmare, you say, the price of living. The standards are beyond reach. The expectations are too high. And yet as you enter this train, your world becomes focused. You know what you want, just not what everyone wants of you. The youth wonders if you’ll ever find clarity amongst the wreckage you’ve left behind. You see this life as a game, but when you steal the dice how is it an even playing field?


You guide the youth to an empty carriage. In the distance from the others, you light it up, just to feel alive. But don’t you crave something more? Or has apathy swept you under? Maybe the superficial can satisfy. Perhaps the sum of temporary highs can amount to something resembling a life. The youth wonders if his approaching departure will mean something. Or will you just find another replacement to burn?


As the train pulls to a stop, the youth lingers. Hesitant on staying, but reluctant to leave. You barely bat an eye at this development. The youth recollects the past. All the anger, fear, and manipulation built up. And yet in all of this there was something… stimulating in these memories. But that was what ultimately divided you from the youth. It was simply not enough. And what’s endearing about a memory with no heart? The youth exited the train, immensely disappointed at the idea of walking away. But you’re lost in an empty carriage.

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