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Life from the point of view from a piñata

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



The first thing I saw the day I was born, was the rising sunlight from open window of the factory I was produced from. It was the chill Friday morning of April 12th. The conveyer belt moving forward made the cold morning air much cooler that sent a chill down my spine and frost tickled my cheeks, and froze my eyes, but I didn’t mind, I was alive, and this was where my life began.

I came to the end of my lane and was hurled in with others like me, I wondered what was going on so I asked them if they knew anything, and they were all silent. More of my kind came and to the point where we started to pile one on top of each other, I asked and asked what was going on but my frightful pleas fell upon deaf ears. Little to my knowledge I was the only one with a conscious, I was unique, alone, and scared.

All of a sudden this colossal alien creature approached the cage, it had to be 5 times taller then I was and stood on 2 feet and wore a brightly colored neon shirt with a weird bucket on its head. I hid amongst the inanimate as it grabbed hold of top of the cage, with a loud crash, sealed us in. I was moving, but I was standing still I couldn’t understand what was happening, it felt like the conveyer belt minus the familiar clanking noises and it wasn’t in a straight line, it had to be that thing, it was moving me, but where. Up a hill, then a loud CLANK, the light disappeared. With a ROAR the temperature slowly lowered and lowered.

All I saw was darkness for what seemed like days, the cold I once loved, now loathed and I dearly missed my sunlight, the sweet kiss of her warm rays on that cold morning that woke me was the only thing that kept me going, to one day see my precious sunlight again. A loud SCREECH noise and we stopped. The large mechanical door opened and light poured in and blinded me for some time, then in came another giant on two legs, it was wearing the same outfit as the other but it wasn’t the same creature, similar, but not the same one. It wheeled us to another transport, which was loud and smelled of something vile and toxic and it made many strange noises, however not unfamiliar, I used to hear similar noises in the distance of where I was made.

The transport stopped several times and at each stop the creature would take several of my kind from the top and slowly there were less and less to hide in. I ended up being the last in the cage, scared and now truly alone. The transport stopped and the creature entered the cage to retrieve me and I played dead, he then handed me over to another creature who wore even stranger clothes then the others, it wore a blue and white striped shirt and red pants with matching suspenders and a bow tie, with a yellow flower implanted into his chest, this confused me deeply. He hung me by the hook on my back above his table where this strange machine sat that made a CHING noise when it opened. Several days passed and I began to like it there, I watched as this creature happily interacted with others where they would give him these green pieces of paper and he would let them take his stuff. But the best part was that I got to watch my beloved sunlight rise a beautiful orange colour and set a perfect array of golds, violets, and dark blues before going to sleep.

Then one day a creature came into the store and couldn’t stop staring at me, she asked the nice creature if I was this thing called a “piñata” this “limited edition” and her son was dying for her to get one for his birthday party that afternoon and that I had to be the last one, I couldn’t really understand what they were saying but the lady passed the man a lot of green paper and then he untied the rope from my back and passed me to the woman, I was uneasy again from the place I thought I’d be happy for the rest of my life back to the unknown.

I’ve been strung up here for hours and my sun will be setting soon. There have just been these small versions of the creatures running around, at least they’re not as scary, but all of them saying this one line over and over again to this mini creature saying “Happy birthday,” I’m just guessing that this gathering is a celebration of sort for that small one, that’s cute. They brought out this thing that was on fire and the kid put it out, so I guess he just saved them all from burning and that’s why everyone cheered like crazy afterwards. Then the kid started talking and all I picked up was that he said the same word as the female did in the shop, “piñata.” Then everyone freaked ran over and stood around and under me, everyone was staring… I’m starting to get a sickening feeling as though I was recieving the stares of vultures. All but the small one being celebrated backs away then a large creature comes up and blinds the it and hands him a ridiculously oversized smooth stick. Where is this going… This sickening feeling is quickly getting worse and worse…

The small thing takes a swing and me and I dodge, I’m too terrified to even talk cause I’m concentrating on dodging this little devils attacks, the crowd of large ones are maniacally laughing and as I go to dodge again a large one holds me still enough for tiny to land a blow. One painful strike after another, I lose the ability to dodge and then it took off my legs, several more strikes and my chest gives out. Slowly slipping in and out of consciousness I see my insides pour out all over the cold pavement and the parasites squabble and bicker over the biggest piece. With my final movement I look at my beloved sunlight who like me is going to sleep, though she will wake tomorrow, but I fear I will not. With her last ray of light disappearing from the sky, my destroyer lands his final blow.

© Copyright 2017 Adrienne Agnola. All rights reserved.

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