The Noise

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Is a story about a girl that her dad has just died and now her mother is taking care of her not until a she hears a cry downstairs...

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



It was three in the morning when I heard a baby crying downstairs, to be more specific in the basement, I wanted to go down to see what it was or if i was hallucinating; but at the moment of opening the door a message arrived to my phone, it was my mother, saying that she would arrive in 20 minutes. And then I received another message:

Katty: Mom I'm scared, there's a crying baby in the basement

Mom: for no reason go down to the basement, it´s prohibited!

When I finished talking to mom, I heard a horse, then I went to look to see what it was, but did not see anyone riding the horse, but then I saw a lady bathed in blood dressed in skirmish, I decided to go down to hide and in that moment the baby's cry began again; I started looking for the baby and I found it! It was inside a trunk of memories that my dad and me had, I started to remember how I had fun with dad but unfortunately he had died, mom said he died from a car accident; the baby was dressed as a charro and next to him were fresh tacos. In that moment I received another message…

Grandmother: Kat, do not let your mother see you, she's a demon

Katty: Grandma, what do you mean ?? !!

Grandmother: she killed your father for being unfaithful with a lady called jane !!!!

I told Grandma about the lady outside and she said that she was my dad's lover who did not want to hurt me, she just wanted to take revenge on Mom. When mom arrived, jane cold-blooded murderer mom and from that moment take care of the baby with my grandmother, teaching him to ride horses like a charro should.

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