Cat and Frog

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Cat and frog is about a cat who meets a frog and plan the worst ideas.

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012




Cat and Frog

 There once was a black and white female cat, she was a stray cat, she had sleek fur and light green eyes. Everytime she'll pass by a garbage can, an alley cat would pop his head out and call to her and tell her how beautiful she was, but she was never interested in those cats. She would simply walk pass them and continue what she was doing. Her name was Madal.


 One day Madal was hunting, looking for a deer mouse, her favorite kind of prey, it was hot outside, she was thirsty after all that crouching down, so she decided to head to the lake for a drink.


 As she neared the lake, she heard a splashing sound, but she didn't seem at all concerned. She thought it was a cat drinking but when she got there, nobody was there, so she sat down, bent her head and drunk.

A green head popped up from the water and looked at her, ''Why, I say why are you-'' he began. Madal had looked up, her eyes sparkling, water dripping from her muzzle, ''Is this your lake?'' she asked.

The frog stared, motionlessly at the cat, he couldn't believe how pretty she was, it overwhelmed him.''Are you alright?'' she added, he guessed she had seen him staring at her in shock, ''What on earth is the matter?''

''I've never met such a cute cat.''

''Cute cat?'' Madal's eyes were wide with shock, ''No frog's ever called me that, mister.''

''I know, I-'' the frog stammered, ''We...we...''

''We?'' Madal asked and the frog dove under water and came up, ''Come back tonight and don't forget!'' he dove back underwater and swam away. Madal walked away from the lake, her sides aching, and she fell asleep, when she woke, it was night. Time for me to see that frog. She hurried to the pond, ''Mr. Frog? Mr. Frog?'' she called but no one answered her.

''Cute cat, you came! You came!'' it was the frog.

Madal looked at the cat and looked at the pond, ''Why aren't you in the pond?''

''So you can see how I look, my dear.''

''Why are you always alone?''

''So we can talk in private, my dear.''

''Why do you like me?''

''Because you are pretty, my dear.'' and the frog gazed up at the cat, ''Lets be friends.''

 They lived happily ever after, and that was how the cat became friends with the frog, and later on, it was more.

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