Ice Age Short: Louis's Story

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What happened in the beginning of Ice Age 4 (Ice Age 3 - Ice Age 4 beginning) and how I think Louis and Peaches met.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



  ICE AGE:Louis's Story

It was a beautiful evening, the forest was crowded with animals walking together, among them was a molehog family, a male and a female, they were trying to get across as a mammoth passed by, it's large feet causing them to jump backward in truimph. The female held a small pouch made of wrapped leaves, inside was something fluffy.

''Hey! Can anyone help us get to some nice field?'' asked the female molehog, her black fur breezing fromt the wind, the male had brown fur, he was slightly taller. He stood behind her, looking up at the animals, ''We'll never get by!'' the female shot him a glance of hope, ''We can if we try.

''Hey! Can you please-'' she called to an anteater who walked past her, not even seeming to notice.

Then a young mammoth who trailed behind her parents noticed The molehogs, ''Can you help us?'' asked the father molehog, ''We need a burrow, warm enough for Louis.'' said the mother, looking at the sleeping ball of fluff in the leaf

''Oh, yes. I'll show you,'' the mammoth said, escorting the molehogs to a place near the mountains, under the trees, causing it to be shady, she stopped in the soft mud, ''I gotta go, but here is perfect!'' And it was.

The mother smiled, ''Thank you so much! What's your name?''

''Peaches!'' said the mammoth proudly.

The molehogs exchanged glances on confusion but looked at her and nodded, ''Thanks, Peaches!'' said the female, mother molehog, patting the small mammoth on the trunk, the ball of fluff had turned. His eyes opened, they were shiny, green and full of admiration to the mammoth. He yawned and closed his eyes again.

''Bye, I gotta go,'' Peaches said, heading out the trees, back towards the crowd of animals, the molehogs watched.

''Nicest mammoth I ever met,'' said the father molehog, digging into the ground, getting a nod from his mate..



Louis had grown, remembering the mammoth, who was she? He got out of the burrow in search, he had never been out of the den before, his mind raced. I can survive this! He strained his eyes to see something big hanging from a tree nearby, he hurried over to it silently. As he looked closer, it looked like a... mammoth? It was! Louis's mind raced as he saw the familiar figure sleeping on a branch, lowering it to the ground, he took a few steps closer and poked it on the shoulder, she instantly shook as she awoke, ''Who-Who-!'' she began, seeing Louis, she stopped, ''Who are you?''

''I'm-I'm Louis,'' said the molehog smiling at the mammoth, could this be?

''I'm Peaches!'' she said.

''Peaches!'' said Louis, his eyes widening in shock, ''You're the one that helped my mother and father! Right?''

''Yep!'' said the mammoth.

Louis stood, silently, she had grown into a big, beautiful teenager, practically an adult. Peaches hung upside down, smiling at Louis, ''Why are you up there? I've never seen a mammoth up that high in my life! Not even two inches off the ground.''

''I know, it's because I'm part possum!''

Louis stared in disbelief, what had he gotten himself into? Then he smiled, ''I'll let my parents know I found you.''

''Okay, bye Louis!'' Peaches had left before Louis could say more, she vanished away, leaving Louis, who shook his head to clear it, ''Peaches, a big, beautiful mammoth.'' he told himself, ''Musn't forget!'' he hurried to his burrow and dove inside to spread the news.

''Oh Louis, you're back.'' said his mother.

''Yeah, ma! I saw Peaches, she said she's part possum, she hangs from trees! She lives nearby!'' Louis said excitedly.

''Oh, honey, that's great.'' 

Louis walked away, but stopped as he heard his father speak, so he listened, ''Part possum? Is that true?''

''Can't be-'' his mother began, ''She hangs from trees...but how?''

''I have no idea but in the morning, I say we find her.''

''Yes, dear-- Louis!'' his mother called, Louis appeared like he had been away for a while even though he was right there, ''Yeah?''

''Tomorrow, will you take us to see Peaches?''

''Yes, ma, pa.'' Louis responded nervously.

The next morning, Louis and his parents walked around, the forest was still. No sounds came from anywhere, Peaches was nowhere to be seen. Where was she? He looked and saw her hanging from a pine tree and hurried to her from underground, under a log, his parents behind him.

''Louis?'' she asked as Louis poked her, ''Louis!'' she was hanging, Louis's parents raced away, ''Catch me!'' she said flinging herself away, Louis followed from underground the other way around, hoping to meet up, thoughts flooded his mind until he hit his head on a log, rubbing his head.

''Won't you get your head out of the ground for once and try to have a little fun?'' said Peaches.....





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